How to Teach Bravery

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Michelle Cottrell-Williams on episode 603 From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Bravery, vulnerability, acceptance of others, acceptance of yourself — these can be difficult things to teach. Today’s guest, Michelle Cottrell-Williams talks about how she teaches this in her classroom. Now is the time to plan your professional development with Advancement Courses. Go to

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Using Blog Tools Since 2006

Learning With Lucie

Recently I asked my graduate students to share their experience with digital portfolios. I would have to say that my experience started in the late 90's when were first learned how to publish on the web using HTML and FTP, but in 2006 when I discovered blogging tool I quickly knew that a new digital portfolio platform had been born. We had been using web design tools to document our learning and create web sites about our community for a few years.

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How to Create Meaningful Learning Experiences

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George Couros talks about how to make learning meaningful in our classroom. When he says that innovative classrooms have less classroom management issues, I’ve found this to be true! Welcome to episode 299 of the Every Classroom Matters podcast. In this episode, George Couros and I discuss how to make meaningful learning experiences. Listen to the Audio. How can we make time for innovation in the curriculum?

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How to Use Alexa Devices in the Classroom

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I’ve been collaborating globally since 2006 and have seen the power it has to help children be more accepting of people different from themselves. Just go to to learn more. Listen to Dr. Brian Friedlander on the Show Listen to the show on iTunes or Stitcher Stream by clicking here. Brian S.

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How to Keep Kids Safe

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Welcome to episode 296 of the Every Classroom Matters podcast. If you’ve ever taught kids who have their own smartphones, you know how quickly social media problems can escalate at school. In today’s podcast, Shannon and I talk about what schools can do to prevent problems and make them less severe when they happen. Listen to the Audio. In this episode, you’ll learn: The essential skill every child needs so they can be safe.

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How Differentiated Instruction Can Help You Reach Every Student in Class


If you can adapt your instruction to reflect your students’ needs and learning preferences, you can make class time more effective and help students become more engaged. 9] Each student enters the classroom with unique experiences, preferences, and conditions that affect how they learn.

How to Cope with Bullying

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Started in 2006, it aims to educate and raise awareness of bullying prevention around the world and is supported by hundreds of schools, corporations, and celebrities. While schools can sponsor month-long events, the most popular is to wear orange on October 19th, designated Unity Day. School-based bullying prevention programs decrease bullying by up to 25%. Kids who are cyberbullied are more likely to: Use alcohol and drugs. Be unwilling to attend school.

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How to Embrace an Open Culture in Your Classroom

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Learning and Sharing Can Spread from Teacher to Teacher with George Couros From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. In fact, I learn more from other teachers both in my school and online than I have from most professional development. This type of learning is called an open culture of learning and George Couros, author of the Innovator’s Mindset, shares how it works. Listen to the Audio.

A Simple Guide to Podcasting in the Classroom

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How to improve learning and listening in the classroom From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Teachers want their students to create, but don’t want to fight with clunky technology. Listening skills and learning can be improved with podcasting. Today’s show will help you understand one of the simplest technologies to use in the classroom: podcasting. Listen to the Audio.

How to Prevent the Summer Slide and Help Reduce Educational Inequality


School’s out, and it’s time for both teachers and students to relax before preparing for next year. But even over summer break, students still need educational opportunities so they can return to school strong and ready to learn more. Unfortunately, not all students have the same academic opportunities available to them during the summer. But when parents and educators team up, they can help prevent summer learning loss from affecting their students.

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How to Promote Additive Bilingualism over Subtractive Bilingualism in the Classroom


If you work with bilingual and English-language learning (ELL) children, the answer to this question could make a world of difference for your students. Teaching your ELL students additive bilingualism is one of the surest ways to help them gain strong reading skills in English, and in their first language too. Read on to discover more about additive and subtractive bilingualism, as well as the many advantages of being bilingual. How to Encourage Additive Bilingualism.

Epic Guide To Game Based Learning

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100+ Game Based Learning Resources to Get Started in Your Classroom From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. We can use them to teach. Game based learning excites learning in my classroom. Additionally, I’ll give you 100+ of my favorite game based learning resources. Game Based Learning in My Classroom. While the whole class is a game, there’s serious learning happening. Welcome to serious games.

