#40years of educational technology: Social media

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By 2006 several social networking sites were enjoying surges in popularity, including MySpace, Bebo and of course, Facebook. 2006 was also the year Twitter was launched. Social media lend themselves naturally to support learning through discussions, collaboration and sharing.

A Simple Guide to Podcasting in the Classroom

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Winner of the ISTE Online Learning Award 2006 and Best Talk Show Host in Education 2014 and many Best Teacher Blog awards, Vicki seeks to shine a spotlight on what works in education wherever it happens in the world. News & Trends Social Media Teaching Tools

How to Keep Kids Safe

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If you’ve ever taught kids who have their own smartphones, you know how quickly social media problems can escalate at school. Digital Citizenship Every Classroom Matters Podcast News & Trends Social Media Students

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36 Edtech Tools I’m Using Right Now in My Classroom and Life

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Wikispaces is also the backbone of my global collaborative projects since 2006, with MAD about Mattering as the most recent example. iPads Lesson Plans Productivity Social Media STEM Students Teaching Tech Tips Technology Tools Writing

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North Dakota schools step up response to cyberbullying

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Schools in ND are stepping up digital citizenship and vigilance to combat social media bullying. When Catherine Gillach started her career as a principal 16 years ago, the realm of social media had yet to get off the ground.

What Educators Need to Know Right Now About Digital Citizenship

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Anne Collier on Episode 456 and 457 of the 10-Minute Teacher Anne Collier, Founder and Executive Director of The Net Safety Collaborative and SocialMediaHelpline.com , shares what we need to know about social media in this two-part series.

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Learning with 'e's

I first met Graham at an event in the UK around 2006, just when I was becoming aware of the potential of social media such as wikis, blogs and social networking platforms as a learning tools.

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Learning with 'e's

It fascinated social psychologist Stanley Milgram. So Milgram''s notion of six degrees is not so much a theory of learning, more a social contact theory, but it has significant implications for learning in the social media age. Bandura Social Learning Theory 4.

“My students have always seen the problems in the world, but now we are concentrating on looking beyond the problem to the solution.” – Valerie Anglemyer, USA 

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Last year, Anglemyer and her co-teacher, Steve Bowser, created an inquiry-based pilot class titled Humanities — a combination of Social Studies and Language Arts — with a concentration on connecting the two subject areas. . Valerie Anglemyer.

Theories for the digital age: Connectivism

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Learning in the industrialised world can now be contextualised within a largely technological landscape, where the use of digital media is assuming increasing importance. Clearly our social and cultural worlds are influenced by new technology, but are there also biological implications?

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Learning with 'e's

A key feature of social media is its open architecture, because it allows all members of a community to easily modify, extend or delete content. 2006) Blogs, wikis, podcasts and other powerful web tools for classrooms. education learning social media Technology wikipedia

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The changing Web

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Social media - often referred to as Web 2.0 , or the participatory Web - is shaping up to be one of the most important tool sets available to support the promotion of change in education. Essentially, the Web has become more social. 2006) Introducing Web 2.0:

5 Ways to Create Relevant Cultures of Learning

A Principal's Reflections

Utility value is purely academic and emphasizes the importance that content has for the students’ future goals — both short-term and long-term goals (Ormrod, 2006). 2006). Self-determination theory and the facilitation of intrinsic motivation, social development, and well-being.

Transparency is the New Black

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Now, before we start I gotta add that this is by NO MEANS a checklist of 8 social media things you have to do ! No social media guilt from me or my blog dear friend! YouTube has grown SO much since I joined in 2006 - now I have a full fledged channel !

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Did You Know? 4.0 - Shift Happens


This video, also known in some incarnations as Shift Happens , started out as a PowerPoint presentation by Karl Fisch at a high school faculty meeting in 2006 and was later remixed by Scott McLeod. did you know educational technology internet shift happens social media web 2.0

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10Q: Helen Keegan

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In today's 10Q interview, Helen answers questions about her philosophy on learning, social media and her current projects in higher education, including alternate reality games: Who are you? What does social media mean to you?

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2017 Teachers Pay Teachers’ July Conference — Overview

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Since its start in 2006 by a former teacher, it’s grown to over 3.4 Seminars I attended included: using social media to spread the word. Use the logo and colors from my TpT store across all my social media.

MAD about Mattering: A New Global Collaborative App Project #steam

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You can also follow the movement on social media with the hashtag #appsthatmatter. Media Contact: Kathryn Brannen. The Next Step in Global Collaboration From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter.

