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#CUE17- The Game


My role has been to monitor social media, contribute to virtual conversations, and share ideas and resources with the #notatcue folks who are participating from a distance. CUE Media Festival.

Die, American cable tv news, die

Bryan Alexander

The first step towards media and information literacy in 2015 is to stop watching American tv news. Good thing we’re relying on him, instead of social media, eh? Did you know CNN publishes a Fear and Greed Index? That this is a regular thing? Hang on. Let me start again.

Education Technology and 'Fake News'

Hack Education

But I wanted to consider too why the stories we repeatedly tell about education and education technology were so fanciful – stories about impending disruptions and revolutions and robot teachers and brain zappers and so on. But blaming social media is too easy and too simplistic.

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

” Via Politico : “ Several Trump appointees shared unflattering views of minorities, women on social media.” Here’s a science textbook I was assigned at his school in 2007. Online Education and the Once and Future “MOOC” Via George Veletsianos : “A large-scale study of Twitter Use in MOOCs.” ” Robots and Other Ed-Tech SF. Education Politics. “Will the Senate Block Betsy DeVos ?”

Education Technology and the 'New Economy'

Hack Education

My work as a thinker and writer about tech and ed-tech – and one explicitly committed to social justice – has been profoundly affected by Seymour. ” Note the significant difference in language in this headline from The Verge , for example – “ Harvard’s Root robot teaches kids how to code ” – and the way in which Seymour would describe the LOGO Turtle – that students would using programming to teach the robot.

Education Technology and the Power of Platforms

Hack Education

But Posterous, if you’ll recall, was acquired by Twitter in 2012 and shut down one year later. ” In reviewing Srnicek’s book in March, New York Times media journalist John Hermann wrote , Platforms are, in a sense, capitalism distilled to its essence.