Trouble With the Curve: Estimating the Size and Growth Rates of K-12 Markets


For example, specific policies regarding academic standards, testing requirements, and charter school authorization caps can give rise to specific types of products. The teacher evaluation market has grown dramatically over the last few years, driven by the 2009 implementation of. Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards, etc.). Standard policy adoption and diffusion frameworks can help make this process simple and repeatable.

Instructure Acquires MasteryConnect for $42.5 Million to Expand K-12 Footprint


Founded in 2009, MasteryConnect offers a platform where teachers can plan lessons, create and deliver assessments, and track how students perform against academic standards. Instructure , the publicly traded company best known for its learning management systems (LMS) Canvas and Bridge, has agreed to acquire a fellow Salt Lake City-based education technology company, MasteryConnect , for $42.5 million. Of that figure, about $12.3

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Seeing the Pandemic as an Opportunity for Change

He has published over 250 research articles in academic journals, book chapters in edited volumes, research reports, and editorials in major newspapers. From 2009–2012 he served as a trustee for the State University of New York as an appointee of the governor. By Stacey Pusey.

In Successful Edtech, Pedagogy Comes First—Devices Second

Digital Promise

These tools help us identify and then address -- through intervention or enrichment -- individual students' needs around each of the major academic standards. A recent study within a number of school districts, including the Middletown City School District, showed significantly greater academic growth in blended learning versus traditional classes. Venture funding in the edtech sector has increased from $385 million in 2009 to an expected $2 billion this year.

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OPINION: Race to the Top laws are still on the books, but state commitments remain uneven

The Hechinger Report

It was 2009, and Tennessee Gov. In exchange for a significant investment of federal funding, states like Tennessee would volunteer to enact new policies to raise standards, increase accountability, build new data systems and lift caps on the number of public charter schools. One of the most lasting impacts of Race to the Top has been to encourage states to hold all students to more rigorous academic standards that are aligned with college and career expectations.

MasteryConnect Cuts 30 Percent of Staff, Brings Co-Founder Mick Hewitt Back as CEO


Back in the driver’s seat is Mick Hewitt, who co-founded the company in 2009 and served as its first CEO. MasteryConnect aims to help teachers plan lessons and track how students perform against academic standards. Big capital helps startups grow quickly. But when funding dries up and profits remain elusive, companies have to make tough cuts.

What happens when a regular high school decides no student is a lost cause?

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The goal is to offer an alternative for kids who struggle in standard classrooms. Washington is one of only a few states with officials dedicated to studying and spreading the practice; the Washington Office of Public Instruction “Compassionate Schools” division even produced a handbook on trauma-informed teaching in 2009. A 2009 study by the Washington Family Policy Council found that counties using such methods in their schools and social services saved $1.4

Desegregation is unraveling in this Texas town

The Hechinger Report

It has made progress to topple the barriers still holding black and Hispanic students back from the same academic success as white students. They are roughly half of the students enrolled at Longview’s specialized elementary school, which has higher academic standards. But in Longview, most Hispanic students need bilingual or English as a second language instruction — hundreds more students enrolled in those programs between 2009 and 201 7 , state data shows.

What do at-risk students, English language learners and adult college students have in common?

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Damont Morgan, a seventh grader, would prefer to get core academic classes that take a lot of mental energy out of the way in the morning and go to electives in the afternoon. STANDARDS-BASED LEARNING Tying instruction to certain standards agreed upon as the goals for what students should know at various ages or grades in school (standards often set by the state). A grading system that separates academic mastery from classroom behavior.

Is teacher preparation failing students with disabilities?

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A 2009 study concluded that no one explicitly shows teachers how to teach to “different needs.” Because of time constraints, the many academic standards that must be taught, and a lack of support, “teachers are not only hesitant to implement individualized instruction, but they do not even know how to do so,” the report stated. And year after year they score far lower than their peers on standardized exams.

Can ‘Sober High’ schools keep teenagers off drugs?

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In Brockton – a once-prosperous town called “shoe city” until the last of its footwear factories closed in 2009 – drugs are plentiful. While the academic program here leads toward a regular Massachusetts high school diploma, the teaching is often tailored to address individual areas of weakness. Drug use, suspensions and expulsions have put many students here far behind academically. The standard is what’s appropriate,” Mr. Kain says. “If

Dramatic DeVos nomination begs question: Can she be an effective Ed Secretary?

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Education Secretary Arne Duncan, briefs President Barack Obama for an interview in the Oval Office July 22, 2009. Third, whether she likes it or not, her job as education secretary is to enforce the accountability provisions of the Every Student Succeeds Act, which still requires annual testing, performance goals, high academic standards and interventions for the lowest-performing schools. Peter Cunningham, former press secretary to U.S.