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A Principal's Reflections

I hope to eventually own my own company, and without leadership skills my dream would not be feasible. In the fall of 2009 I went on a field trip to Wall Street with my AP History class. Last month I unveiled the first ever guest post on my blog written by one of my students. The success and impact of this tiny experiment motivated me to seek out other students whose stories and reflections could provide an inspiration to educators from all over the world.

Looking Back At 2010 And Looking Forward To 2011.

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So here is my reflections on 2010 and my predictions for 2011. I wrote a post on December 28, 2009 where I talked about tools that I thought would have a break out year. So education related companies are going to have to be innovative in the apps they create for these devices. Lots of potential there and I bet we will see at least one education company develop learning games for the Kinect. My reflections on 2010, and my thoughts on 2011.

Edmodo 100

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Elevating the Education Reform Dialog, Live on Monday

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

The school was recognized by Ladies Home Journal as one of the Ten Most Amazing Schools in the US, has been recognized as an Apple Distinguished School in 2009 and 2010 and has been written about in many publications including Edutopia Magazine, EdWeek and the Philadelphia Inquirer. He has worked with governments in Europe, Asia and the USA, with international agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and some of the world’s leading cultural organizations.

Dear Google: Please let us use YouTube at School!

The Electric Educator

Here are four reasons why they are the best company to accomplish this: The corporate philosophy at Google is to allow open access to information, no special software, subscription fees, or restrictions. Phillip White reports that the number of videos available on YouTube in July of 2009 was somewhere around 100 million. Google''s products are wonderful classroom resources. Sadly, one of my favorites, YouTube , can not be accessed by students in educational settings.

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Tech Access in Schools: Making Edtech Accessible to All

Digital Promise

Access to technology for all students is a major goal for many schools, companies, and organizations—yet access is only part of the equation. Research suggests that when technology is effectively used in schools, access may help to bridge educational and social gaps (Warschauer & Matuchniak, 2010; Eccles, 2009; National Science Foundation, 2017).

Using Feedback Logs to Empower Learners

A Principal's Reflections

The most successful companies are successful because they are always looking for ways to improve. John Hattie (2009) found a similar effect size of 0.73 Nicol (2010) found that feedback is valuable when it is received, understood and acted on. 2010).

MasteryConnect Cuts 30 Percent of Staff, Brings Co-Founder Mick Hewitt Back as CEO


But when funding dries up and profits remain elusive, companies have to make tough cuts. Back in the driver’s seat is Mick Hewitt, who co-founded the company in 2009 and served as its first CEO. He adds: “As a venture-funded company, there’s been a decision to get to profitability in the next nine to 12 months.” The company recently launched a mobile app that allows teachers to snap photos of student’s work incorporate them into MasteryConnect’s platform.

Why Can’t We Be Friends? A Superintendent and a Vendor Talk It Out

Digital Promise

I quickly evaluate if this is a person or company that’s worth a relationship. We luckily found a great local company. Outsourcing our IT, initially we had some bumps, but the company’s responsiveness told us that even though we are a small district, they are committed. This company is in other districts that are 5 or 6 times larger than Avonworth, but they always see it through for us. We appreciate the willingness for the company to customize things to our needs.

North Carolina’s Digital Success Story


Stakeholders—from educators and nonprofits to politicians and private companies—have all rowed in one direction to spur the strategic use of technology to ensure that all students have access to a great education. They made sure the initiative had clear benefits for each of them, from state politicians of all parties to the local leaders across the urban, suburban, and rural parts of the state, and from educators at all levels to private companies.

What if we hired for skills, not degrees?

The Hechinger Report

On a laptop in the nearly empty office, he worked on code for a webpage he was developing for his employer, the learning materials company Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. In half an hour, he needed to join a conference call about changes to the company’s website. For decades, at many companies that I worked for, I wasn’t allowed to hire unless somebody had a four-year degree.”. That timespan should look familiar: The Great Recession lasted from December 2007 to June 2009.

Seeking a fresh start, battered for-profit colleges give themselves a new name

The Hechinger Report

Previously known as the Career College Association, the organization last changed its name in 2010. Enrollment at for-profit schools has plummeted by 26 percent since its peak in 2009. The parent company of the Art Institute is shuttering 15 campuses. billion since 2010, according to CECU itself. Two big companies, Kaplan and DeVry, quit APSCU last year. In this April 28, 2015 file photo, students wait outside Everest College in Industry, Calif.,

Goldman Sachs looks at higher education, very darkly

Bryan Alexander

Goldman zeroes in on rising college costs , unsurprisingly, and offers some recent data: “Since 2009, college fees have risen by 10.6% Implicitly they don’t see academia responding efficiently to these challenges; explicitly they expect business to start opening more of its own campuses, with “companies creating their own de facto degrees.”

