The messy reality of personalized learning

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In another room, children rotate through learning stations, sometimes at screens, sometimes putting pencils to paper. Future of Learning. Mississippi Learning. If every child had a computer or iPad, she could log into a customized cyberclassroom and learn at her own pace.

Collaboration for Personalized Learning

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It is part of a series about the Building Blocks for Personalized Learning. Although it may seem unusual to connect collaboration to the practice of personalized learning, it is important to remember that students don’t learn within a vacuum.

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Collaboration for Personalized Learning

BYOT Network

It is part of a series about the Building Blocks for Personalized Learning. Although it may seem unusual to connect collaboration to the practice of personalized learning, it is important to remember that students don’t learn within a vacuum.

A PLN Quick Start Guide

A Principal's Reflections

The construction of a PLN enables educators to harness the power inherent in 21st Century technologies in order to create a professional growth tool that is accessible whenever, wherever. tools and how they can be utilized for teaching and learning.

How School Libraries Can Help Personalize Learning

With personalization becoming a growing initiative in schools, the library is a valuable asset for personalizing instruction around student needs. Michelle and Jackie discussed how the library can personalize instruction through assessing, reading, learning, and making.

What if personalized learning was less about me and more about us?

The Hechinger Report

The project typifies the mix of personalized and social learning that’s been a mainstay for 25 years at King, a founding member of a school network called EL Education. But there’s no common definition yet for what personalized learning actually is.”.

Grow Your Own Personal Learning Network

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This is just a quick posting to share a session on building your own Personal Learning Network, that I did for teachers in British Council Bilbao recently (25th September 2010). School of the Present Survey Results: Mobile learning for ELT Best Nik Peachey.

Million-Dollar Advice: The High Cost and Limited Return on Personalized Learning Consulting


Follow education technology-reform projects, and you’ll find mixed academic outcomes and expensive consultants. In July of 2015, the district paid more than $400,000 for alignment, strategy and professional services from Education Elements, a for-profit personalized learning consultant, according to receipts obtained by EdSurge from the district. million to the firm for personalized-learning consulting services.

Inside DC Schools: The Struggle to Develop Personalized Learning’s Independent Learners


Like every other student using the Summit Learning platform, Pozo must start each class by setting his goals before doing activities. This goal-setting feature is part of the Summit Learning Platform, an online tool used in a personalized learning program created by Summit Public Schools. Core to the charter network’s vision is a belief that students can be empowered to make choices that direct their learning, with guidance from teachers and access to real-time data.

Tipping point: Can Summit put personalized learning over the top?

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(From left to right) Sixth graders Mia DeMore, Maria DeAndrade, and Stephen Boulas make a number line in their math class at Walsh Middle School in Framingham, Massachusetts, one of 132 “Basecamp” schools piloting the Personalized Learning Platform created by the Summit charter school network.

Lightning in a Bottle: My GTAdmin Experience

A Principal's Reflections

The conference was held on March 5, 2010 in San Antonio, Texas. I joined with 50 other exemplary administrators all on a journey that took our learning to levels not readily imagined; hence my analogy to “Lighting in a bottle.” and technology do)?

Opening Minds on Social Networking

A Principal's Reflections

The following interview took place after Education Week''s Leadership Forum "Unleashing Technology to Personalize Learning" on 10/5/10 in Washington D.C. They’re always excited to find out that they can learn about our school at the same time. In order to increase access and use I am now utilizing Facebook with students and parents in my District. There are so many people already using Facebook to interact with their friends and family.

New Year, New Adventures

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Many of the initiatives that I am about to pursue either came directly or indirectly from my Personal Learning Network (PLN). Professional Learning Communities (PLC''s): The district will be moving to this research-based model as our main means of professional development. The more I learn about the power of PLC''s the more excited I get! The conference will be held on Saturday October 2, 2010. Classroom Walkthrough educational technology PLC TSETC

Reform is Happening

A Principal's Reflections

On a crisp, sunny Saturday morning in October, approximately 400 passionate educators congregated at New Milford High School for the Tri-State Educational Technology Conference (TSETC). The brainchild of Schoology and myself, we set out in mid-August to plan an unprecedented free conference that would provide educators of varying experience with practical strategies to successfully integrate technology in the classroom.

Using Technology to Personalize Learning @PearDeck @EDpuzzle #flipclass #blendedlearning #edtech


When I first began flipping my math classroom in 2010, the ability to screencast, upload to the web, and have students be able to watch lectures at their own pace was exciting and innovative.

Reflecting on the 140 Conference

A Principal's Reflections

I also feel that it is prudent to share some advice of my own that I have formulated after actively learning about social media for the past year. Administrators and teachers need to begin to embrace the effective use of social media for their own professional growth, to create authentic learning environments that engage students, and to utilize the expertise of professionals in a variety of content areas.

How Education Elements Guides Districts in Creating Environments that Personalize Learning


There are organizations that support different kinds of transformation in schools and after researching and interviewing some of these organizations, we've learned a great deal about what these changes can look like, how schools go about redesigning aspects of their model, and what types of support they need along the way. In October, we will share a guide highlighting the trends, insights and challenges we've learned about while profiling five key players in the world of school redesign.

