What Video Games Like Doom Teach Us About Learning, According to GBL Guru James Paul Gee


The Mary Lou Fulton Presidential Professor of Literacy Studies at Arizona State University has been playing video games for four hours every day since 2003, solving puzzles and battling bosses in games such as Doom, Darksiders 2 and Uncharted 4. Gee lives on a small farm, and when he’s not busy feeding donkeys or mashing buttons, he’s writing about what he’s learning about learning from video games. EdSurge: What was the first video game you played?

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A Stress Free Plan for Closing Out Your Classroom

The CoolCatTeacher

See also her 5 Summer Secrets for a Stress free Fall video series. She has published four books for teachers and has maintained The Cornerstone For Teachers blog since 2003.

How a Flipped Syllabus, Twitter and YouTube Made This Professor Teacher of the Year


You can also watch this Course Hero video on Vimeo. You have to use video. When you see a video of somebody versus just hearing their voice, you pick up facial cues. Learn more about the Plaid Avenger and view his video Plaidcasts. What does your video operation look like? And then she puts the finished videos up on YouTube and Vimeo. You have to use video.

Powerful Learning is Authentic and Challenging

Digital Promise

Find even more inspiration to make learning authentic and challenging in our Powerful Learning video playlist, which showcases examples of powerful learning from Digital Promise programs in action in schools and communities: Receive recognition for your efforts. 2003).

9 Resources for National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

Ask a Tech Teacher

Examples include mean texts or emails, insulting snapchats, rumors posted on social networking sites, and embarrassing photos or videos. This is a true (video) story of fifteen-year-old Irish-born Phoebe Prince who committed suicide because of cyberbullying.

Why Esports in Schools is a Good Thing

ViewSonic Education

In 2018, the Pew Research Center reported that 97% of teen boys and 83% of teen girls played video games. A 2003 analysis of 15 cases of school shooters found all but two suffered from social rejection. Esports are here to stay. As a spectator sport and as an industry.

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The Importance of Multi-Disciplinary Thinking

The Principal of Change

I was sent a video called “ The Adaptable Mind ” by educator Erin Caldwell. ” It would be an excellent video for discussion with students and/or staff. Rather than peppering the roads with signs, in 2003 he took all signage away.


Can Virtual Reality Improve Education?


When most people think of virtual reality (VR), video-gaming is probably the first thought that comes to mind. The system is comprised of a peripheral camera originating from 2003, motion controllers first released in 2010, and a headset that emerged from a personal 3D theater in 2012.

A Paradigm Shift

A Principal's Reflections

It all began around 2003 when the smartphone wars started with Blackberry, but was quickly taken over by the Apple iPhone in 2007. Everyone has access to the same free video, picture, and text tools to become the storyteller-in-chief.

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Classroom prizes and grants available!

Educational Technology Guy

See a short video of the findings and the Speak Up 2014 Snapshots for Educators blog post. One of last year’s winners reported back, “I have been participating in the Speak Up survey ever since it started [in 2003]. Since 2003, more than 3.7 Project Tomorrow is celebrating Speak Up America Week 2014 this week with opportunities for schools and classrooms to win prizes and grants by participating in this year''s Speak Up surveys.

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Game-Based Learning Gains Steam in Higher Education: Triseum Raises $1.43 Million to Transform Educational Experiences for Students

EdNews Daily

He worked on the 3D feature film Valiant in 2003, after which he worked on Ant Bully. Triseum creates high-quality learning video games, empowering players to learn through fun, engaging and immersive experiences. Video games are inherently a learning tool.

The Streisand Effect: What’s Your School District Reputation Worth?

Gaggle Speaks

Gay Teacher’s Sex Video Stolen, Posted to School Website. ” The origins of the term date back to 2003, when Barbra Streisand attempted to suppress photographs of her residence in Malibu, California and inadvertently drew far more public attention as a result.

How to Transform Teaching with Tablets – From Tom Daccord & Justin Reich


Over the past century, radio, television, video cassette recorders, desktop computers, laptop computers, handheld devices, tablets, and cell phones have all been heralded as potentially transformative classroom tools (Cuban, 1986, 2003). This article was first published in the May Edition of Educational Leadership from ASCD. Getting computing devices into schools is relatively easy; changing classroom practice with technology is really, really hard.

A Glimpse Into What's Possible

A Principal's Reflections

Albrecht (2003) borrows two terms from physics - Entropy and Syntropy. Envisioning a Digital Age Learning Organization I''m sure you have seen the pictures or video of the Tour de France. New York: Amacon, 2003. The following post was written by Bill Brennan and originally appeared on Peter DeWitt''s Finding Common Ground blog found at Education Week. The post was titled Schools.the New Digital Age Learning Organization?

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Rethinking How Scholarship Works at MLA17


Cheryl Ball, “How Design-Editing Really Works in Multimodal Scholarship” presents several videos (2–3 minutes each in length) that discuss best practices for authoring, editing, and publishing multimodal projects.

U.S. K-12 Educational Technology Policy: Historical Notes on the Federal Role

Doug Levin

FY 2003 $700,500,000. Department of Education video. The Effectiveness of Educational Technology: Issues and Recommendations for the National Study (Mathematica Policy Research, 2003). On November 22, 1996, U.S. Secretary of Education Richard W.

Counting your way to a college A

The Hechinger Report

Fishman was inspired to turn his grading system into a game after reading James Paul Gee’s 2003 book, What Video Games Have to Teach us About Learning and Literacy. Many researchers and educators are experimenting with ways to get students to learn, joyfully, through video games.

Helping Others Along – Motivation Theory and the SAMR Model


YouTube videos can be recorded (added to a playlist), played, fast-forwarded, rewound, they do not lose their quality and we can upload or own. 2003). Pursuing a “sense of success”: New teachers explain their career decisions, American Educational Research Journal 40 (3) (2003), pp.