10 Essential Online Learning Best Practices – Free Webinar

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From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter We took our school from a physical school on a Friday to a distance learning campus by Monday. And the learning continues. However, I want to share and talk more about this. I also know that that I too have a lot to learn, even though I’ve been teaching online since 2006 and have collaborated globally for years. They know how to do distance learning.

ADHD in the Classroom: How to Teach and Support Students with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder


A survey of educators found that the majority lack enough information and classroom management strategies for students with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and that they don’t feel capable to help them.[2] 2] But the more familiar you are with recognizing and helping these students, the more likely they are to reach their academic potential and exhibit positive classroom behavior. For elementary school teachers, here are a few early signs of ADHD to look for:[14].

Using Hybrid and Blended Learning to Promote Student-Centered Classrooms


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to progress, many classrooms remain online in some capacity. Now is a particularly helpful time to consider implementing blended or hybrid learning, two strategies that allow for independent or remote learning. Blended Learning Quotes.

How to Podcast with Your Students – SULS014

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The post How to Podcast with Your Students – SULS014 appeared first on Shake Up Learning. In this post and podcast episode, you will learn How to Podcast with Your Students, what tools to use, and how easy it is to get started! Back in 2006, my students created a podcast, “Miss Bell’s Chime Time!” You don’t have to share last names, photos, or videos, to give kids an audience.

How to Focus on Conceptual Understanding While Practicing Student Thinking Skills: Simplifying Approaches to Teaching & Learning Series (Part 2)


This post is part of a 6-part series highlighting how we, as IB teachers, can bring Approaches to Teaching to our classroom and challenge students to engage in Approaches to Learning. In the first part of the series, we started with some basics about Approaches to Teaching and Learning (ATLs) as an integral component of the IB curriculum. But, as they apply to the IB Diploma Programme (DP), let’s stick to the framework adopted by the IBO.

How to hire more black principals

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A student offers Principal Macquline King-Morris a hug on his way to the gym with his class at Courtenay Elementary Language Arts Center in Chicago. CHICAGO — Principal Macquline King-Morris stepped out of the way of two lines of students heading to the Courtenay Elementary Language Arts Center gym. But the stream of elementary school kids rerouted themselves to deliver hugs, high fives and huge grins. That was crucial [to New Leaders].”.

Discipline Outdoes Talent—Here’s How

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The grade we never want to have to give. Are some students simply doomed to low marks forever? Can their brains only struggle to deliver D-level work? In…studies of both secondary school and university students, self-discipline has surpassed intelligence test scores to better predict school performance, attendance, and graduation honors. How do we help our students learn to prioritize appropriately? Show them how to use a to-do list.

A guide for how to select the best tech tools for your school

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With ed-tech spending expected to reach $55B by 2019 as predicted by market research firm Technavio, schools and districts should ensure they can produce carefully-crafted technology plans that outline how technology will work successfully in classrooms. When it comes to creating a technology plan, successes are largely driven by effective district- or school-wide technology committees that involve all stakeholders in the creation of the tech plan.

Five Learning Strategies that Work

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As the amount of information available to us grows each day, many people turn to “curated” websites to find news and ideas that are are most relevant to them. ” To judge effectiveness, the researchers analyzed three things: Whether the techniques could be applied in different environments or with different students. How easily they could be used by students and teachers. The available evidence that shows improved learning outcomes.

How To Find A School Your Kids Will Love (And That You Will, Too)


” That’s one of the many quotes that has made Sir Ken Robinson’s 2006 lecture on rethinking the nation’s schools become one of the most popular TED talks — with more than 50 million views. In his new book, You, Your Child, and School: Navigate Your Way to the Best Education, Robinson takes his ideas about what a school should be and translates them into specific things parents can look for. I always encourage parents to take a look at the curriculum.

36 Edtech Tools I’m Using Right Now in My Classroom and Life

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and a Link to a Free Resource with More Tips From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. So many of these tools are new to me. It is amazing how I use them every single day. Today I’m celebrating my friend Jennifer Gonzalez’s 2016 The Teacher’s Guide to Tech. She also has a Technology Jump Start Course with 8 modules to help get you comfortable with technology in the classroom.) Haiku Learning (my LMS).

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Why Failure Is Good for Learning, and How It Applies to Your Struggling Students


Most of us, if given a choice, want to do things right on the first try; no one wants to fail. As it turns out, mistakes are integral to the learning process. Students, however, don’t always understand the full learning potential of their mistakes.[5] 5] When confronted with failure, it’s easy for them to feel ashamed or believe success is too far out of reach. We Learn More from Failure, Not Success: Here’s Why. In other words: it leads to growth.

