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Sustaining Bangladesh’s economic miracle

The Christensen Institute

Since 2009, Bangladesh’s economy has grown by more than 6% per year, and its GDP per capita has almost tripled. Bangladesh’s Prime Minister expects annual growth to reach 10% by 2021. Now the largest employer in the country, the ready-made garment industry currently employs more than 4.5 By 2021, the government’s goal is for that number to reach $50 billion. Efficiency innovations enable companies to do more with fewer resources.

Degreed Raises $75 Million to Expand Corporate Learning Platform


For McCarthy, it was a small sign among many that international countries like India had become powerful markets for corporate training companies like Degreed. “A Companies outside the U.S. To date, the San Francisco-based company has raised about $140 million. Founded in 2012, Degreed offers over 1,500 certificates and credentials, aimed primarily at companies looking to develop and upskill their employees.