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I would have to say that my experience started in the late 90's when were first learned how to publish on the web using HTML and FTP, but in 2006 when I discovered blogging tool I quickly knew that a new digital portfolio platform had been born.

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Google Parts Ways With Longtime Education Evangelist, Jaime Casap


One of the most visible faces of Google’s education efforts—who helped lay the groundwork for its dominance in the U.S. education market—has left the organization. There were no “evangelist” openings at Google when he joined the engineering team in February 2006.

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Now a Google Certified Educator


After seeing droves of people flock the EdTechTeam booth at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference, I finally decided to look into what might be getting so many people excited!

Educating Kids for Life not for Tests

The CoolCatTeacher

Pam Moran, superintendent in Albemarle County in Virginia, shares about some cool virtual reality in Virginia, some challenges with helping new teachers get started, and how she thinks education is entering a new Renaissance of creativity and innovation. Educating Kids for Life Not for Tests.

EdTechTeam Receives Google Cloud Education Partner of the Year Award


EdTechTeam today announced that it has received the Google Cloud Global Partner of the Year Award in Education. This award was presented at Google Cloud Next ’19. EdTechTeam is an official Google for Education Professional Development Partner.

EdTechTeam Impact Report- Google PD Partner


EdTechTeam is a Google for Education Professional Development Partner and the global leader in Google for Education Certification. Having been involved in leading the Google Teacher Academy from its inception in 2006, EdTechTeam continues to manage the Google for Education Innovation Academy , inducting 181 new innovators from cohorts in London, Washington DC, Sydney, Stockholm, and São Paulo in 2017.

#BETT19 Report—Around the world and back with Google for Education


It started with an idea in 2006: what if we bring Google’s suite of productivity tools to schools? 13 years later, there are 80 million educators and students around the world using what has become G Suite for Education. 40 million students and educators rely on Google Classroom to stay organized and support creative teaching techniques, and 30 million use Chromebooks to open up a world of possibilities both inside and outside the classroom.

What Does Innovation Mean in Higher Education?


These questions grounded discussions at last weekend’s annual Education Writers Association. higher education seminar. The event for colleges and newsrooms covering education focused on innovation and was aptly held at Arizona State University’s Tempe campus, an institution transforming itself into a “ New American University ” — a redesigned modern university envisioned by ASU President Michael Crow and researcher William Dabars.

Are Free Educational Videos Worth It?


Quick take: Find out how most teachers are finding their educational videos for their lessons and the 5 problems that come from using free resources: Advertisements. Free educational videos are the mainstay of teachers using videos in their lessons but are they worth the trouble?

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Google Offers Free Cloud Access to Colleges, Plays Catch Up to Amazon, Microsoft


Google in June announced an. education grant offering free credits for its cloud platform, with no credit card required, unlimited access to its suite of tools and training resources. Amazon and Microsoft’s cloud services both offer education programs, and now Google Cloud wants a part in shaping future computer scientists — and probably whatever they come up with using the tool. “We Google Cloud launched in 2011, but has caught up to competitors to.

CheckMark v1.0


We’ve added Google Drive sync. Once you authenticate, CheckMark will save your comments to your Google Drive. New Google Chrome extension streamlines digital grading for teachers. EdTechTeam is an official Google for Education Professional Development Partner.

How to Teach Bravery

The CoolCatTeacher

If you don’t have Google Docs, just use this PDF. Michelle Cottrell-Williams – Bio As submitted Michelle Cottrell-Williams @ WakeHistory has taught in the Social Studies Department at Wakefield High School in Arlington, VA since 2006.

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Why I’m Optimistic About the Next Wave of Education Technology


Over the past 25 years, multiple waves of education technology and innovation have slowly washed into America’s schools and colleges. Along the way, innovators have often over-promised and under-delivered, causing many smart people to wonder if we’re now in a frothy bubble of irrational exuberance, most eloquently summarized by Audrey Watters in Hack Education, who worries that “education technology [merely] serves as a ’Trojan Horse’ of sorts, carrying.

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2020 Vision (revisited)

Dangerously Irrelevant

Since it’s now 2020, I thought it would be fun to revisit Karl Fisch’s video from 2006, titled 2020 Vision. Google buys Logitech and a whole host of media companies and university lectures. ‘Google Panels’ replace 2/3 of worldwide energy production.

Proud to Be One of the NSBA 20 to Watch in Education Technology

Barrow Media Center: Expect the Miraculous

Barrow Elementary’s Andy Plemmons Named to the “20 to Watch” Education Technology Leaders by the National School Boards Association. He is also Clarke County’s only Certified Google Teacher. 1 st Graders used Google Earth to preview a walking field trip.

How to Podcast with Your Students – SULS014

Shake Up Learning

Back in 2006, my students created a podcast, “Miss Bell’s Chime Time!” Chris is the host of The House of #EdTech Podcast and the producer of the Google Teacher Tribe Podcast that I do with Matt Miller. He edits the Google Teacher Tribe Podcast.

The Value of Googleable Questions?

Tech Helpful

In 2006 my oldest daughter was in 4th grade and part of the curriculum was called "Daily Oral Geography." I remember googling "5 oceans of the world" and one of the first hits was the actual worksheet she was doing all filled in by a teacher. This was 2006, 11 years ago.

