A Tool for Comparing Words

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Because it links in to Google it gives you access to vast amounts of information about the words. I've just found this very useful tool that allows you to compare words and phrases and how they are used online.

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Learning technology teacher development blog: Online Video: For Language Development

Nik Peachey

Tuesday, 16 December 2008. These websites dont just provide us with video content, but also the tools to help us make authentic video accessible to learners. Edublog Awards 2008. ▼ 2008. (64). IATEFL Online Conference 2008. skip to main | skip to sidebar.

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5 steps to ensure accessibility

eSchool News

While the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) was last reauthorized in 2004, with amendments in 2015, and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) updated back in 2008, the demand for accessibility and equality in education continues to grow.

A River of Images

Nik Peachey

What I like about this site It's free and very easy to use The site gives you access to far more images / flashcards than you could possibly ever carry into class There is a constant stream of really high quality striking images One of the things I like is the unpredictability.

Online Video: What does it have to offer teachers and learners?

Nik Peachey

With the spread of broadband access the potential for education and for language teaching and development and autonomous teacher development is huge, but still as yet largely under exploited as the discussion that followed my session highlighted.

Create Image Books

Nik Peachey

Gives students access to loads of images You can pull in images from your own Flickr account if you have one. I've always liked sites that take images and enable you to do something interesting with them.

Online Video: As Knowledge Resource

Nik Peachey

It's also possible for them to access a global pool of knowledge and experience from cultures all over the world. Since the birth of YouTube, the web has seen huge growth in the availability and quality of user generated online video.

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Exploiting Image Sequences

Nik Peachey

Here's an example Haircut What I like about it The site is free and easy to use and gives you access to a huge volume of images that can easily be searched.

Photo Assignments for EFL ESL Students in Second Life

Nik Peachey

Here's another showing you how to access and use the snapshot controls so that you can get better camera angles. One of the things that I really like about Second Life is the rich visual imagery and the creativity that many of the builders there have put into designing their Islands.

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Pronunciation goes 2.0

Nik Peachey

How to use this with students This is a nice self access resource for students to check their pronunciation You could give students a list of words and get them to find out how they are pronounced Get students to add some words that they want to be able to pronounce Use the site to dictate words while students listen, then get them to go to the site and check that they have got the right words This is a really nice application of the Web 2.0

The effect of new technologies on organizational communication

Connecting 2 the World

It also allows quick access to information so grades and attendence could conceivably be completed on blackboard as students come into class or ask for grades. The impact for the organization would be much more on demand information asked before and after class, better access to information in classrooms without internet access, and greater communication between the school and teachers while the teacher is in class.

Defining New Communication Technology

Connecting 2 the World

While some people may question the use of a blog as an assigned reading, the fact is that there is very little accessible at the undergraduate level on New Communication technologies. One of the first goals in teaching my class on New Communcation Technology in Organizational Life, is to define “New Communication Technology.&# The assigned reading is a blog on ZDNet Blogs by Dion Hinchcliffe.

What can a wiiboard do for me?

The Electric Educator

Johnny Lee''s stated goal is to make technology more accessible by discovering new functions for everyday technology. Over the summer, I came across this video by Johnny Chung Lee. This video gained a huge following amongst the ed tech crowd.

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Using Product Reviews

Nik Peachey

If your students don't have access to a video camera, you could still get them to do this for each other in class as a kind of short presentation. Product review sites are becoming ever more popular on the internet, and why not after all? If you are going to spend money buying something, it's always a good idea to see what other people who bought that same product think of it. ExpoTV is just that kind of site.

Creating a Wiki

Nik Peachey

A wiki is a collection of web pages designed to enable anyone who accesses it to contribute or modify content [.]. So, what really differentiates a wiki from a normal website is the fact that anyone who has access to the site can modify its contents (this is often, though not always, restricted to people who create a login or register to use this feature), unlike a normal website, on which the content is usually edited only by the company or person who owns the website.

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Dictation goes Web 2.0

Nik Peachey

This site features quite a number of audio files all of which can be accessed through quite a cleverly designed dictation activity. Yes and why not? Seems hard to see how this would be accomplished but it certainly does seem to be the case at the Listen and Write - Dictation website. What's more it seems to have been done in a pretty impressive way too.

Using wikis with EFL students

Nik Peachey

They are also great if you want to be able to share students' work with parents or the rest of the world, or just limit access to your class. In this feature I want to share another tutorial that you can use with your students showing how to edit your wiki and have a look at a live demo wiki that you and your students can play around with. In my previous post I looked at how to create a wiki using WetPaint and a few of the reasons for using one.

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Using wikis for teacher development

Nik Peachey

h ttp://technogogyelt.wetpaint.com At the moment this focuses on developing a glossary of IT related terms and definitions , giving access to teachers to ask an answer FAQs , and attempting to define key skills in IT for ELT teacher development. In my two previous features, I've looked at how to create a wiki and how to use them with EFL students.

