The Edtech Revolution: 2010 – 2017


In December 2010, The Journal –“t he leading Technology based education publication for K-12 and higher education”– published an article with a 5-prong prediction for the following year. Will more schools embrace student-centric mobile devices? Now, we know that edtech has been proven to improve test scores and overall classroom engagement. But, how does the 2010 vision for edTech match what’s actually happening today?

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Tools to Help Become a Tech Savvy Educator

A Principal's Reflections

Google Calendar : Create multiple calendars in order to easily share events with staff and sync to your mobile phones built-in calendar. EdTech Tools for Administrators Facebook : Create an information hub for your building that can quickly and easily get important information in the hands of your stakeholders. Create an account then download Dropbox on your computers, smartphone, and any other mobile device that you have (i.e. Cross-posted at The Educator''s Royal Treatment.

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Building Momentum

A Principal's Reflections

I blocked sites and banned mobile devices to such an extreme. The best of all is that we can do this from our office, home, or on the go with mobile devices during times that are convenient for us. I’ll save my thoughts on organizing a major EdTech event at my school for another day. Yesterday was a particularly busy day for me.

5 Ways EdTech Helps Students with Special Needs in the Classroom

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EdTech helps make a massive difference in their success. These include impairments in hearing, vision and mobility. EdTech and the Challenges of Special Needs Learning. The term “edtech” encompasses a narrower scope of assistive technology tools. Which by no means to say there’s a narrow range of assistive edtech tools out there! Increasingly, edtech means technology that finds its way into the classroom.

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Looking Back At 2010 And Looking Forward To 2011.

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So here is my reflections on 2010 and my predictions for 2011. They are moving more and more into the mobile market and now you can do video calls on the iPhone. My reflections on 2010, and my thoughts on 2011. What do you think will be the "big thing" in Edtech this year. Image From CC Search-Flickr (User Kadath) Seems like it''s the cool thing this time of year to look back at the previous year, where we have been and to look forward, to where we are going.

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SIIA, a Pioneering Convenor for the Edtech Industry, Scraps Its Conferences


It was early in offering programs that highlighted edtech,” says Frank Catalano, an independent industry strategist who previously served on SIIA’s education board. “It It was essentially the go-to association for the edtech industry.” Market researchers shared the latest reports about the edtech landscape and opined where sales opportunities were. “It Computers, laptops and mobile devices became more affordable. Education Technology Events Edtech Business

What U.S. Companies Should Know About Asia's Edtech Market


Last summer, when I was working for ThinkCERCA, which helps students develop critical thinking skills through reading and writing, the edtech startup was facing a big decision: should it try and break into the lucrative Chinese market? Here’s a handy guide for anyone in edtech looking to cross the Pacific. In my experience, this phenomenon is partly caused by the limited business models that an edtech company can efficiently pursue in the two countries. edtech companies.

ISTE Unveils 2 New Sites and a Sweet APP!

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grin] ISTE is committed to being a vibrant vehicle and support for change agents & EdTech professionals around the globe. As leaders of the cutting edge they keep adding cool new stuff that makes being a member of the LARGEST EdTech association in the WORLD even better ! Download ISTE’s new iPhone application by clicking here or searching for “ISTE Mobile” in the iTunes App Store. Visit to surf our mobile Web version.

This Edtech Business Competition Is a Win for the Education Ecosystem


On October 7, seven talented edtech entrepreneurs will take center stage at the final event of the 2019 Milken-Penn GSE Education Business Plan Competition (EBPC). Today’s marketplace for education and edtech companies is quite different than it was in 2010. Today’s technology allows us to do things we could only dream of in 2010. Mobile internet access in homes has mushroomed from 9 percent in 2010 to 92 percent in 2017.

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Beyond 12 Pairs Mentors With Tech ‘Nudges’ to Help Students Succeed


This week, Beyond 12 said it has acquired GradGuru , a mobile platform designed to give students “nudges,” or text-based reminders about tasks that will help them succeed in college. Since Bernadotte started Beyond 12 in 2010, she has been “married to the problem” of how to help students from low-income or disadvantaged backgrounds succeed in college. So we thought: ‘Why not use the power of mobile devices to push the right information to them at the right time?’”

MasteryConnect Cuts 30 Percent of Staff, Brings Co-Founder Mick Hewitt Back as CEO


The company recently launched a mobile app that allows teachers to snap photos of student’s work incorporate them into MasteryConnect’s platform. MasteryConnect was one of hundreds of edtech companies that capitalized on investors’ enthusiasm and optimism for the industry in recent years. Between 2010 to 2015, venture capitalists poured $2.3 K-12 edtech companies, with $741 million coming in 2015 alone. ( See our report on edtech venture capital for more details.)