Colleges are using big data to track students in an effort to boost graduation rates, but it comes at a cost

The Hechinger Report

Companies like Amazon and Netflix have been using data tools like these for years to track our clicks and steer us to buy or watch more of their products. James Wiley is a technology analyst with Eduventures, which does consulting work for companies in the predictive analytics industry. It’s grown into a $500 million market with more than 30 for-profit companies selling predictive analytics tools to colleges. And new companies were popping up to sell data analytics packages.

Netflix’s founder saves the day for one education software startup

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March 2010: Palo Alto, Los Altos, California; Bellevue, Washington. The companies just didn’t look at the world that way. This was 2009. So we searched for around six months and then we found this company called DreamBox that was doing a math program the right way. Rocketship started using DreamBox for its math program, which led to Hastings seeing the program, which led to Reed Hastings purchasing the company. This company would have died.

Literacies for the digital age: Financial literacy

Kathy Schrock

Financial literacy for students (2010) Financial literacy for students grades K-2 The meaning of money Counting bills and coins Writing out money: decimals and dollar signs Financial literacy for students grades 3-5 Earning power Needs versus wants saving for a goal What do banks do? This post originally appeared in September of 2014 on my Discovery Educator Network blog, Kathy''s Katch , where I pen a monthly blog post. Please take a look at the blog when you get a a chance.

Inside Maine’s disastrous roll out of proficiency-based learning

The Hechinger Report

In 2009, Gates gave half a million to the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, which describes itself as New England’s largest education-focused philanthropy, to lead a four-state effort to remake the region’s schools. Nellie Mae, which had $430 million in assets at the end of 2009, began investing its own money in Maine, too. Ragan Toppan, a junior at Deering High School, took part in a walkout last fall to protest a change in the school’s grading policy.

The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Issue a Press Release

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These predictions are often accompanied with a press release touting the size that this or that market will soon grow to – how many billions of dollars schools will spend on computers by 2020, how many billions of dollars of virtual reality gear schools will buy by 2025, how many billions of dollars of schools will spend on robot tutors by 2030, how many billions of dollars will companies spend on online training by 2035, how big will coding bootcamp market will be by 2040, and so on.

May 25 - Interview with Sir Ken Robinson on Creativity

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

The videos of his famous 2006 and 2010 talks to the prestigious TED Conference have been seen by an estimated 200 million people in over 150 countries. He works with governments in Europe, Asia and the USA, with international agencies, Fortune 500 companies and some of the world’s leading cultural organizations. His book The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything (Penguin/Viking 2009) is a New York Times best seller and has been translated into twenty-one languages.

How a Chinatown school is trying to bring more diversity to theater

The Hechinger Report

population and more than 13 percent of New York City’s population, per the 2010 census. Around 2009, Lee learned about the Junior Theater Festival (JTF) in Atlanta, where students from across the country gather for three days to compete, take workshops and nerd out over musical theater. The P.S. 124 Theatre Club performs a musical adaptation of the animated movie “Madagascar.” In the foreground, music teacher Ryan Olsen operates the sound on a laptop.

5 Trends to Watch in 2011

The Electric Educator

Note: This is the second of my series "5 things to watch in 2011" Future installments will include: Five companies to watch in 2011 Five people to follow in 2011 Five technologies to watch in 2011 Five blogs to read in 201 Reverse Instruction is an innovative instructional strategy that was originally used by chemistry teachers Aaron Sams and Jon Bergman.

Set to stun

The Hechinger Report

The company does not have an exact count of how many Tasers are carried by school resource officers “because you’re talking thousands, and at some point you can’t even keep track of it,” said Steven Tuttle, the vice president of strategic communications. He added that he does not know of any other companies that provide stun guns to police departments. The federal government cut funding to this survey after 2010. The department stopped conducting regular surveys after 2009.).

How Has Google Affected The Way Students Learn?


Whenever new technology emerges — including newspapers and television — discussions about how it will threaten our brainpower always crops up, Harvard psychology professor Steven Pinker wrote in a 2010 op-ed in The New York Times. ” The bright side lies in a 2009 study conducted by Gary Small, the director of University of California Los Angeles’ Longevity Center , that explored brain activity when older adults used search engines.

