The History of the Future of E-rate

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While much of the speculation about the future of education technology under President Trump has been focused on the new Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos ( her investment in various ed-tech companies , her support for vouchers and charter schools), it’s probably worth remembering that the Department of Education is hardly the only agency that shapes education and education technology policy. What can E-rate tell us about the relationship between politics and ed-tech?

Technology and Casey Green on campus: Future Trends Forum #3, notes and full recording

Bryan Alexander

Possiblye the FCC will extend E-rate funding to poorer areas. Re: maturity, by 2004 there was widespread LMS deployment, but relatively shallow use (relatively few classes, few features and functions used; 80% of activity in 20% of application).

A school district is building a DIY broadband network

The Hechinger Report

Some internet-access advocates say EBS is underutilized at best, and wasted at worst, because loose regulatory oversight by the FCC has allowed most of the spectrum to fall into the hands of commercial internet companies.