Hindsight: How I *WISH* I had Supported Our Technology Rollout

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According to wikipedia, the first iPad was released on April 3, 2010 ( [link] ). Mobile devices in education have been a messy journey. 1:1 chromebooks edtech education high tech iste standards for students low tech no tech skills start with the why teacher expectations technology integration technology standards TETCSimon Sinek originally published his book Start with the Why in 2009. Oh to have read that book then!

Amplify’s Been Quiet. Here’s Where CEO Larry Berger Says It’s Going in 2018


It was bought in 2010 by News Corporation, which invested more than $1 billion into the company and rebranded it as Amplify. He also talked about the challenges facing edtech companies today, including his skepticism towards what he calls an “engineering” model of personalized learning. Teachers do them on a mobile device or a laptop, or they do them one-on-one with kids. Edtech” certainly wasn’t a thing. Education Technology Entrepreneurship Edtech Business

Make Way for Boston's Latest Edtech'lings


Five edtech companies emerged recently from Boston's LearnLaunch accelerator, tackling issues that include learning to code, hiring and collecting social emotional data. via mobile devices. The company was started in 2010 by Dan Kindlon and Steve Buka, both experts in child development and is in use in places that include schools in Providence, RI, Somerville, MA and Region 14 schools in Connecticut, among others. Education Technology Incubators Edtech Business

Spirals of Innovation in Schools – From Pockets of Excellence to Sustained Change from Beth Holland


2010). 2010) refers to as entrepreneurial spirals. Continue to read more from Beth Holland… Beth Holland combines over 17 years of experience in mobile learning, K-12 education, and differentiated instruction to help teachers create innovative learning environments. She blogs regularly for Edutopia and EdTech Researcher at Education Week, presents nationally and internationally, and is an authorized Google Education Trainer.

How K–12 Schools Can Use Next-Generation Content Filtering to Keep Students Safe

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One-to-one programs really started birthing right around 2010–2012. MORE FROM EDTECH: Check out 5 best practices for adhering to federal privacy laws. School districts now must contend with an i ncreasingly mobile device-focused student body , a plethora of social media and other web apps , stealth attacks over encrypted traffic, as well as cloud-based SaaS applications,” notes Brian Patch of SonicWall.

U.S. K-12 Educational Technology Policy: Historical Notes on the Federal Role

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FY 2010 $100,000,000. Rationale for Obama administration FY 2010 program funding reduction : “ The proposed reduction of $169.9 The 2010 request would continue the policy of permitting States to use up to 100 percent of their allocations for competitive grants to local educational agencies. 2010 and 2010 ( American Recovery and Reinvesment Act [ARRA]). On November 22, 1996, U.S. Secretary of Education Richard W.

Analysis: Is Higher Ed Ready for the Tech Expectations of the Teens of 2022?


Those interactions look a lot different than just evaluating consumer or edtech trends in isolation. They went into first grade when Apple was rolling out the first iPad, in 2010. This means they know a K-12 where the promise of mobile 1:1 school computing is becoming a reality. The 15-year-old today is more a sibling of cloud computing, of apps that are available from any screen, of mobile devices in many sizes and form factors that go beyond last century’s laptops.

Microsoft to Use TV White Space to Put Wi-Fi on Rural School Buses

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SIGN UP : Get more news from the EdTech newsletter in your inbox every two weeks! Key to unlocking the potential of TVWS, the FCC in 2010 allowed unlicensed radio transmitters to be in the white space, freeing up the spectrum and opening up opportunities for high-speed internet. Chandler, the school district’s director of technology, told EdTech in 2016. Mobility. Matt Morgan is a contributing writer for EdTech: Focus on K–12.

TITAN Raises $5.2M in Series A to Scale Its School Nutrition Solution


Brad Blankenship had been working in edtech for nearly 10 years when he noticed that food services—an essential division in any school district—was being neglected. For example, if a student goes to lunch and remembers their account was running low on funds yesterday, they can quickly pull up the TITAN mobile app (available on iOS and Android) and check their balance. Education Technology Financing Edtech Business

AllHere Gets a ‘Nudge’ to Scale Low-Cost, Research-Backed Way to Improve Student Outcomes


He has partnered with other edtech companies on research projects, and he says he first met Smith about two years ago. A Nudge to Remember In an age when mobile apps and devices send alerts for just about anything, the idea of sending updates via SMS hardly seems radical.

What to Look for When Purchasing an Education Projector

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Until around 2010, these lenses were cost-prohibitive for most schools. Interactive technology is one of the fastest growing edtech categories. Some projectors include Mobile High-Definition Link-enabled HDMI ports. This enables them to present an endless array of material from their mobile devices. Considering an education projector for your classrooms or lecture hall? That’s a smart move. This useful tech has a long history of helping educators present content.

DIY or Buy? How Lexia Learning Is Revisiting Data Integration


It allows companies to pay employees via direct deposit, and for you to pay others via mobile apps or online banking services. It all started back in 2010 when we spent time and money on an initiative that we thought would help customers,” said the Vice President of Product Development at. His buyers were district administrators, many of whom agreed that different edtech products should be able to share data with one another.

