Using Hybrid and Blended Learning to Promote Student-Centered Classrooms


Now is a particularly helpful time to consider implementing blended or hybrid learning, two strategies that allow for independent or remote learning. Then, discover five ways to boost student-centered learning through blended or hybrid learning.


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When I started writing Disrupting Class in 2006, I was stunned to learn that our school systems—not just in the United States, but throughout most of the world—were not built to optimize learning. Personalized Learning Blended LearningThey were built to standardize the way we teach and test and for sorting.

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Teaching isn’t Rocket Science – It’s Way More Complex

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For $295, this all-inclusive event (except for hotel and travel) is an amazing opportunity to learn. If every student learned as fast as they possibly could, they’d all move at different paces, and accomplish things as quickly as they can. Vicki: So we need to personalize learning. That can free up the teacher to spend more individual time with students in small groups, facilitating the learning at that level. There’s a great deal of self-paced learning.

Shapegrams: Grab-and-Go Google Drawings Lessons

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The post Shapegrams: Grab-and-Go Google Drawings Lessons appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Students learn about fills, borders, zooming, duplicating, rotating, aligning, ordering, grouping, and flipping in those four initial lessons. They also learn helpful keyboard shortcuts.

Are you ever too old to disrupt? What Penn Foster has been up to

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Its high school enrollments saw only modest growth until the company put the product entirely online in 2006. Since then, like many online-learning companies, Penn Foster’s high school has seen significant growth. In 2014 alone, enrollments in the company’s fully online high school grew by 26 percent and enrollment in its campus-based, blended-delivery model (described below) grew by 650 percent.

Using Videos to Manage a Rowdy Classroom: Smart, Constructive or Simply Lazy?


Her research paper, “ Non-optimal Uses of Video In the Classroom ,” published by the Learning, Media and Technology Journal in 2006, is one of the few papers that addresses instances where teachers used video for non-optimal purposes in classrooms, including in lieu of classroom management and to give the teacher a break. As long as it is purposeful and will help the learning objective I think more videos is a really good thing.

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Why I Still Believe in the iPad’s Positive Impact on Classrooms


The MLTI (Maine Learning Technology Initiative) program coevolved with the technology available. Over one-half of participating school districts allowed students to take home their laptops by 2004; a second RFP was issued in 2006; and the MLTI program expanded into high schools in 2009. With new digital tools comes new forms of learning experiences, and new learning experiences require addressing class management head-on.

Preparing Teaching Candidates for Blended and Online Environments

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There is a growing need for today’s pre-service teachers to be equipped with skills and competencies for blended, online, and technology-rich teaching and learning environments. As teaching candidates progress through teacher education programs, they should be exploring , evaluating , and applying methods and tools for effective instruction in the dynamic learning environments that exist in today’s K-12 schools. 2006). Blended Learning Training

Students sat in cubicles using computers. It wasn’t popular.

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Carpe Diem schools, which rely on computer-based lessons and some in-person instruction, began in 2006 and opened five additional schools in Texas, Ohio and Indiana about five years ago. These Carpe Diem-branded schools were pioneers in the blended learning movement, which uses in-person instruction aided by technology to deliver lessons to students. Teachers didn’t have enough power over the learning. Sign up for our Blended Learning newsletter.

How CA Group Builds Strategic Partnerships that Support School Transformation


There are organizations that support different kinds of transformation in schools and after researching and interviewing some of these organizations, we've learned a great deal about what these changes can look like, how schools go about redesigning aspects of their model, and what types of support they need along the way. In October, we will share a guide highlighting the trends, insights and challenges we've learned about while profiling five key players in the world of school redesign.

Lessons and Leadership During the Switch to Online Learning

Overall, the panelists are optimistic that the transition to online learning will hasten the adaptation of technologies and teaching methods that will better prepare students for 21 st century careers. Tom Luna, the former State Superintendent of Idaho, remarked that “it took 20 years to get the overhead projector out of the bowling alley and into the classroom,” which makes the quick transition to online learning required in March of this year all the more remarkable.

Swarming the Classroom


A flipped classroom is a teaching pedagogy which reverses old classroom teaching and homework through a form of blended learning using modern technology and practical application. [2] Another simple rule I use for my students allows them to freely move through a learning module without limiting them. Essentially, they have the entire semester to complete each assignment (from the first learning module to the last). 9 (August 2006). [4]

A Dictionary For 21st Century Teachers: Learning Models & Technology

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Learning Models, Theories, and Technology: A Dictionary For 21st Century Teachers. Purpose: Improving our chance for a common language in discussing existing and emerging learning trends, model, and technology in hopes of innovation in classrooms, and collectively, education at large. Form: An index of learning models, theories, forms, terminology, technology, and research to help you keep up with the latest trends in 21st century learning. Activity-Based Learning.

36 Edtech Tools I’m Using Right Now in My Classroom and Life

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Haiku Learning (my LMS). Haiku Learning is my Learning Management system. Haiku Learning is the tool I use to blend my classroom. Tip: To learn about my blended learning strategies, see my presentation on Slideshare Simple Steps to Blended Learning . On my PC, PowerPoint is the fastest way to make the screencasts I use in my blended classroom. If you use Keynote, learn how to use Magic Move.

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What's on the Horizon (Still, Again, Always) for Ed-Tech

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The New Media Consortium and the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative have released the latest NMC Horizon Report for Higher Education. The topic names have been modified “for consistency,” the report’s authors say (although I’m a little unclear about some of these choices – how are “mobile learning,” “tablet computing,” and “bring your own device” separate technological developments? Adaptive Learning Technologies.

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Georgia program for children with disabilities: ‘Separate and unequal’ education?

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As he and his wife, Jennifer, walked into the parking lot outside the E E Butler Center in Gainesville, Georgia, that day in 2006, the two could picture a different future for Caleb. Not only did Caleb never return to his local school, but he learned little throughout his elementary, middle and high school years — which included hundreds of hours struggling through computer lessons in math, science and social studies. Again, the result is stunted learning.

Will “school choice on steroids” get a boost under a Trump administration?

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For example, in Minnesota, which began allowing part-time online enrollment in 2006, roughly 1 percent (5,520) of the state’s secondary school students enrolled during the 2013-14 school year, according to the Minnesota Department of Education. They want them at school learning. They want them at school learning. We need to step back and start learning what policy environments work in terms of incentivizing the right behavior. Read more about blended learning.

Hack Education Weekly News

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Department of Education Releases Guidance on Supporting Early Learning through the Every Student Succeeds Act ,” per the press release. AltSchool (a company in Peter Thiel ’s portfolio) issued a press release about its business model – a learning management system branded as Emilio Reggio , OMG. Via Campus Technology : “ Online Learning Consortium , Tyton Partners Launch Courseware in Context.” million from Learn Capital.

Has New Hampshire found the secret to online education that works?

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In January 2015, Duggan enrolled in New Hampshire’s self-paced Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (VLACS), joining about 200 full-time middle and high school students and about 10,000 part-timers from brick-and-mortar schools statewide who take VLACS courses a la carte. Virtual schools promise flexibility and a universe of learning just keystrokes away. Related: Rhode Island’s lively experiment in blended learning. Competencies are learning deconstructed.