3B Village 3D browser

Nik Peachey

Using the free software you can visit or create your own 3D rooms which have walls lined with webpages that you can click on to visit. Watch a demo here: Exploring 3B Village (2.4Mb Flash) The learning potential for this software is huge and I can see how it could be especially useful for creating webquests or web based treasure hunts and other collaborative tasks for groups of students working virtually / at a distance.

Turning ‘Google Maps for Education’ From Metaphor to Reality


In his latest EdSurge column , Michael Horn laid out how Google Maps offers an aspirational metaphor for what the future of educational tools could look like. Today, Google Maps is an open ecosystem for accurate, real-time geospatial and navigation data. Last updated in 2007, the international standards body has defined a data model for describing, referencing, and sharing competency definitions, primarily in the context of online and distributed learning.

Strategies for Closing the Digital Equity Gap


According to Davis, Fuller, Jackson, Pittman, and Sweet (2007) , the definition of digital equity is “equal access and opportunity to digital tools, resources, and services to support an increase in digital knowledge, awareness, and skills.”

How to Compare and Contrast Authentically

Ask a Tech Teacher

More recently, Marzano’s research in The Art and Science of Teaching (2007) reconfirmed that asking students to identify similarities and differences through comparative analysis leads to eye-opening gains in student achievement.

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What if we hired for skills, not degrees?

The Hechinger Report

One day, a friend forwarded an email about Resilient Coders, a boot camp that trains people of color for web development and software engineering jobs. That timespan should look familiar: The Great Recession lasted from December 2007 to June 2009.

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

The New York Times broke the news this week that New America ousted its Open Markets team after it praised a recent EU fine against Google : “Google Critic Ousted From Think Tank Funded by the Tech Giant.” ” New America has received more than $21 million from Google. “ We Said Google Was Dangerously Powerful, Then Google Proved Us Right,” writes Open Markets’ Matt Stoller in Buzzfeed. Facial recognition software.

eBeam Edge Interactive Whiteboard

The Electric Educator

While I''m sure the eBeam Edge software and hardware works very well, why spend hundreds of dollars reproducing what the creative open source community has given us? Johnny Chung Lee came up with the original prototype for the "wiiboard" in early 2007.

Education Technology and the Power of Platforms

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If you look for a definition of “platform” online, you’re likely to get something along the lines of Wikipedia’s – fairly straightforward, although quite technical: A computing platform is the environment in which a piece of software is executed.

Apps: a call for nominations and a round-up of review ources


Since 2007 Jane Hart , Founder of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies (C4LPT) , has been creating the most wonderful lists of tools based on international survey input from educators, experts, instructional designers, consultants, developers and vendors.

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The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Issue a Press Release

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” – that’s Sebastian Thrun, best known perhaps for his work at Google on the self-driving car and as a co-founder of the MOOC (massive open online course) startup Udacity. Virtual worlds in 2007, for example. 2007 – the phones in their pockets.

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6 Ways to Stretch Your School or District Technology Budget

The 21st Century Principal

Consider using open source software rather than purchasing more proprietary software. Honestly, I’ve used it, and there just isn’t enough added functionality to warrant an upgrade from Office 2007. School systems can save a great deal of money by getting rid of the thinking that every time a software comes out with a new version, it needs to be purchased. Also, our system now has access to Google Apps, which reduces the need for many other applications.

‘Weapons of Math Destruction’: A Data Scientist’s Warning About Impacts of Big Data


As she writes, “many of these models encoded human prejudice, misunderstanding and bias into the software systems that increasingly manage our lives.”. EdSurge connected with O'Neil to hear how her behind-the-scenes view of the 2008 financial crisis led her to try to push for tools that can audit Facebook, Google, and other algorithm-fueled systems now asserting themselves in human affairs.

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Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

” That’s Joel Rose ’s School of One software. ” The Google Memo. Via Motherboard : “ Google Employee’s Anti-Diversity Manifesto Goes ‘Internally Viral’ ” Via Wired : “Internal Messages Show Some Googlers Supported Fired Engineer’s Manifesto.” ” Via The Guardian’s Julie Carrie Wong : “Segregated Valley: the ugly truth about Google and diversity in tech.”

(Marketing) Virtual Reality in Education: A History

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In 2014, Facebook acquired Oculus VR , Google released its Cardboard viewer, and Playstation announced it was working on a VR gaming headset – these have all been interpreted in turn as signs that virtual reality will soon be mainstream.

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

This is so important to consider, as Tufekci noted on Twitter, in light of Google’s domination of the K–12 computing market.). Ponddy Education has raised $6 million for its language learning software from Chenco Holding Company, Osnaburge Ventures LLC, and the MIC Ponddy AR Fund.


'The Ed-Tech Mafia'

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” The photo was taken as part of a 2007 profile in Fortune magazine. AltSchool founder Max Ventilla was a Google exec. Who worked at Google. I cannot believe that in the midst of everything I’m trying to accomplish right now I agreed to give a talk. But I did.

Education Technology and the Year of Wishful Thinking

Hack Education

Psychology, a field of research whose history is tightly bound to education technology, continued to face a “ reproducibility crisis ” this year, with challenges to research on “ ego depletion ,” to claims based on fMRI software , and – of course – to the Reproducibility Project itself , that 2015 report that found that the results in less than 40% of a sample of 100 articles in psychology journals held up to retesting.

MI Learning Portal on iTunesU K-12

The Electric Educator

These seemingly universal music players have evolved from monochrome bricks to an elegant multimedia platform which is constantly fed by iTunes, its software counterpart. In 2007 Apple opened a dedicated educational podcast forum it named iTunesU (iTunes link).

The Politics of Education Technology

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Marc Andreessen famously said that “software is eating the world,” but it’s far more accurate to say that the neoliberal values of software tycoons are eating the world. Every industry uses computers, software, and internet services. But it’s more likely that “technology” has become so overused, and so carelessly associated with Silicon Valley-style computer software and hardware startups, that the term has lost all meaning.

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

” DeVos’s brother, Erik Prince , is the founder of the private military company Blackwater , infamous for its human rights violations, including the murder of 17 Iraqi civilians in 2007 by its employees. Simons in New York will develop software tools and apply cutting edge computing techniques to science often not possible in academia and industry.” Google has acquired Quiklabs , a tech training company. Presidential-Elect Donald J. Trump.

Education Technology and the 'New Economy'

Hack Education

The work is also supported by companies including Apple, Google and Expedia, as well as education organizations including the CollegeBoard, Teach For America and STEMx.” According to the latest jobs report , unemployment in the US is at 4.6%, the lowest since 2007. ” The technology revolution has delivered Google searches, Facebook friends, iPhone apps, Twitter rants and shopping for almost anything on Amazon, all in the past decade and a half.

Learning Revolution Free PD - Angela Maiers Tonight - LOTS of 2014 Global Education Conference Updates - Proposal Deadline, Keynotes, and Volunteering

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Learning Revolution Events Global Education Conference , November 17th - 21st, 2014 Partner Spotlight Africa ICT Right (AIR) is an ICT-oriented non-profit organization established in 2007 with its Headquarter in Ghana and run by a team of volunteers. The panelists will talk about their personal passion projects on topics ranging from environmental engineering and sustainability to hardware and software engineering.