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?Filling the Other Skills Gap


The collection of edtech companies aimed at prepping educated, but still underprepared workers represents a virtual stampede of unicorns. These workers recovered only 80,000, or 1 percent, of those job losses between 2010 and 2016. John Katzman, long-time education entrepreneur and founder of several successful education businesses, once waggishly told an investor conference audience that venture capitalists were very pleased to invest in education—for the rich.

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5 Factors Influencing Design in Digital Education (2013)

Edtech vendors are adopting the qualities and characteristics of consumer technologies. The rise of apps A 2010 Wired article by Chris Anderson pronounced, “The Web is Dead” making the point that more people are accessing the Internet from applications than browsers. And as more people access the Internet via mobile devices, the trend will continue.

Preparing Students for Jobs that Exist Now

The Principal of Change

eci834 #scichat #edtech [link]. — I challenged him to think about simply investing as a school in some tripods for mobile devices so students could create tutorials on how to create something within his class? My brother shared this out yesterday: Starting at 11 seconds, great example of student explaining science via vlog format. Dr. Alec Couros (@courosa) April 5, 2017. It is so good. So brilliant. So articulate.

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The TeacherCast Ultimate Guide To Podcasting


In 2010, I had the opportunity to listen to my first podcast while taking a trip with my wife and from that moment, my life and my career would forever take an amazing turn that has given me the opportunity to connect with thousands of educators and hundreds of companies and make a pretty nice life for my family in the process. For the last 8 years, I have had the privilege of recording more than 1,000 podcasts featuring more than 500 edtech companies and thousands of educators.

Register Now for the "Library as Classroom" Free Mini-Conference on June 15th

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WEBINAR PLATFORM : The sessions will be held in Blackboard Collaborate , and can be accessed live from any personal computer and most mobile devices. Since 2010, Dr. Stephens has written the monthly column “Office Hours” for Library Journal exploring the issues, ideas, and emerging trends in libraries and LIS education. Joyce writes the NeverendingSearch Blog for School Library Journal and contributes to several other library and edtech publications.

Library 2.016 Min-Conference June 15th: "Library as Classroom"

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WEBINAR PLATFORM : The sessions will be held in Blackboard Collaborate , and can be accessed live from any personal computer and most mobile devices. Since 2010, Dr. Stephens has written the monthly column “Office Hours” for Library Journal exploring the issues, ideas, and emerging trends in libraries and LIS education. Joyce writes the NeverendingSearch Blog for School Library Journal and contributes to several other library and edtech publications.

Learning Revolution Free PD - Gaming in Ed Now! - #YouMatter Special Offer - Connected Librarian Day

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As Points of Light’s youth service enterprise, generationOn inspires, equips and mobilizes youth to take action through generationOn service clubs, schools, youth organizations, campaigns and youth leadership initiatives. Wednesday, September 17th at 8am ELT Live#3 - Mobile Tools and Strategies for ELT , We''re back on the air to discuss all things mobile - apps, strategies, hardware. Is your library mobile friendly?

Final Schedule + Speakers Posted - Join Us for "Library as Classroom" Mini Conference This Wednesday

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WEBINAR PLATFORM : The sessions will be held in Blackboard Collaborate , and can be accessed live from any personal computer and most mobile devices. Since 2010, Dr. Stephens has written the monthly column “Office Hours” for Library Journal exploring the issues, ideas, and emerging trends in libraries and LIS education. Joyce writes the NeverendingSearch Blog for School Library Journal and contributes to several other library and edtech publications.

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The 2019 Global Education Conference - Full List of 130 Sessions and 10 Keynotes!

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I am the Founder of #MexEdChat and I have been an ISTE Edtech Advisor. In 2010, Jennifer left teaching to begin PRINCIPLED Learning Strategies, through which she provides professional development to support the integration of authentic student-driven global learning experiences in schools. The ninth annual Global Education Conference starts this coming Monday! This is an amazing and free online event that brings together educators and innovators from around the world.

The 100 Worst Ed-Tech Debacles of the Decade

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You can read the series here: 2010 , 2011 , 2012 , 2013 , 2014 , 2015 , 2016 , 2017 , 2018 , 2019. But in 2010, the company, co-founded by Gina Bianchini and Marc Andreessen, announced that it would no longer offer a free version.

8 Tried and True Edtech Tools to Try in 2018

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Richard Byrne, author of Free Technology for Teachers has several online professional development options to check out: GSuite for Teachers , Teaching History with Technology , and Practical Edtech Coaching. Tried and True Edtech Tools to Try in 2018. The National School Board Association named him one of 2010’s “Twenty to Watch,” a list honoring individuals finding innovative ways to use technology to increase classroom learning.