The Edtech Revolution: 2010 – 2017


In December 2010, The Journal –“t he leading Technology based education publication for K-12 and higher education”– published an article with a 5-prong prediction for the following year. But, how does the 2010 vision for edTech match what’s actually happening today? ” 2010 was also the year that the Common Core Standards Initiative was enacted in response to numerous indicators of low student academic performance.

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Edublog 2010 Nominations

The Web20Classroom

Best Educational Technology Support Blog: The Pursuit Of Technology Integration Happiness - I have been following Michael''s blog now for a while and he has great stuff for teachers either just learning about technology integration or those that have been around for a while. Best Educational Webinar Series: The Reform Symposium - I was honored to give the closing keynote for this worldwide e-conference. He works tirelessly to promote all that is good in education.

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TeachMeet Nashville 2010

The Web20Classroom

TeachMeets are unique conference experiences where everyone has an opportunity to share, learn and grow as professional educators. I will be part of a panel on Social Media in Education. Kudos to Jason Bedell for putting all this on and bringing together so many awesome educators in one place Over the next 2 days I will participating in TeachMeet Nashville.

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Final Reflections Of TeachMeet Nashville 2010

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They are really making a difference in the lives of their students and setting the standard for what education should begin to look like. All great guys and great leaders in education. Melissa presented several sessions passing along some great information on how she uses technology in the classroom and Nancy moderated a interesting panel on social media in education. After all the talk last week of passion in education it was truly evident with Jason.

My 2010 Edublogs Nominees Post


Wherein I start (and end) my campaign to get us SLPs and other Special Educators a bit more recognized in the edublogosphere. The Edublog Awards is an annual online "event" meant to recognize excellent use of social media in educational circles. Best educational podcast- GeekSLP , Barbara makes great vodcasts! Check out the 2009 nominees/winners , 2010 to follow!

Coolest Tools of 2010

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

Collaborative Learning Space Wikispaces offers a free and simple educator platform with plenty of possibilities for engaging students in virtual work because it includes widgets for easy integration of user-friendly web 2.0 Time to reflect on some of the coolest tools. Diversions - A place to go for mentally stimulating diversions Keep your mind active and use it to master one of many timed quizzes on your favorite topic. An added challenge is in the spelling skills required.

Social Media in Education

A Principal's Reflections

My answers to Bill''s questions provide a snapshot of my social media in education journey. At a PTO meeting a parent basically told me that the educational information I was sending out on Twitter was great, but 6-7 tweets or more a day was way too much. After this meeting in late March of 2010, I created a Facebook page for New Milford High School. Initially, I felt, and was reminded by many, that I needed to be careful about using social media in an educational setting.

Education is About Giving

A Principal's Reflections

In education our sole responsibility is giving to our students a sound foundation that will enable them to think critically, problem solve, and experience success in a variety of areas. This process has allowed us to focus on areas in education that we truly value. Embracing the role of technology in education and successfully integrating it into daily instruction. Below is a message that I sent to my entire staff today prior to our holiday break.

Tools to Help Become a Tech Savvy Educator

A Principal's Reflections

Cross-posted at The Educator''s Royal Treatment. As I mentioned in a previous post I have been working on a educational technology presentation for principals in a NJ school district. The title I chose was "Harnessing the Power of Educational Technology" as I firmly believe that the many free tools available at our fingertips possess the ability to enhance our effectiveness and efficiency as administrators. educational technology Leadership Opinion Social Media tools

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Speak Up 2010


made on Wondersay - Animate text with style The Speak Up survey collects authentic feedback from students, families, and educators across the country. Our district is involved in the Speak Up 2010 survey. Data from prior surveys show students are primarily interested in: 1) social based learning; 2) un-tethered learning (anytime, anywhere, any device); and 3) digitally-rich learning environments. When given the question, "What is the ultimate digital textbook?",

The 2010 Global Education Conference Starts Monday

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

The free, all-online 2010 Global Education Conference takes place this coming week, November 15 - 19, 2010! Please take a look at all that is taking place: [link] The conference is a collaborative and world-wide community effort to significantly increase opportunities for globally-connecting education activities. We currently have 397 sessions from 62 countries scheduled, as well as 63 keynote speakers--an amazing lineup.

2010 Global Education Conference #globaled10 - Check It Out, and Looking for Help!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

The online 2010 Global Education Conference kicks off on November 15th for 5 days. The conference has garnered incredible support--we currently have over 90 partner organizations , 120 international educator advisors , 36 keynote speakers , and over 300 worldwide presentations --all around helping students and educators to connect globally. As co-chair of the conference, I''m both nervous and excited!

