Sharing Tools for Measuring Impactful Technology Use

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As access to technology becomes increasingly commonplace in schools, discrepancies continue to emerge concerning not whether technology is being used, but how it is being used. New rubric guides classroom technology use. Indicators of impactful technology use.

Want to expand student access to opportunity? Design to expand their social capital

The Christensen Institute

Half of all jobs come through personal connections and access to warm relationships is a key predictor of longevity and happiness. You can hardly talk about connections in 2019 without acknowledging the role that technology plays. The post Want to expand student access to opportunity?

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What Apple can teach innovators about developing health technology

The Christensen Institute

When Apple launched in 2007 it sought to make computing accessible to billions of people around the world who couldn’t afford computers. It’s not just about technology solving an important need, but the business model enabling that need to be addressed as effectively as possible.

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A Growing (But Controversial) Idea in Open-Access Textbooks: Let Students Help Write Them


It was 2007, and Larsen was teaching a physical chemistry for life sciences course at the University of California at Davis. Colleges and universities are showing slightly more support for open materials every year, according to the latest Campus Computing Survey —and 79 percent of top technology officers say that OER will be an important source of course content in five years. Coppola toyed with other open-access resources, but most were too advanced for her students.

Exploring medical technologies

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One of my earliest jobs back in the 1980s was managing the educational technology and learning resources for several nurse education centres across the South West of England. It was fascinating exploring these new technologies, and we all learnt a lot in those pioneering years.

Can Technology in the Classroom Replace Expensive Textbooks

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Smartphones, tablets, and laptops had become a permanent requirement along with using technology in the classrooms by this time. The State appropriations per full-time student have fallen from an inflation-adjusted $8,489 in 2007 to $7,642 in 2017. Thus, replacing expensive textbooks with technology in the classroom is the right thing to do in the current scenario. This way, students get to access unlimited resources without spending a dime.

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Technology Training.In Pictures

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The site contains tutorials for all major Microsoft Office Products like Word, Excel, Publisher, Power Point and Access, both the 2003 version and the 2007 version. I love my job, but sometimes it can be frustrating trying to meet the needs of all the teachers and staff members in my district. I constantly look for ways to give teachers instruction that they can do on their own or in groups, together.

Education Technology and the Power of Platforms

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Are any education technologies, for that matter? Andreessen’s definition does begin to get at some of the reasons why platforms have been so appealing to investors – ideologically as much as technologically. Technology Platforms and the Future of Democracy.

What the College-Admission Scandal Should Teach Parents About Success


Scandals aside, this dynamic was widely evident in 2007 when I co-founded Challenge Success , a research-based, nonprofit out of the Stanford School of Education that champions a broad definition of success and partners with families and schools to promote student well-being and engagement with learning. Education Technology Student Success Community Access and Affordability

What if we hired for skills, not degrees?

The Hechinger Report

In 2014, the labor market analysis firm Burning Glass Technologies tried to capture the extent of degree inflation. Matthew Sigelman, CEO of Burning Glass Technologies, a labor market analysis firm. Ryan Tillman-French, a developer for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in Boston.

Strategies for Closing the Digital Equity Gap

According to Davis, Fuller, Jackson, Pittman, and Sweet (2007) , the definition of digital equity is “equal access and opportunity to digital tools, resources, and services to support an increase in digital knowledge, awareness, and skills.”

Why combining assessments and LMS technology is essential

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It can be implemented in modern learning management system (LMS) technologies to help improve student learning, from their first day in kindergarten to their last day of earning a university degree. The Testing Effect and LMS Technology.

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A hidden, public internet asset that could get more kids online for learning

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Leverenz and other critics have singled out two educational nonprofits — Mobile Beacon and Mobile Citizen — both of which rake in millions of dollars a year from their national holdings of EBS licenses, while using just a fraction of the revenue to supply much-needed broadband access to students.

Automation is remaking Mississippi jobs: Are workers ready?

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Rising use of automated technologies has eliminated thousands of jobs in Mississippi, and many more are at risk, according to a recent report by the Brookings Institution. 47.7 — Percent of the tasks performed by Mississippi’s workforce that could be automated using today’s technology.

Five Steps to Closing the Homework Gap

All students need to have the same access to WiFi, and thus the ability to use the device, whether they are at school or not. Kelley, Superintendent of Oak Park Elementary School District 97, IL, explained, this isn’t about deciding what technology a district uses.

With enrollment sliding, liberal arts colleges struggle to make a case for themselves

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The number of bachelor’s degrees conferred in history has fallen 25 percent since 2007 alone, English language, literature and composition 22 percent, and philosophy and religious studies 15 percent, the research firm Burning Glass Technologies calculates.

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University bureaucracies grew 15 percent during the recession, even as budgets were cut and tuition increased

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In Maine’s case, under what’s called the One University Initiative, the system has consolidated the budget, legal, personnel, information technology, insurance, purchasing and other departments from its seven campuses.