ISTE 2018: Where I?ll Be Presenting and Joining in the Learning #iste18

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I’ve been going most years since 2006 and while it overwhelms me, it is truly an awesome learning experience. This post is full of resources to get the most of your ISTE 2018 experience whether you are there (or not.). Remember to follow (and use) the official hashtag of #ISTE18 and #NotAtISTE18 so you can see what needs to be seen! Places to Join: Free LiveStreamed Events for ISTE. ISTE Flipboard Magazine to follow.

The Best Way to Learn

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The best way to learn is to be engaged as an active participant in the process. This might seem obvious, that active learning naturally happens in classrooms. Part of their learning experience is cutting and styling people’s hair. After my appointment was over, the student’s teacher came over and offered her feedback on how to improve as well as praise for what she did well. (I Now, I’ve been a Lion since 2006.

What Can Traditional Higher Ed Learn From Hamburger U?


As colleges move into online education, they’re finding themselves in learning mode. And as they do their homework on how to set up and run their online programs, some colleges are even looking to other sectors, like the corporate trainings that big companies run for their employees online. That raises the question: Can traditional colleges learn anything from the likes of Hamburger U, McDonald’s famous inhouse training system?

The Changing Roles of Teachers: What Research Indicates. Part I of II

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Driving Question: How Do Changing Times Impact the Description of Teacher Effectiveness? When we think of the classroom teacher's roles and responsibilities, most likely planning instruction, delivering instruction, assessing student learning, and managing the classroom environment come to mind (Stronge, 2007). These are typical ways we know how to think about what a teacher does in and outside of the classroom. Volume 2, Issue 13, Number 3.

Project-based learning and standardized tests don’t mix

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PHILADELPHIA — In a city that’s struggled to meet the educational needs of many of its children, especially its most vulnerable ones, a select group of district high schools is shunning the traditional classroom model in which teachers dispense knowledge from the front of the room and measure progress with tests. Instead, the schools have adopted an approach that’s become increasingly popular among education advocates and funders: project-based learning.

A Dictionary For 21st Century Teachers: Learning Models & Technology

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Learning Models, Theories, and Technology: A Dictionary For 21st Century Teachers. Purpose: Improving our chance for a common language in discussing existing and emerging learning trends, model, and technology in hopes of innovation in classrooms, and collectively, education at large. Form: An index of learning models, theories, forms, terminology, technology, and research to help you keep up with the latest trends in 21st century learning. Blended Learning.

National Bullying Prevention Month–October

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Bullying is no longer relegated to the playground or the neighborhood. Kids don’t expect that and often don’t know how to handle it. In October 2006, thirteen-year-old Megan Meier hung herself in her bedroom closet after suffering months of cyberbullying.

4 Strategies Designed to Drive Metacognitive Thinking

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Metacognition is defined as thinking about one’s thinking or learning. More formally, “metacognition was originally referred to as the knowledge about and the regulation of one’s cognitive activities in learning processes” (Veenman, Van Hout-Wolters, & Afflerbach, 2006, p.3). Teaching metacognitive skills that encourage students to become more aware of their learning can help them shift from passive to active participants in the classroom.

Schools Will Never Return to Business as Usual. Here’s How They Can Make the Most of Our New Reality.


Right now schools are making—and, in some cases, already implementing— tough decisions about where learning should take place this fall. Yet educators are still doing their best to prioritize students’ psychological and developmental needs in this vacuum of resources, guidance and personnel.

Kids Don’t Fail, Schools Fail Kids: Sir Ken Robinson on the 'Learning Revolution'


British author and speaker Sir Ken Robinson is known for several accomplishments, from his books to his professorships to his TED talks. But in 2006, he gained recognition for something that no other TED speaker in history has done. Well, it’s been ten years, and with the recent proliferation of terms like “personalized,” “mastery-based,” and “blended” in the education world, some of Robinson’s viewers may wonder if or how his take on schools has changed.

To err is human – and a powerful prelude to learning

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Once a month, this column will examine the insights that science offers about the way people learn, and how such findings could influence schools. We remember moments like this because they brim with some of our least favorite emotions: shame, humiliation, self-recrimination, and that gutting sense that you want to melt into the floor. As it turns out, though, such moments are ripe with learning opportunity. were not fans of allowing students to flounder.