How One Master Educator Uses Visuals and Tech to Make Dracula a Must-Take Course


He has also been selected as a Master Educator by the education technology company Course Hero , which produced a ten-minute film that features Stepanic and his crowd-pleasing class. Master Educator Stanley Stepanic discusses his course, Dracula; video source: Course Hero. So now I’ll use Google maps,, YouTube, the Internet and other sources students use. Hellsing Ultimate" (2006–2008, 2012, 2014; created by Kohta Hirano) 2.

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From Testing to Transformational Change with Pam Moran

The CoolCatTeacher

Pam Moran has been a leader in education reform in Virginia over the past several years as the state moved from testing to transformation. Screencastify is the screencasting tool I recommend for Google Chrome and Chromebooks. Congress to accelerate innovation in education.

4 Strategies Designed to Drive Metacognitive Thinking

Catlin Tucker

More formally, “metacognition was originally referred to as the knowledge about and the regulation of one’s cognitive activities in learning processes” (Veenman, Van Hout-Wolters, & Afflerbach, 2006, p.3).

5 Ways Adobe Premiere Rush Encourages Creativity in the Classroom

The CoolCatTeacher

For example, since I started teaching moviemaking with my students in 2006, I have used a Storyboard Dictionary of shots that I originally adapted from the American Film Institute. YouTube Students can publish directly to the YouTube accounts associated with their Google accounts. (If

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Professional Development: The Next Generation pt 1


You can guess the point of sharing these non-educational examples. So, why the different perception of professional development in education? It’s mind-numbing and an insult to professionals, who should be working on honing the art and science of education.

5 Ways to Step Back into the Classroom Better Than We Ever Were Before

The CoolCatTeacher

If you don’t have Google Docs, just use this PDF. I completed my pre-doctoral residency in Nova Scotia in 2006 where I trained primarily in Cognitive-Behavioural and Narrative approaches.

Understanding The Deep Fake: A Troubling Trend

The CoolCatTeacher

You can take courses on helpful topics like classroom management, teacher wellness, education technology, special education classes and more. If you don’t have Google Docs, just use this PDF.

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ISTE 2018: Where I?ll Be Presenting and Joining in the Learning #iste18

The CoolCatTeacher

I’ve been going most years since 2006 and while it overwhelms me, it is truly an awesome learning experience. NotAtIste Google+ Community. Join a high-energy panel of Google Suite pros to learn about best practices and tips from K-12.

Summer passion projects for students

Kathy Schrock

This article originally appeared in the Discovery Education blog " Kathy Schrock's Katch of the Month " in June of 2020 and is re-posted here with permission. I appreciate the support of Discovery Education, the DEN, and the readers of this blog from its inception in September of 2012.

Celebrate the National Day on Writing and Hangout with Author Kate Messner

Shake Up Learning

Google Hangout with author Kate Messner Register Now! On October 20th, connect your classroom with author, Kate Messner through Google Hangouts. Kate also spent 15 years teaching middle school and earned National Board certification in 2006. google hangouts reading writing

Love Song to My Readers: Cool Cat Teacher’s 10th blog birthday

The CoolCatTeacher

Many education websites are as useful to me as an ashtray on a motorcycle; I’ll tell you what is useful — your blogs. And how Writely was bought by Google docs and now we use that. Keep being amazing educators. About me Blogging Education

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PowerSchool to Acquire Schoology, Pairing Major K-12 LMS and SIS Providers


Founded in 1997, Powerschool was first bought by Apple in 2001, and then by Pearson in 2006. Through these deals, the company has expanded its product suite beyond its original K-12 student information system offering to assessment, enrollment, special education and talent management services.

A Call to Remake the Maker Faire


Google, a newly public business, reported a mere $6 million in revenue at the end of 2005. Dougherty convened the first Maker Faire in 2006 in San Mateo, Calif., It’s not on youth, education or even culture. Education Technology Maker and DIY Movement

Blessings for the Broken Teacher: Students, Kintsugi, and Inspiring Life Lessons

The CoolCatTeacher

You can take these courses for continuing education, salary advancement, or recertification. Aimee: Several years ago — I think it was 2006 — a student gave me a book for Christmas. I thought, “Man, I’m a gift to education.

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Five Learning Strategies that Work

Digital Promise

The education research and cognitive science fields are no different. recommend educators provide ways for students to re-test frequently on their own and in class. Educators should consider leaving days or weeks between tests, rather than repeat testing on the same day. 2006).

What Happened to the ‘$100 Laptop’?


The only criticism—and people really don’t want to criticize this because it is a humanitia effort, it is a nonprofit effort, and to criticize it is a little bit stupid, actually,” said Negroponte, in a TED talk delivered in 2006.

The Challenge of Teaching News Literacy


Our guest today, Peter Adams, has years of experience working with students like Luquin, first as a classroom teacher, then as a college instructor, and currently as senior vice president for education at the News Literacy Project. Education Technology Teaching & Learning EdSurge Podcast

Khan Academy: Friend or Foe?

A Principal's Reflections

In addition to using Yahoo doodle, he began writing quiz software in 2006. As the site increased in popularity it caught the eye of Bill Gates and Google with an end result being over 4 million in funding.