3B Village 3D browser

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You can create a room by specifying the URL of particular resources you want to share with your students or you can generate a ‘quick room’ using a range of other sources, like Flickr , Google , MySpace and you can even generate rooms full of YouTube videos. I spotted 3B Village about a year ago and initially I was impressed, but some recent developments have, I feel, put this on the map as a really useful educational tool. What is 3B Village?

Google Apps Fail…

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Having used Google Apps for Education since 2007, I’ve been through a lot with the platform. You’re Google! Commentary Google Apps For Education Image Source: [link].

10 Ways to Use Google Maps in the Classroom

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Google Maps has been out for 10 years now. In 2007…8 years ago now… Apple put a map in our pocket. With that in mind here are 10 ways you could use Google Maps in the classroom. Google Sightseeing blog: View some of the great images from around the world.

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Turning ‘Google Maps for Education’ From Metaphor to Reality


In his latest EdSurge column , Michael Horn laid out how Google Maps offers an aspirational metaphor for what the future of educational tools could look like. Today, Google Maps is an open ecosystem for accurate, real-time geospatial and navigation data. Last updated in 2007, the international standards body has defined a data model for describing, referencing, and sharing competency definitions, primarily in the context of online and distributed learning.

How to Empower Teachers

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If you don’t have Google Docs, just use this PDF. His first book titled, The Principal’s Leadership Sourcebook: Practices, Tools, and Strategies for Building a Thriving School Community was published by Scholastic in the fall of 2007.

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What Happened to Google's Effort to Scan Millions of University Library Books?


That’s what Google dreamed of doing when it embarked on its ambitious book-digitizing project in 2002. A settlement that would have created a Book Rights Registry and made it possible to access the Google Books corpus through public-library terminals ultimately died, rejected by a federal judge in 2011. The author, a programmer named James Somer, put it like this: “Somewhere at Google there is a database containing 25 million books and nobody is allowed to read them.”

Twelve Years Later: What’s Really Changed in the K-12 Sector? (Part 1)


In fall 2007, Larry Berger, CEO of Wireless Generation (now Amplify) was invited to submit a paper to an “Entrepreneurship in Education” working group led by Rick Hess, the director of Education Policy Studies at the American Enterprise Institute. This “Google and good luck” approach throws a lot of options, confusion, and competing agendas at teachers. This “Google and good luck” approach throws a lot of options, confusion and competing agendas at teachers.

K-12 Entrepreneurship: Slow Entry, Distant Exit


In October 2007, Larry Berger, then chief executive of Wireless Generation and his colleague, David Stevenson, a Wireless Gen vice president, gave a presentation at the American Enterprise Institute conference about why entrepreneurs faced formidable obstacles in building technology for schools and districts. Here's what Berger and Robertson argued, back in 2007, that policymakers could do to help spur innovators to enter the education space: Improving the Edtech Environment, 2007 1.

Here's a Neat Infographic on 'The History of the Hashtag'

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According to the infographic, Chris Messina first suggested using hashtags for Twitter groups in 2007. Tumblr followed later that year, Instagram started using hashtags in 2010, Google Plus hopped on the bandwagon in 2011, and Flickr barely beat out Facebook to avoid last place in 2013.

Online Gaming Strategy Sparks Idea for Ed-Tech Startup Business

Ed Tech from the Ground Up

Three major life events occurred for me in 2007 that sparked my idea to start an ed-tech company: The Internet decimated the textbook industry and I realized I needed to reinvent my business. Guest post By Nikki Navta, Founder and CEO of Zulama.

Showing #OpenGratitude for: ISKME and OER Commons

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In 2007, ISKME launched OER Commons, its digital public library and collaboration platform, informed by the organization’s pioneering efforts in knowledge management and educational innovation. ISKME’s integration services include integrations with learning management systems, Clever, Google Classroom, and other systems. This is another post in my series of posts showing gratitude and appreciation for members of the open education community.

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Chrome Can: Creating eBooks with Chromebooks!

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A Google Doc can be saved as a PDF. The second way to save a Google Doc as a PDF is to choose this option when printing the Google Doc. Students can then use Google Docs to create their eBooks and then save the file as a PDF. in September 2007.

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Five Learning Strategies that Work

Digital Promise

Rohrer and Taylor (2007) found that college students in a geometry class who used interleaved instead of block practice were 43 percent more accurate on a test given a week after studying the material. 2007).

Edchat Interactive - a new type of free, online PD that is relevant, timely, interactive and social

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Feb 26, 8:00 PM Eastern Join Milliken Award (2007) winner Sherry Crofut in a rousing discussion on personalizing student learning in the era of test score madness, tight budgets, and education technology transformation. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

Global Education Conference 2017 #globaled17

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In 2007, Lucy founded the Global Education Collaborative, a network for educators interested in collaboration which has been expanded into the Global Education Conference Network. Lucy also has received the distinctions of Apple Distinguished Educator and Google Certified Innovator.

