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Harnessing the Maker Spirit: Dale Dougherty’s New Book, ‘Free to Make’


The annual Punkin Chunkin contest may be one of the more, um, organic expressions of “maker” spirit. But it nonetheless embodies what Dale Dougherty, the “father” of the movement, sees as literally the “moral imperative” of the maker movement: “to use our creative freedom to make the future better, to be hands-on in making change, and to get everyone participating fully in that future.”. There’s 12-year old Quin Etnyre, who starts his own maker-kit business.

Teacher: Know Thyself – School Culture Shift is About the People


While you may take up the role of champion as a general way of perceiving your fit within your school system, we may find ourselves identifying with one adopter category or another when discussing emergent technology. 2004). Pedagogy TL Advisor Blog edtech Leadership