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Value-Added Schools

A Principal's Reflections

In 2009 as I took a device from a student for failing to follow school policy that student responded to me that school was like a jail. Emphasize student agency (voice, choice, advocacy) as a right for all Re-think homework and outdated grading practices to create a culture focused on R.E.A.L

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Why Teacher Self-Care Matters and How to Practice Self-Care in Your School


Public Health, 123(11), November 2009, pp. National Immigrant Women’s Advocacy Project, June 2014, pp. Try doing breathing activities or mindfulness meditation as a class, especially if your students seem overwhelmed.[11]. Sources : 1. and Wang, L. Relationship between quality of life and occupational stress among teachers.

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David, Goliath, and the Future of the U.S. K-12 OER Movement

Doug Levin

K-12 education system by open educational resources (OER) since 2009, although my first exposure to the ideas and leaders of the movement stretch back to the launch of the MIT OpenCourseWare initiative. I’ve been engaged in thinking deeply about the promise and opportunity afforded the U.S.

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Despite family and work commitments, student veterans outpace classmates

The Hechinger Report

percent of veterans using GI Bill benefits who arrived on campus in the fall of 2009 had graduated within six years, compared to 52.9 In all, the GI Bill — which costs $11 billion a year, according to the General Accounting Office — paid for all or part of 450,000 degrees earned by 340,000 students between 2009 and 2015, the study found.

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An After-School Education Program Aims to Diversify the Tech Industry


“We see that advanced math coursework is a huge predictor of college success, but this stuff is all foundational,” said Lakisha Young, founder and CEO of The Oakland Reach, a parent-led advocacy group focused on better supporting low-income students of color in Oakland. The area struggles with high unemployment, homelessness and crime.

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How Columbia’s $182 million property-tax break hurts New York

The Hechinger Report

A Columbia University spokeswoman, Samantha Slater, pointed to $170 million in contributions the university had pledged to the community near its campuses starting in 2009, saying the investments “have been a model for similar investments by other universities.” “The

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A Conversation With #EduColor's José Vilson About Inclusive Teaching


For perspective and advice, we recently talked with José Vilson, co-founder and executive director of #EduColor , a nonprofit advocacy group dedicated to issues of race and social justice in education. The question has only gotten more pressing—and challenging—in this time of social unrest and political polarization.

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