Learning Styles: Fact or Fiction? What This Decades-Old Theory Can Teach Us


2] Whether the evidence points for or against learning styles, however, this theory can remind us that some students may need individualized instruction or resources to best help them learn. How to Shift from Learning Styles to Differentiated Instruction.

“Common Assessments” vs “Common Understandings”

The Principal of Change

In a recent discussion, I was asked about “common assessments” in a classroom. The thought here is that no matter what classroom you were in, the assessments would look the same. Differentiated instruction cannot come with standardized assessments, or am I way off here?

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The teachers were masters at differentiated instruction with technology. The other was an 8th grade math class, where they were presenting their research to their small group for peer assessment. The students had their paper packets out with their rubrics to assess their peers. Every teacher mastered differentiating instruction with technology. 21st Century Learning differentiated instruction ed reform PBL

10 Strategies to Strengthen Instruction and Learning

A Principal's Reflections

When it came to the lesson plan piece, many of my colleagues and I in the Northeastern United States were educated in the Instructional Theory Into Practice Model (ITIP) developed by Madeline Hunter. As a realist, there is still value in direct instruction. 2010).

Teachers: Don’t Feel Guilty About What You Can’t Do. The System Needs to Change.


I stepped out of the classroom in 2010 to work on education systems change at the state and national level, learning from creative public educators across the country. What if I could differentiate instruction in more effective ways than providing extra worksheets to advanced students or offering after-school tutoring for those who struggled?

System 131

Why I Had to Develop a Unique Learner Profile to Meet the Needs of My Students


I’ve learned that I need to know my students academically and personally so I can modify instruction to be as effective, engaging and rigorous as possible, so every year I craft personal learner profiles for my students that go beyond their IEP goals and basic personality surveys. Carol Ann Tomlinson's work on differentiated instruction and Benjamin Bloom's work with mastery learning have shaped my understanding of how to meet the needs of each learner.

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