Edcamp: It All Started with a Tweet

Educator Innovator

We held the first Edcamp in Philadelphia in May, 2010. People tweeted about it and around the country and the world; people began to follow #edcamp! Edcamps became so powerful because they recognize and honor the expertise of teachers. Original Post/ EdCamp Foundation.

A National Push for More ‘Active Use’ of Technology in Learning

Educator Innovator

In 2010, when the department published its last National Ed Tech Plan, the phrase “digital divide” usually meant unequal access to devices like laptops and high-speed internet, a severe disparity. Educator Innovator Blog #edtech #edtechequity #techquity

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From Playgrounds to Programmers: How Sharing Shapes Schools


The Edcamp movement is another example of educators organizing themselves for the simple purpose of sharing practices, successes, and miscues. Edcamp events are free, generally locally organized “unconference” meetings where the agenda is decided by those in attendance. According to the Edcamp website, since 2010 there have been over 700 events in 25 countries. The first iPad was released in April 2010.

Coming This Summer: Powerful, Peer-Led Professional Development That Won’t Bore


For us, it was at EdFoo 2017 , an un-conference of teachers, edtech gurus, funders and others gathered at Google’s Silicon Valley headquarters for three days of spontaneous learning. Embracing the belief that educators themselves provide the most valuable PD for their colleagues, EdCamps began in Philadelphia in 2010 and have since been replicated more than 700 times around the world. When was the last time you walked into a conference without an agenda?

My Edublog Awards Nominations for 2011


Additionally, winning the 2010 Best New Blog award in this incentive brought SpeechTechie a lot of recognition and new readership, so THANKS again to those who supported me in that round, and to Edublogs as well. It''s that time already.