Preventing Dropouts: An Impossible Dream?

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In California, educators are facing a critical problem, an undiminished drop out rate. If they pursue postsecondary education, they often wind up spending long hours in remedial courses trying to learn the mathematics, reading, and writing skills they should have acquired in high school. Only a third of high school students in California graduate on time and transition easily to postsecondary education and lasting career success (Hoachlander, Sterns, & Studier, (2008).

The Secret to Preventing Community College Dropouts? Start With Middle School


In Tennessee, the education system made headlines a few years back when the state announced the “ Tennessee Promise ”—an initiative granting thousands of high school students the opportunity to attend two years of free community college. And one district in particular, the Putnam County School System in Cookeville , decided to push student ownership over higher education learning even further—with an extensive, dual-enrollment college credit program for high schoolers.

Dropout Detective Offers Academic ‘Credit Scores’—But Is That a Good Thing?


That’s why it might come as surprise to hear AspirEDU , an educational analytics company, pitch their Dropout Detective software as an “academic credit score” for students. But whereas credit scores are designed to prevent risky buyers from getting approved on loans, Dropout Detective is meant to improve student success and lower dropout rates. But she says whether dropout rates have fallen remains to be seen.

New routes to success in learning are popping up around the country

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The Hechinger Report is collaborating with The New York Times to produce Bulletin Board, page 2 of the Times ’ s education supplement, Learning. This story about high school diplomas was produced by The Hechinger Report, a national nonprofit newsroom that reports on one topic: education.

Universities try to catch up to their growing Latinx populations

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Sign up for our Higher Education newsletter. Higher Education. From 2008 to 2017, the share of Latinx students at this commuter school of roughly 4,000 rose from 13 percent to 22 percent — the highest of any public university in the state.

From foster care to college

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Started in 2008, the Seita Scholars Program is one of several efforts at U.S. The percentage of Seita students to graduate from Western Michigan has ranged from 24 to 44 percent for cohorts that started between 2008 and 2013, according to university administrators.

School counselors keep kids on track. Why are they first to be cut?

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“Since my parents didn’t get much education, it’s hard to talk to them about my schoolwork and applying to college, or how to plan my time and get everything done,” says Mariano Almanza, 18, pictured speaking with his Coronado High School guidance counselor, Colleen McElvogue.

After a hate crime, a town welcomes immigrants into its schools

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But away from the political debates and television lights, educators in the Patchogue-Medford school district have been quietly cultivating a different image. The recession forced the district to lay off 50 educators, but as its finances improved, the district prioritized bilingualism.

Charter schools nearly destroyed this New Orleans school. Now it will become one.

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In the decades following, the school became one of the city’s most prestigious educational and cultural institutions. “To A student jumps off a bus to enter McDonogh #35 Senior High School before the start of the school day March 19, 2008 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

A college scholarship meant to help low-income, black students now serves mostly white, middle-class kids

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As Louisiana struggles to balance its budget in face of a nearly $1 billion shortfall, lawmakers face a stark choice: Shrink a program that once made the state a national model in education, or end it entirely. A college education for everyone’. Higher Education.

Marching in Mardi Gras, a New Orleans school that once struggled shows off

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But in August 2008, the state-run Recovery School District included only one Ninth Ward high school in its first master plan for building construction. By the time Collegiate Academies was designing the high school’s new building, Bryant knew that, to maintain Carver’s band legacy, give his students a well-rounded music education, and satisfy those alums, he needed an acoustically strong band room. K-12 News Arts education Charters Graduation and dropouts Solutions

Minnesota has a persistent higher-ed gap: Are new efforts making a difference?

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Minnesota ranks among the most educated states in the country, with nearly half of adults aged 25 to 64 holding an associate degree or higher. But that impressive statistic masks severe racial disparities in degree completion: The state has the second largest attainment gap between whites and blacks in the nation, according to the Education Trust. He estimated that nearly one in three new jobs created through 2026 will require education beyond high school.

A school once known for gang activity is now sending kids to college

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Turning around struggling high schools is the toughest work in education reform. Yet, inside the building, a new vision for the education of low-income students of color has taken root. Advocates of this approach say it has the potential to redefine what education means. “Do

OPINION: What health care can teach educators about the difference between ‘equal’ and ‘equitable’

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If we did in health care what we do in education, we’d say this to everyone who walks through the hospital door: “We prescribe the same treatment for everyone. Equal treatment will not enable us to reach the nation’s professed objective of educating all children for success.

Why high school football is making a comeback in New Orleans

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The city’s educational experiment, ripping up nearly an entire district to replace it with the new model, meant charters here, including KIPP Renaissance, were under intense pressure to show academic results — fast. Douglass was the worst-performing school in the state in 2008.

Mississippi governor named chairman of National Education Center

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The Education Commission of the States, a Colorado-based education policy research center, has named Gov. Since 1965, state governors have served as chair of the ECS, which attempts a bipartisan approach to education policy research and consulting.

It’s Time To Unlearn & Relearn Learning

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In spite of mankind’s amazing potential, it is an ironic truism of modernity that our US educational system is losing massive numbers of young learners each year to boredom, stress, and disengagement (1, 2). University of California, California high school dropouts cost state $46.4

Hack Education Weekly News

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(National) Education Politics. Thoughts on how this might effect education from Inside Higher Ed , from NPR , from Internet2 (via Bryan Alexander), from The Washington Post , and from Edsurge. ” “A new analysis from the Center for American Progress found more than two dozen minority-serving institutions would fail a graduation rate requirement for funding in the proposed House update to the Higher Education Act ,” Inside Higher Ed reports.