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8 Key Focus Areas for Developing a Re-Entry Plan

A Principal's Reflections

Many students have been traumatized over the past couple of months as a result of inadequate access to food, social isolation, parents being laid off, and in some cases, the lack of a caring adult in the home. Access to devices and reliable WIFI needs to be emphasized.

OPINION: It’s time to stop the clock on math anxiety. Here’s the latest research on how

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Ashcraft and Krause (2007) found that math anxiety severely impacts student’s ability to enjoy math, motivation to take more math or do well in math. Higher Ed Opinion Data and research STEM teachers Technology accessNew research shows that levels of math anxiety have a.75

An Onboarding Course to Help Your New Edtech Hires Empathize With Educators


Over the past seven years, we’ve continually developed and tweaked a seminar-style onboarding course to help all new employees, regardless of their background, catch up to speed on key issues in education and technology. Education Technology Jobs & Careers Entrepreneurship Hiring & Recruitin

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Learning technology teacher development blog: Online Video: For Language Development

Nik Peachey

Learning technology teacher development blog. These websites dont just provide us with video content, but also the tools to help us make authentic video accessible to learners. Quick Shout Technology News. ► 2007. (28). technology. (3).

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Must Read for School Administrations Who Want to Be Technology Leaders: Horizon Report 2011

The 21st Century Principal

While this report is not predictive, it does provide valuable information that administrators can use to develop a vision for technology’s role in their schools or districts. It’s three main sections provide specific kinds of information useful for technology leaders.

“Skills and technology are important but with empathy we can make an even better world.” – Chhaya Narayan, New Zealand

Daily Edventures

Narayan, who recently passed her MCE exam , has been teaching science at Elim Christian College since 2002, and in 2013, became an e-Learning Leader, with the hefty responsibility of helping to implement New Zealand’s science curriculum in a way that best incorporates education technology.

Creating your virtual library (quickly) using Slides and Bitmojis)


2007). technology advocacy equity school libraries virtual libraries websitesWhether or not we are planning for a virtual experience in September, it is clear that we need to translate our practice. We need strategies for personalizing and enriching the remote learning experience.

Global Education Conference 2017 #globaled17

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All sessions are recorded so you can access later. He has worked as a technology entrepreneur in a variety of different fields related to children’s media. We think that technology helps that happen, and that’s what our event does.

Top Hat Buys Canadian Textbook Business to Compete With Publishers in Digital Courseware


The Toronto-based company once relied on textbook publishers to distribute its technology. From bundling its clicker technology with course materials from other publishers, the company now offers a marketplace and authoring tools for people to build their own courses on the platform.

6 Ways to Stretch Your School or District Technology Budget

The 21st Century Principal

Technology budgets are not likely to escape the knife either, but if we want to maintain being 21st century leaders in our schools, we need to find ways to get the most out of our technology dollars. Too often, administrators turn to cutting support staff and new technology purchases. Cutting new technology purchases also can hamper innovation and experimentation. Here’s my six suggestions for stretching your district or school technology funds.

Integrating the Arts into Every Subject

The CoolCatTeacher

As 2007 State Teacher of the Year in Rhode Island, Catherine Davis-Hayes is passionate about helping every teacher use the arts in their classroom. So even though I just talked about doing little projects that are accessible, we’ve also done some pretty crazy big things, too.

Rebuilding a School Community with Maker Learning

Digital Promise

Beginning in 2007, the district’s financial situation and declining enrollment were impeding its ability to equitably serve the student population. Visit the Digital Promise Maker Learning Leadership Framework to access more resources and tools to support your work.

How to Improve Checks for Understanding

A Principal's Reflections

Hattie and Timperley (2007) identified these phases as feed-up, feedback, and feed-forward. Purchase desks or tables that have a dry-erase surface Use available technology. If there is not equitable access to technology, then Plickers is your best bet.

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Hype, Hope and Humblepie for Predictions About Digital Learning


It recently released a survey of 1,880 adults that seeks to understand how teachers, parents and the public view learner variability, students’ ability to reach high levels of academic achievement, and the use of education technology.

4 strategies to close the digital equity gap

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According to Davis, Fuller, Jackson, Pittman, and Sweet (2007) , the definition of digital equity is “equal access and opportunity to digital tools, resources, and services to support an increase in digital knowledge, awareness, and skills.”

Whole Child Education Has Come Far. It Still Has a Long Way to Go.


Whole child can also equate to providing enough counselors in schools; developing systems for student voice and agency; encouraging that schools address the cultural context of their students; or ensuring equity and equitable access to opportunities. Education Technology Whole-Child Learning

Education Technology and 'Fake News'

Hack Education

This is part one of my annual look at the year’s “ top ed-tech stories ” Last year, I started this series – my annual review of the year in education technology – with an article on wishful thinking.

Admissions Scandal, Painful Pivots and Other Themes From ASU GSV


Several employers praised companies like Guild Education for connecting them with schools to offer their employees access to college courses and degrees as a benefit. “It’s Or whose technology wasn’t ready to serve a large number of students.

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