Doing and knowing

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For the traditionalists, tools such as Google and other digital media are not to be completely trusted or relied upon, and some even consider them a distraction from the real business of learning, or question the veracity of their content.

How Indian Tutoring App Provider Byju’s Got So Big


In 2007, he started using the name “Byju’s CAT Classes”—a reference to the Management Institutes’ entrance exam—for his services, according to Indian trademark documents.

Educating Kids for Life not for Tests

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Simple Virtual Reality in the Classroom with Google Streetview and Google Cardboard ” or. Pam Moran on episode 236 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter.

Teachers: 3 ways technology can make learning visible, easily

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The Apple App Store wasn’t invented until 2008, the iPhone in 2007, Google Maps in 2005, Facebook in 2004—before 1999, most laptops didn’t even have wifi. John Hattie’s meta-study, Visible Learning (2009), changed the way we think about what works in the classroom.

Theories for the digital age: Paragogy

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The user generated content currently available on the web has been criticised for its inconsistent quality (Carr, 2010) and its potential to encourage plagiarism, piracy and a host of other nefarious practices (Keen, 2007). 2007) University of Google: Education in the (Post) Information Age.

Strategies for Closing the Digital Equity Gap


According to Davis, Fuller, Jackson, Pittman, and Sweet (2007) , the definition of digital equity is “equal access and opportunity to digital tools, resources, and services to support an increase in digital knowledge, awareness, and skills.”

Learning @Learning2

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The things we have tried, the failures, the successes and how a little conference that was suppose to be a one off in 2007 in Shanghai, China has turned into a yearly conference that sells out in a matter of months and is slowly spreading….is There are different ways to measure success.

Let Students Choose! Highlighting Talents with Student Choice


Seems a bit ridiculous right, since you know you can make a much better presentation using PowerPoint, Google Slides, ThingLink, iMovie, etc. Example of “menu” I originally used in 2007 Students would choose projects that equalled the number of points on the menu. Imagine this scenario.

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My No 1 Go To Resources

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In 2007 I joined Twitter and have met the most amazing educators. Most recently I have added Google+ to my PLN and have been able to enrich it with Google Communities and Google Hangouts. September 22 - What does your PLN look like? What does it do for you teaching?

How to Compare and Contrast Authentically

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More recently, Marzano’s research in The Art and Science of Teaching (2007) reconfirmed that asking students to identify similarities and differences through comparative analysis leads to eye-opening gains in student achievement.

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2016 Fall CUE Overview


In 2007, Lucy founded the Global Education Collaborative , a network for educators interested in collaboration which has been expanded into the Global Education Conference. Lucy also has received the distinctions of Apple Distinguished Educator and Google Certified Teacher.

#CUE17- The Game


In 2007, Lucy founded the Global Education Collaborative , a network for educators interested in collaboration which has been expanded into the Global Education Conference. Lucy also has received the distinctions of Apple Distinguished Educator and Google for Education Certified Innovator.

Day 2: The Feeling of Greatness Has Returned

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Google him you guys. Google “Jane Makeup” The woman is amazing! Top edublogs – August 2007. Hey guys (and gals!) As the day began, we did A LOT of exciting things. But…before we begin, lets talk about the bad things that happened first: 1.

3 Things Great Teachers Do

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They support single sign-on with Google and Clever. He was recognized as Illinois Teacher of the Year in 2007, and as the recipient of the NEA’s National Award for Teaching Excellence in 2009.

My top 5 posts of 2014

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I started blogging back in 2007 to capture my thoughts and make them more concrete. When I began to share them publicly, I opened up my ideas for others to consider and comment on. I have learnt a lot from doing so, and I encourage all my students to do the same now.

The Good Stuff

A Principal's Reflections

When I became the Principal at New Milford High School in 2007 I felt that it was extremely important to communicate with various stakeholders (parents, BOE members, Central Office, staff, etc.) Milan''s students as they collected their information and stored it in a Google Document.

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What if we hired for skills, not degrees?

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In the past few years, Apple, Google, IBM and other high-profile companies have stripped the bachelor’s degree requirement from many of their positions. That timespan should look familiar: The Great Recession lasted from December 2007 to June 2009.

Five Steps to Closing the Homework Gap


Michael Arensdorff has worked in Oak Park School District 97 in Illinois since 2007. ClassLink® OneClick® includes a library of over 5,000 single sign-on apps and instant links to file folders at school and on Google, Office 365, and Dropbox cloud drives.

What to do with a good old wiki resource?

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Back in 2007 I traveled a great deal (and still do), which meant (and means) spending a lot of time in airports. People on Facebook and Google+ were positive, generally, although at least one commentator thought Yelp was doing a good job.

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What these teens learned about the Internet may shock you!

The Hechinger Report

We live in a world where our library begins with G,” Wineburg said, for Google, and the Common Core’s push for evidence-based reasoning falls flat if students trust everything that pops up in their Google search results. Northport, N.Y.,