Education's Online Futures

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This is part six of my annual look at the year’s “ top ed-tech stories ” Some of the most oft-told tales in education in recent years have the following plot: the students all move from “brick-and-mortar” to “online.” Clayton Christensen and Michael Horn, for example, predicted in their 2008 book Disrupting Class that by 2019 half of all high school classes would be taught via the Internet. ” Online Education and Teaching Labor.


Hack Education Weekly News

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Education Politics. Via The New York Times : “ President Trump on Wednesday rescinded protections for transgender students that had allowed them to use bathrooms corresponding with their gender identity, overruling his own education secretary and placing his administration firmly in the middle of the culture wars that many Republicans have tried to leave behind.” ” The Department of Education press release : “U.S. ” Education in the Courts.

Why education is really a relationship business

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For all our conversations about edtech and curriculum and funding and unions and building schools and transportation and testing and every other thing, education is about people. More specifically, education is about relationships. Nothing happens in education without relationships.

Colleges are using big data to track students in an effort to boost graduation rates, but it comes at a cost

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My parents always stressed how powerful an education is and how it is the key to success,” Keenan said. For more stories about education, opportunity, and how people learn subscribe to the Educate podcast. He could have been another dropout casualty.

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Making the American Dream a Reality for Underserved Students


The subprime lending crisis of 2008, however, was a clear example of people being sold the American Dream without being given the tools to realize it. The same phenomenon is true in higher education. We got around to talking about education, and she told me that she had to drop out of college because her sister’s children were in a dangerous situation; they needed a new caretaker. Collectively, college dropouts owe a staggering $1.35

Montana vote becomes a national referendum on public confidence in higher ed

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That makes Montana’s so-called 6-mill levy a referendum not just on one state’s local property tax rate, but on the national mood toward higher education. “We’ve Every one of those dollars that goes into investment for higher education has to come from some other place,” Burnett said.

OPINION: What if corporate America did more to raise the high school graduation rate?

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AT&T may have committed $450 million since 2008 through its Aspire program to support making education a stronger, data-driven enterprise, but corporate America can play a bigger role, especially in light of numerous recent statements about the need for an educated workforce.

Bending to the law of supply and demand, some colleges are dropping their prices

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It may have been one of the biggest back-to-school sales ever: a 64 percent drop in the advertised cost of a college education. Utica College, which reduced its tuition in 2016, lowered its dropout rate, President Laura Casamento said. Sign up here for our higher-education newsletter.

College students predicted to fall by more than 15% after the year 2025

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“When the financial crisis hit in 2008, young people viewed that economic uncertainty as a cause for reducing fertility,” said Grawe. “The number of kids born from 2008 to 2011 fell precipitously.

Century-old ‘work college’ model regains popularity as student debt continues to increase

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Higher Education”. Now the idea of a work college is drawing renewed interest, thanks to rising student debt, skepticism about the value of a liberal arts education and employer complaints that graduates aren’t prepared for jobs. Higher Education.”

To transform your school district, look outside the mainstream

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Second, as educators witness the opportunities and benefits that online learning offers students who are struggling to succeed in the traditional education system, they can learn best practices for blending online learning into mainstream classrooms. Both are small, rural districts that first dipped their toes in the blended-learning space by offering online credit- or dropout-recovery programs to help students who were not succeeding in mainstream courses.

A Skills Gap From College to Career Doesn't Exist. It's the Awareness Gap We Need to Fix.


A popular narrative in the employment market today is that a "skills gap" exists between the abilities employers seek in candidates and the capabilities that new college graduates gain through postsecondary education. Unemployment/Underemployment: Unemployment for recent college graduates has improved in recent years (the unemployment rate currently hovers around around 5 percent , compared to 9 percent back in 2008). Education Technology 21st Century Skills Technology in School

Buffalo Considers Public Boarding Schools to Help Solve Ed Crisis

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The Buffalo Board of Education committee is looking at Paladino’s proposed plan, which would explore the possibility of a Washington, D.C.-based Author information Grace Smith | The post Buffalo Considers Public Boarding Schools to Help Solve Ed Crisis appeared first on Education News.

How a Chinatown school is trying to bring more diversity to theater

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Through their efforts, along with those of other outside arts organizations, they are introducing theater to more and younger participants, at an age when education experts say children are especially poised to benefit from it. Related: Can testing save arts education? Higher Education.

Examples Of Innovation In Higher Ed–With A Caution

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I don’t follow higher education very closely, so this is all from 10 feet away. Competency-Based Education is something I’m hearing more and more about, which is neither bad nor good, but worth understanding more carefully.

‘Our Technology Is Our Ideology’: George Siemens on the Future of Digital Learning


Some people researching education technology might not spend their days wondering how their work fits into this existential question—but George Siemens isn’t "some people." That’s his explanation for how he thinks about the role of education in the 21st century. A researcher, theorist, educator, Siemens is the digital learning guy. The LINK Lab is a hub international scholars exploring the digitization of knowledge and learning and how this process impacts education.

Buffalo shows turnaround of urban schools is possible, but it takes a lot more than just money

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I would have been a dropout.”. Their positions were created by and are funded through Say Yes to Education Buffalo, a local chapter of a New York City-based nonprofit. Sign up for our Higher Education newsletter. Are our students completing post-secondary education?