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Immersive Image Environments

Nik Peachey

If you enjoy working with images with your EFL students, especially on an IWB (interactive whiteboard) or a data projector, then PicLens is exactly what you need. PicLens is a plugin (small program) that works within your web browser (there are versions for Firefox, Safari and IE 7) and it converts many of the standard image sharing websites, like flickr , Photobucket , Google Images , Yahoo Images etc. into "3D immersive environments"!

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Soundscapes from Soundtransit

Nik Peachey

To access the database of sounds go to Search for sounds. Sound Transit is a really wonderful formulation of an idea. It's not just a huge collection of Mp3 sound files from all over the world, but the sounds have been tagged by country and described and a visitor to the site can take a sound journey around the world. You just choose your country of origin, your destination and how many stops you want to make.

Using 'How to' videos

Nik Peachey

If you have access to video equipment: Get students to create their own video series on something they like doing and upload it. Monkey See is an excellent site which carries a lot of short high quality video content. It is based around the concept of instructional videos; being able to see something in order to be able to do it yourself.

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A mini challenge: the smart e-traveller

Connecting 2 the World

Once again One Bag has a good resource with tips for the traveller on getting internet access. This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series The e-traveller. Image via Wikipedia.

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Connecting 2 the World

Spinning a Learning Web , Jul 2008. Although I decided to take my G4 laptop (love that thing) I did not aways have wireless access. I wrote this in my last blogpost a month ago: I’ve been using Friend Feed for a week now and find it immensely useful to track my own friends’ postings from diverse services. Once travel proper commences this weekend, posts via any of my services wll find their way here.

To whom much is given …. imagination and poverty

Connecting 2 the World

BAD is a day when privileged people like me, who have access to a computer and the internet, can add fuel to the (sadly only lukewarm it seems) debate on the haves and have nots, on privilege, social justice and responsibility. It’s BAD day (blog action day) around the world and this year’s action revolves around poverty.

Time Frame: a 3 day virtual art show on Seesmic

Connecting 2 the World

Should be a lively affair with the potential not only to spawn further virtual exhibitions, but also to extend the art-talk to perception and accessibility, privilege etc. Now here’s something to lok out for this coming weekend. LA-based artist Christi Nielsen has organised a virtual art-show on the video platform Seesmic.

Will the decline of AP course offerings spur the rise of Course Access?

The Christensen Institute

The data shows that from 2008 to 2012, the percentage of public schools offering AP courses declined from 79 percent to 74 percent, a backslide from the eight percent increase in schools offering AP courses eight years prior. Malkus found that small, rural, and high-poverty schools—that had championed expanding AP offerings from 2000 to 2008—were the leading cause of the subsequent drop in those offerings from 2008 to 2012.

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Five Steps to Ensure Accessibility for All


While the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) was last reauthorized in 2004, with amendments in 2015, and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) were updated back in 2008, the demand for accessibility and equality in education continues to grow. Educators still need to constantly evaluate the effectiveness of accessibility initiatives, advocate for resources for their students, and anticipate where they need to go next.

Will thousands of prison inmates lose access to college?

The Hechinger Report

They actually asked us what is important,” said Nixon, the executive director of the New York-based College and Community Fellowship, which helps women get access to education after incarceration. In 2008, then-President George W.

Report on AP Courses Shows Need for Preparation, Access

K-12 Schools - Education News

Between 2000 and 2008, Malkus discovered the percentage of schools offering AP programs jumped from 71% to 79%. However, between 2008 and 2012, the percentage decreased at the same rate.

How the last recession affected higher education. Will history repeat?

The Hechinger Report

Since it seems near certain that the coronavirus pandemic is triggering a new recession right now, I thought it would be useful to recap what happened to colleges and universities during the Great Recession of 2008 to help us think through what might and might not repeat this time around.

Lessons and Leadership During the Switch to Online Learning


While digital access remains an issue, educators and students now engaged in online teaching and learning have new types of issues to contend with. Domenech has served as executive director of the American Association of School Administrators since July 2008.

Enrollment and financial crises threaten growing list of academic disciplines

The Hechinger Report

If the 2008 recession is a guide, public universities and colleges are in for even bigger blows than these. Their state allocations fell for four straight years after 2008. Higher education access Higher education affordability Higher education completion Politics Race

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As students fill summer courses, many ask: Why aren’t all colleges open in the summers?

The Hechinger Report

Compared to students who entered four-year colleges and universities in 2008 and switched to two-year institutions at some point in their college careers, those who entered in 2011 were significantly more likely to make that switch only in the summer.

A college where the graduation rate for black students has been 0 percent — for years

The Hechinger Report

percent less per full-time equivalent student, after adjusting for inflation, than it did in 2008. Higher Ed News Higher education access Higher education affordability Higher education completion Race

Higher Ed Shouldn’t Be a Lottery. But 4 Million Students Just Drew Losing Tickets.


On the day of his college career fair—September 15, 2008—Lehman Brothers collapsed. During the Great Recession after 2008, recent graduate hiring plummeted by over 20 percent. Education Technology Coronavirus New College Models Higher Education Access and Affordability