The Biggest Give-Away Yet - Thank You Readers and my Personal Learning Network!


Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting many of my virtual friends face to face in San Diego at the International Society for Technology in Education Conference. Thank you to each of my dear friends below that donated one of your personal products! Day 5- What did I learn?

I Wonder If This Social Media Thing Will Ever Catch On?

The Web20Classroom

There were sessions about assessment, technology, professional development and others. There were teachers, technology integrators, administrators, professors, and others but all were truly amazing educators.

Social Media In The Classroom.

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Recently at NCTIES Kevin Honeycutt spoke on Personal Learning Networks. Is social media more rewarding to teachers & professional development, or to students & their learning?

New Analysis of Personalized Learning Program Shows Reading Gains for Chicago Students

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New Analysis of Personalized Learning Program Shows Reading Gains for Chicago Students. Personalized learning programs in Chicago are helping to boost reading scores for students by an amount equivalent to 13 percentile points of growth, a recent analysis found.

Final Reflections From Denver And #ISTE10

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I was glad to be a part of what has to be the largest technology and quiet frankly the largest educational conference in the world. After this event I knew it was going to be difficult for the conference to replicate the learning I experienced there. That is what learning should do.

New research answers whether technology is good or bad for learning

The Christensen Institute

For years educators and scholars have debated whether technology aids learning or inhibits it. Other studies have shown similarly dismal numbers for student learning when technology is introduced in the classroom. Yet there are also bright shining stars of technology use—both in proof points and in studies, such as this Ithaka study or this U.S. Department of Education 2010 meta-analysis.

Why A PLN?

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Later this week I will be presenting at the North Carolina Technology In Education Society (NCTIES) Annual Conference. For one of my sessions I will focus on how I discovered the power of the Personal Learning Network (PLN), how I built mine and how other educators can do the same. But just like when I do a technology workshop, the points of view of other educators are more important.

New Posted Resources 06/02/2010

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Ten Tips for Personalized Learning via Technology | Edutopia tags : technology , differentiation , favorite Multimedia Creation Tools tags : presentation , socialmedia , resources , multimedia , favorite Goofram - Search Google and Wolfram Alpha at the same time!

Building a Personal Learning Network (PLN) on Twitter


The Personal Learning Network (PLN) that I''ve built on Twitter over the past couple of months has become an amazing resource for learning about what''s going on in the educational technology world. One thing I''ve learned about using the web and Web 2.0

The Divided Stories of Education Reform, Personal Cognitive Revolutions, and New Superheroes

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Finding a new story (or stories) for education becomes imperative because so many other aspects of our lives are dependent on our vision of how teaching and learning take place. A few months ago I interviewed John Taylor Gatto for my “ Future of Education ” interview series.

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Top 10 Twitter Tweeps

The Electric Educator

Before I give my top ten twitter tweeps, let me give a couple of words of advice on building your personal learning network through twitter: Fill in your Twitter profile! twitter PLN professional learning network

Live Thursday, February 2nd - Panel on Personal Learning Profiles

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Join me today, Thursday, February 2nd, for a live and interactive panel discussion on "Personal Learning Profiles," also referred to in variously as "personal success plans," "learner profiles," or "personalized learning paths."

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This Week's Live, Interactive, and Free Webinars in Elluminate

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Below are this week''s public, free, and interactive Webinars through , the social learning network for education that I work on for Elluminate. Jim is the creator of the English Companion Ning, ''Where English teachers go to help each other.'' [link] TECH TALK TUESDAYS: CYBERSAFETY WHEN LEARNING ONLINE (THE AUSTRALIA SERIES) Tue 25 Oct 12:45AM New York / Tue 25 Oct 04:45AM GMT / Tue 25 Oct 02:45PM Sydney Anne Mirtschin. link] JOY IN LEARNING (CLASSROOM 2.0

Why Ning? It works!

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But a Ning provides that important personal learning network and component that spans the state of Maryland and conference to conference. 2010 - the year of the Personal Learning Network? Build your personal learning network with Twitter, Ning and Delicious.

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ISTE Elections: Yes, I've Got My Running Shoes On!

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At first, I didn''t know the etiquette for revealing the person who nominated you - whether it was a secret kinda thing (as in don''t blame them! I don''t think that technology is a replacement for books but is a vital enhancement.

ISTE10 Conference Reflection: Leadership and Cheese Cubes

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He fought mythical beasties like the "Locked Net Monster," and the "Dollar and Centaur" by tenacity, tech tools, and an army of a PLN he defeated these beasts who kept him from integrating technology with his students -wanting to take them on a virtual field trip.

MSET Conference a Whole Lot of Awesome!

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Every year for the past fourteen years I''ve presented and attended the MICCA conference and it''s part of what has made me who i am as a technology educator. I was super happy about the success and the feedback we got from the Maryland version of the Learning Tools Smackdown!

8 Things Every Geek Should Do Twice a Year

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Ok, so this great posting says things to do before 2010 but after reading these very good tips i think it''s the kinda stuff we need to keep on top of at least twice a year! a Personal Learning Network is essential to stay in tune with the trends and what''s going on.