Pelecon flies higher

Learning with 'e's

Delegates who enjoyed the conference dinner at previous Plymouth eLearning Conference events in 2009 and 2010 were unanimous in expressing their praise for the evening. The company will be great, the food will be excellent, and the live music will be splendid. Those of you who have ever attended a Plymouth Enhanced Learning Conference, or even followed from afar via the social media channels will know that Pelecon is an extraordinary event.

Should Wall Street pay for preschool?

The Hechinger Report

These types of transactions enable private sector companies to be responsive to the requests from local/state government who have limited funding.”. These types of transactions enable private sector companies to be responsive to the requests from local/state government who have limited funding,” she wrote. Today, 60 percent or more students qualify for free and reduced-price lunch at 28 elementary schools in the district; in 2009 that level of need existed at only 17 schools.

Without local school boards, parents in poor communities lose their vote

The Hechinger Report

In Highland Park, Michigan, where grass grows knee-high around decaying, long-abandoned schools, the state turned the troubled suburban district over to a private company and shut down the city’s only high school. “As And in New Orleans, the majority of the public schools are under the jurisdiction of the state, but charter companies make most of the educational decisions, a trend that was further accelerated after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

ProfHacker 2016 Holiday Gift Guide


For more ideas, check out the previous guides: 2015 , 2014 , 2013 , 2012 , 2011 , 2010 , and 2009 — or share your favorite gifts with us in the comments! But some lesser-known companies make nice speakers that sound good and are quite affordable. It’s that time of year again for many of us, and we at ProfHacker have gathered our annual guide with a few suggestions for those of you still looking for gifts for family and friends.

Another pandemic-related threat to universities: falling numbers of graduate students

The Hechinger Report

The most elite American research universities haven’t seen the same worrying trends — Stanford University’s master’s enrollment, for example, has remained relatively steady since 2010. At Eastern Michigan University, that has translated into a big decline in the number of graduate students, from a peak of nearly 5,100 in 2009 to 2,967 a decade later, according to university data.

The 2019 Global Education Conference - Full List of 130 Sessions and 10 Keynotes!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

She joined AFS-USA in 2009 as Business Development Strategist. In 2010, Jennifer left teaching to begin PRINCIPLED Learning Strategies, through which she provides professional development to support the integration of authentic student-driven global learning experiences in schools. I used to work in cafes and restaurants and in 2005 me and friend of mine set up this company with social responsibility. The ninth annual Global Education Conference starts this coming Monday!

Peter Thiel and the Future (and Funding) of Education Technology

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million – isn’t that significant, I think the timing of the donation is still notable for a number of reasons: Well-known for his libertarian beliefs, Peter Thiel wrote in a 2009 article for the Cato Institute that “Since 1920, the vast increase in welfare beneficiaries and the extension of the franchise to women – two constituencies that are notoriously tough for libertarians – have rendered the notion of ‘capitalist democracy’ into an oxymoron.”

ProfHacker 2015 Holiday Gift Guide


And if for some reason you need more ideas than what’s here—or if you’re just feeling nostalgic, as is befitting this time of year—take a look at our lists from 2014 , 2013 , 2012 , 2011 , 2010 , and 2009. I am also much more satisfied with their customer service than I was with the other company. Hopefully you’ve noticed the subtle change in the air: the giving way of the aroma of pumpkin spice latte to the onset of the peppermint mocha.

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How a Flipped Syllabus, Twitter and YouTube Made This Professor Teacher of the Year


He has also been named a Master Educator by Course Hero , an education technology company that produced a short film on Boyer. . He shares some of his favorite foreign films: “ Aftershock ” (2010, Chinese, directed by Xiaogang Feng)—An absolutely awesome teaching tool for many different aspects of Chinese culture.

Education Technology and the 'New' For-Profit Higher Education

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Court filings from the fraud trial did provide some insights into how Trump University operated – high-pressure sales tactics detailed in the the company’s “ playbooks ” that revealed how Trump University employees sold its course packages – these cost up to $35,000 – targeting vulnerable populations in particular and feeding on their socioeconomic anxieties. million from the company between 2010 and 2015 before he stepped down from his role there.

The History of the Future of E-rate

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While much of the speculation about the future of education technology under President Trump has been focused on the new Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos ( her investment in various ed-tech companies , her support for vouchers and charter schools), it’s probably worth remembering that the Department of Education is hardly the only agency that shapes education and education technology policy. million settlement paid by Hewlett Packard in 2010 over accusations of fraud.

The 100 Worst Ed-Tech Debacles of the Decade

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You can read the series here: 2010 , 2011 , 2012 , 2013 , 2014 , 2015 , 2016 , 2017 , 2018 , 2019. Without revenue the company will go away. Or the company will have to start charging for the software. The company has not been charged in the matter.).