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Celebrating ConnectED’s Achievements Toward Transforming Education

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Since President Obama’s ConnectED announcement in 2013 in Mooresville, NC , there has been more than $10 billion committed as part of the five-year program to transform American education. Each student learned how to create brushes from words related to their subject matter.

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Livestreaming and Podcasting in the Classroom

Whether providing lessons for sick kids or giving parents a weekly update on classroom activities, livestreams and podcasts offer teachers yet another way to connect with their students and families. Moreover, he’s also seen many educators use the technology for professional development.

Teacher Development Research Review: Keys to Educator Success

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Teaching quality has been defined as “instruction that enables a wide range of students to learn” ( Darling-Hammond, 2012 ), and it is the strongest school-related factor that can improve student learning and achievement ( Hanushek, 2011 ; Nye, Konstantopoulos, and Hedges, 2004 ; Rivkin, Hanushek, and Kain, 2005 ). Job Embedded Professional Development. Professional Learning Communities. A safe and cooperative climate for learning.

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Digital Portfolios + Micro-credentials = Massive Impact for Students & Teachers

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…very little of the work we give students in school provides them with a sense that they are making a contribution to anything other than their own educational progress toward graduation. Now that we have powerful, easy-to-use design tools and a capacity for worldwide publishing, we have an opportunity to restore the dignity and integrity of a work ethic by redefining the role of the learner as a contributor to the learning culture. The Learning Is In The Struggle.

Navigating the Shift to OER

During a tour of updates to SETDA’s Digital Instructional Materials Acquisition Policies for States (DMAPS) , which showcases state policies in support of digital materials, Christine Fox, Deputy Executive Director for SETDA, discussed new features like professional development information.

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10 Tips for New Teachers

There are many questions that new teachers ask before walking into their classroom on the first day of school. Do your best to learn as much as possible through videos, pre-reading, and prepping for lessons. Take this as a fun opportunity to learn along with your students.

Improve the Effectiveness of Digital Instruction

The principles of learning have been around for centuries while only in the last 20 to 30 years has the science of learning been studied. For students to make connections to their learning, digital instruction should include activities that engage this area of the brain.

New Orleans’ uphill battle for more black and homegrown teachers

The Hechinger Report

Other stories in the series look at schools that are recruiting from their own alumni to increase diversity and a traditional teacher education program focused on recruiting Hispanic teachers. During the 2003-04 school year, black teachers accounted for 72 percent of New Orleans’ educators.

Preparing Students with Technology Skills

Jeff Meyer, Director of Education at, during a recent edWebinar , underscored that while this generation of students is growing up using technology, they generally lack the digital literacy skills they need for success by the time they enter high school.

Helping Students Understand Media Literacy

Because of this, it is important for educators to teach students about trustworthy news sources. Do you think that educators ought to explain the difference between ‘free news’ and subscription news to our students?” where he became the AP’s national K-12 education writer.

Shaping K-12 Learning Experiences with Online Mapping Activities

In “ How Online Mapping Activities Shape Learning Experiences for K-12 Students ,” Charlie Fitzpatrick, K12 Manager at Esri; and Mike Wagner, Teacher at Loudoun County Public Schools in Virginia, shared how online mapping can shape learning experiences for K-12 learners.

What 10 Years of K-12 Online Professional Development Taught New Hampshire


Educators, especially those of you in rural communities—you shouldn’t have to go out and find good professional development on your own. In the rural state of New Hampshire, online professional development empowers educators to take ownership of their own growth and learning. What’s the goal of e-Learning for Educators? This synthesis of information through contextual discussion both extends and deepens the learning potential for the participants.

Debunking the myth that good teachers shouldn’t use curriculum aids

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The perception that good teachers reject textbooks and design their own curriculum has been a persistent belief of educators over the years. This map is informed by knowledge of content and research on learning. Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education, 2 (3), 227–252. 2005).

Thursday Interview: The Personalized High School

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Join me Thursday, October 7th, for a live and interactive interview with Joseph DiMartino and Denise Wolk on their book, The Personalized High School: Making Learning Count for Adolescents.