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9 Resources for National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

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In October 2006, thirteen-year-old Megan Meier hung herself in her bedroom closet after suffering months of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying occurs on not just social media like Twitter, Facebook, and topical forums, but multiplayer games and school discussion boards.

9 Resources for National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

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In October 2006, thirteen-year-old Megan Meier hung herself in her bedroom closet after suffering months of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying occurs on not just social media like Twitter, Facebook, and topical forums, but multiplayer games and school discussion boards.

The Fight Against ‘Fake News’ in the Classroom Gets a Boost


It was 2006, and Miller—then an investigative reporter in the Washington bureau of the Los Angeles Times—had just spoken to 175 sixth graders at his daughter’s middle school about his job as a journalist and why it mattered. The NLP, which most often works with teachers of social studies, English-language arts, history and the humanities, developed a condensed curriculum on news literacy that teachers could use with students, Miller says.

How to Cope with Bullying

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Started in 2006, it aims to educate and raise awareness of bullying prevention around the world and is supported by hundreds of schools, corporations, and celebrities. October is National Bullying Prevention Month.

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Livestreaming and Podcasting in the Classroom


What social media do you use regularly for communicating with your students and parents? Many platforms let you promote events via several social media channels, but some are meant for a specific channel. He began working at Freed-Hardeman University (FHU) in January 2006.

An #Edchat Conversation-Howard Rheingold and Critical Thinking

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His current projects include the Social Media Classroom , The Cooperation Project , Participatory Media Literacy , HASTAC/MacArthur Foundation grantee , and the 21st Century Literacies videos.

The Scientific Debate Over Teens, Screens And Mental Health


One hypothesis that has gotten a lot of traction is that with nearly every teen using a smartphone these days, digital media must take some of the blame for worsening mental health. “Social media invites comparison,” Twenge says.

Design of a Decade: Moments From 10 Years Of Writing

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The mainstream media had the stranglehold on public opinion, and trying to get an op-ed into any space requires a lot of know-how and a little know-who. Social media wasn’t a “thing,” though I was already on Facebook. Like I was hoping to do back in 2006.

A public cloud of social capital to connect schools and communities

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But as I’ve researched this topic I’ve been equally excited by efforts to ease the logistical barriers of creating new local networks by connecting schools to the latent social assets right in their backyard.

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Professional Development: The Next Generation pt 1


In 2006, I was accepted to help out in a week long PD Camp by what I consider to be an accident. We ask our Lead Learners to be very forward about connecting with the attendees via social media – specifically for the purpose of establishing an on-going connection.

What Kids Need for Optimal Health and School Engagement


Research shows that including a variety of stakeholders—from parents to students to school teachers and staff—in the design and implementation of a school change is critical to its success (Mitra&Gross, 2009; Osberg, Pope, &Galloway, 2006; Rice, 2011).Will 2006).

Momentum builds for career-focused P-TECH schools

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The act was first passed in 2006, to support career preparation programs. Shanaes spent her summer as an IBM intern working on a social media project related to Teacher Advisor with Watson.

Chinese “parachute kids” tackle U.S. schools on their own

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The number of Chinese students on F-1 visas in public K-12 rose from six students in 2006 to 1,008 students in 2016, according to the Student Exchange Visitor Program, a unit of the Department of Homeland Security.

Doing Focused Work in Distracted Times: Cal Newport’s Deep Work


It’s almost impossible to write a book about productivity without considering the attention disaster that is social media. While his overall take on social media is draconian, as you would expect, Newport does have some super-helpful concrete advice.

Five Ways Multimedia Can Help Teens Tell Their S.T.O.R.Y.


Media creation is so much more than just creating cool visuals; it requires students to create clear and compelling expressions of their ideas. The challenge was ensuring that an enduring understanding and evidence of learning were at the core of the media that students produced. These guidelines help ensure that media creation in the classroom is a product of student planning, research, and analysis—not just special effects and soundtracks. Everyone has a story to share.

Kids Don’t Fail, Schools Fail Kids: Sir Ken Robinson on the 'Learning Revolution'


But in 2006, he gained recognition for something that no other TED speaker in history has done. Founded in 2010 and heavily focused on STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) and experiential learning, MindDrive got headlines when its first cohort created a fully-functioning car that ran on the “power” of social media Tweets. British author and speaker Sir Ken Robinson is known for several accomplishments, from his books to his professorships to his TED talks.

Theories for the digital age: Self regulated learning

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Various commentators suggest that as much as seventy percent of learning occurs outside of formal educational settings (Cofer, 2000; Dobbs, 2000; Cross, 2006). A number of collaborative and social networking tools regularly play a role within the average student PLE.

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