How Educators Connect With Kids On The First Days Of School

The Web20Classroom

Last week I asked for your ideas on how you make connections with kids on the first days of school. I am overwhelmed by the response. With right at 80 ideas there is surely something here for everyone, or at least a new idea to try. I wanted to highlight a few of my favorites: On day 1, I introduce my new gr. 7 students to their Google Docs account, along with the help of the my gr. 8 students who used it last year. All students fill out Google Forms (What are your interests?

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QR Huh? What The Heck Is A QR Code?

The Web20Classroom

QR Codes are popping up everywhere and are gaining in popularity in education. More Ideas For Education: I have been saving several websites as they come across on Twitter. There is tons of great information out there on QR codes in Education. Have you seen these around town where you are lately? I was a little surprised when I saw them all over the Black Friday ads back in November. This is a QR or Quick Response Code. Simply, put it is a 3D barcode.

A PLN Quick Start Guide

A Principal's Reflections

The construction of a PLN enables educators to harness the power inherent in 21st Century technologies in order to create a professional growth tool that is accessible whenever, wherever. Image Credit [link] Most educators I talk to have no idea where to begin when attempting to create a PLN that meets their teaching and learning needs. LinkedIn : Professional networking site that allows educators to connect, exchange ideas, and find opportunities.

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My 2010 MACUL Conference Sessions

The Electric Educator

I am currently sitting in the opening keynote session of the 2010 Michigan Association in Computer Learners Conference (MACUL) with 3,000 fellow educators. It will be a full two days of learning related to educational technology. Here are the sessions that I''ve chosen to attend in the next few days. Hope to see you there! Thursday: Transforming the Classroom With Google Docs Forms Grand Gallery E 10:00 AM 11:00 AM.

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Why Not Invite TED Into Your Classroom?

The Web20Classroom

There are lots of things that TED can teach us in education and tons of ways we can use TED in the classroom. There is also a great collection of Education and student centered videos with discussion points and links for further information. Earlier this year there was a great TEDx conference in NYC on the future of technology in education. There were several great talks by some great educators.

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Why a Blog?

A Principal's Reflections

As I reflect on my continuous evolution as an educational leader I am constantly amazed at how things have changed over the course of a year and a half. Fast forward to February of 2010. After nearly a year of using Twitter from an educational perspective I had begun to find and read blogs on a daily basis. I often marveled at the creative thought and passion that so many educators put into their writing. Each and every educator has something to share.

New Year, New Adventures

A Principal's Reflections

Each September I am excited like most educators to get back to business doing everything I can to help students succeed. Many of the initiatives I am about to briefly discuss are not new to the field of education, but they are to NMHS. PLC''s are fantastic for professional growth as they empower educators to work collaboratively on areas that they are interested in and are entirely focused on improving student achievement.

You Can't Beat Free Learning

A Principal's Reflections

Probably the most significant is the Tri-State Educational Technology Conference (TSETC) that will be held at New Milford High School on Saturday October 2, 2010. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever consider or imagine hosting a conference at my school that has already attracted some of the brightest, innovative educational minds in the Tri-State area.

A New Endeavor (#TSETC)

A Principal's Reflections

So many exciting things have happened recently as a result of my own learning and growth in educational technology and leadership. I have been so inspired and motivated as of late that I guess it was just a matter of time before I would be presented with an opportunity to really share with local educators what I have been experiencing on a global scale. Forming partnerships are an extremely important aspect of educational leadership.

Turning Dreams Into Reality

A Principal's Reflections

If systems of education want to see greater advances in achievement maybe they should make better attempts at turning student dreams into reality with resources that are readily available. digital media educational technology learners Opinion I''ll admit, I am a technology junkie. In my opinion it is not very difficult to quickly become one as a result of the world that we live in.

EdTech Matters to Students

A Principal's Reflections

I feel fortunate that the administration and staff of New Milford High School is made up of people who care for their students and are committed to education. These new technologies have helped in so many areas of education. Earlier this year New Milford High School hosted the first ever Tri-State Education Technology Conference. educational technology New Milford High School Opinion Student Guest Blogger

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From Within

A Principal's Reflections

As many professional educators I can come up with a variety of strategies to employ with the ultimate goal of improving and building upon these areas. Our brief conversation in the hallway centered on how proud I was to witness his growth this year as an educator. Change education reform Vision I have been engaged recently in numerous conversations regarding teacher effectiveness, motivation, peer mentoring, and pride in student achievement.

Opening Minds on Social Networking

A Principal's Reflections

The following interview took place after Education Week''s Leadership Forum "Unleashing Technology to Personalize Learning" on 10/5/10 in Washington D.C. Change Education Week Leadership Social Media In order to increase access and use I am now utilizing Facebook with students and parents in my District. There are so many people already using Facebook to interact with their friends and family. They’re always excited to find out that they can learn about our school at the same time.

Top 10 Roadblocks to Change

A Principal's Reflections

Upon reflecting on my keynote, as well as other presentations given by Steve Anderson , Tom Whitby , and Sarah Brown Wessling , (2010 National Teacher of the Year) I have been able to identify common roadblocks to the change process. Change in the field of education is as elusive as the Lock Ness Monster. The fact of the matter is that nothing in life comes easy, let alone transformation change in education. Dedicated educators make the time because it is their job!

The Opinion That Matters Most

A Principal's Reflections

Student voices are the most powerful tool that educators can use to change the learning cultures of schools. I can talk about the merits of educational technology all I want, but it is the opinions of my students that have the potential to empower other teachers to jump on board. Change educational technology New Milford High School Opinion Students This morning I attended a meeting with students that represent New Milford High School and my superintendent.

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A Tweet For Your Thoughts

A Principal's Reflections

Yet, teachers can use these very same things to bring the interests of students back to the classroom, such as is the case in some classroom experiments with educational Twitter accounts. Students in the class can all set up a Twitter account even a separate one solely for educational purposes and "follow" their instructors and fellow classmates. educational technology Opinion Twitter

EduBlog Awards 2010 Nominations

The Daring Librarian

The 2010 Edublog Awards – Nominations Open! Best educational tech support blog: Larry Ferlazzo - Generous and super nice (he actually DM''s thank you for RT''s & mentions!), Larry is an amazing educator who shares without hesitation and with great finesse! Best educational use of video / visual - Robert Ahdoot - YAY Math ! - Best educational wiki - Joyce Valenza / New Tools Workshop -What can I say? Nominations: Close Friday 3 December!

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Climate is Everything

A Principal's Reflections

All three of these teachers willingly attended the Tri-State Educational Technology Conference (TSETC) held at NMHS and learned about Prezi, Glogster, and Poll Everywhere for the first time. These success stories must be shared to alleviate fears and resistance to using educational technology in the classroom. educational technology Innovation mobile learning devices TSETC

Failing to Fail

A Principal's Reflections

After reading a great blog post this morning entitled " The Wisdom to Learn From Failure " I quickly began to reflect on how the majority of educational systems are set up in a way where failure, or even the thought of it, is unacceptable. It is how we react and evolve when faced with this phenomenon that defines us as educators and learners. As educators we must not be afraid to fail and it is essential that this is modeled for our students.

Talk is Cheap

A Principal's Reflections

As I looked more into the recent pleas for change in education I came across this video: Talk is cheap (I do think this is a pretty good video though)! Those of us working in education today know what has to be done in order to reshape the teaching and learning cultures found within our schools that have failed to adapt to an evolving world. This way can learn from successful models and adapt these strategies to our own unique educational institutions.

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Discovering Inspiration

A Principal's Reflections

These exceptional educators have shown me just how teachers can lead students and guide them in the right direction, in and out of the classroom. Last year I had the honor of sharing two guest posts written by New Milford High School Students. I am excited to welcome senior Meredith McCann to A Principal''s Reflections. This is the first of two posts written by Meredith that I will be sharing. Please leave comments as they will be shared with her.

Take Control of Your Public Relations

A Principal's Reflections

As Principal I was aware of these things, but I was pretty sure that the majority of the educational community was not. Upon becoming Principal of New Milford High School in June of 2007 I made it one of my primary goals to work hard at sharing with my stakeholders all of the accomplishments centered around teaching and learning occurring on a routine basis.

The Power of Reflection

A Principal's Reflections

Over the past couple of days I have been preparing a presentation for K-12 Principals entitled "Harnessing the Power of Educational Technology" (I''ll share more about this at a later time). Most of the time it is the inspirational conversations I have with educators from all corners of the globe on how they are moving away from traditional mindsets to unleash the creativity and learning potential in their students. Change in education tends to be evasive and not sustainable.

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