Resources for Insight and Strategic Thinking


I recently read a very interesting article on infusing video game principles into therapy, "Enhancing the Therapy Experience Using Principles of Video Game Design" (Folkins, Brackenbury, Krause, and Haviland, 2016). Enhancing the therapy experience using principles of video game design.

Weekend Reading: Thanksgiving Edition


Here are 5 links to some interesting reads (plus a video). " The short answer is that it’s a virtual world that launched in 2003 and was hailed by some as the future of the internet.

Georgia District Investigating Group Baptism on Football Field

K-12 Schools - Education News

” The district began its investigation after video footage of the event, posted by First Baptist Villa Rica, popped up on YouTube. “We had the privilege of baptizing a bunch of football players and a coach on the field of Villa Rica High School!

Tuesday Show - Teachers Becoming Their Own Khan Academy

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

While I appreciate the incredible opportunities to learn from the amazing diversity of video recordings from teachers (and students!) Together they will talk about the use of video and screen-capture to empower teachers and support students.

Teacher Development Research Review: Keys to Educator Success

Digital Promise

Schools that foster trust among parents, teachers, and school leaders are more likely to see academic improvement than schools that do little or fail to foster trust ( Bryk and Schneider, 2003 ). Performance assessments that integrate evidence of teaching practices and student learning measured in a variety of ways (such as student work, lesson plans, assignments, in-person or video observations based on standards, and/or National Board assessment).

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New Markets Venture Partners Adds $30 Million, Former Gates Foundation Executive to Edtech Fund


From this second fund New Markets has already made several investments: Practice (formerly ApprenNet), a mobile video-based learning tool; Credly , a digital credentialing platform; and Noodle Partners. New Markets has supported 43 companies since its launch in 2003; edtech startups make more than 90 percent of its deals in the past five years, Palmer adds. New Markets is bringing back a familiar face to steer its next education investment fund.

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Teacher, Teach Thyself! Free Quality PD Resources


TeachingChannel - https://www.teachingchannel.org/ To quote from the website itself: " Teaching Channel is a video showcase -- on the Internet and TV -- of innovative and effective teaching practices in America''s schools." Each video is a short overview of a technology topic or tool.

Technology Training.In Pictures

The Web20Classroom

The site contains tutorials for all major Microsoft Office Products like Word, Excel, Publisher, Power Point and Access, both the 2003 version and the 2007 version. The video animations? I love my job, but sometimes it can be frustrating trying to meet the needs of all the teachers and staff members in my district. I constantly look for ways to give teachers instruction that they can do on their own or in groups, together.

With the Help of Google and SF Muni, A Bus Sets Off to Serve City's High School Dropouts


The organization made its mark in 2003 when they created the nation’s first county jail charter school. There were puddles on the ground, students playing video games, paint peeling. How many students can you fit onto a school bus? Legally—72. But what if those students weren’t heading to school, but already there—desks, computers, steering wheel and all?

Smartphone Learning

IT Bill

Rather than delivering content primarily in the form of text, the use of video and/or audio formats might prove more mobile-friendly. Smartphones are great for watching short videos or listing to music. ANDERSON, T (2003).

3 ways Fred Rogers (Mister Rogers) paved the way for edtech

eSchool News

Video: May 1, 1969: Fred Rogers testifies before the Senate Subcommittee on Communications. “Every one of us—no matter how much money we have—needs to know that there’s something about us worth giving.” – Fred Rogers.

The survival of higher education (2): Changing times

Learning with 'e's

Personally, I find myself in agreement with Brian Winston (2003), preferring to view social applications as a facet of gradual evolution rather than symptoms of sudden revolution. 2003).

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Can You Be a ‘Good Teacher’ Inside a Failing School?


Photo Credit: Jenny Abamu Despite a relatively new building, constructed in 2003 as part of a former superintendent’s turnaround project, Fisher has suffered from consistent low performance—falling far below state standards on exams and adjusted growth targets designed specifically for the school. The app allows them to rewatch annotated video lessons. “I He likes to look at the videos, and his effort is starting to show in his work.

The Greatest EdTech Generation Ever – LIVE Blog of Justin Reich’s Keynote


” The idea, though, that the kids had separated from technology was ridiculous as Justin shows a YouTube video on how to make a rainbow loom starbust bracelet that has been viewed over 30 million times! Justin Reich is the co-founder of EdTechTeacher, the Richard L.

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The changing Web

Learning with 'e's

My own students create a lot of their own content during their study, usually in the form of podcasts, videos, wiki and blog content, and are encouraged to share these publicly online to gain additional feedback.

Tonight - A True History of the MOOC

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Mightybell Space : Resources, videos, links, and conversation about the interview can be found HERE. The pivotal moment of his career happened when he was teaching at Hannam University in South Korea in 2003 surrounded by the papers of 275 writing students and wondering if he had them all.


Live Tuesday August 30th (Early Time) with Richard and Rebecca DuFour on Professional Learning Communities to Improve Schools

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

She has co-authored nine books, was one of the featured principals in the 2001 Video Journal of Education production, “Leadership in an Age of Standards and High Stakes” and was the lead consultant and featured principal in their 2003 program, “Elementary Principals as Leaders of Learning.”

What Kids Need for Optimal Health and School Engagement


Activities such as sports, visual and performing arts, community service, journalism, and academic clubs can be sources for positive playtime for teenagers (Mahoney, Cairns, & Farmer, 2003;Mahoney, Larson, & Eccles, 2005). 2003).

Makerspace Starter Kit

The Daring Librarian

We started with video production, iMovie, Specular LogoMotion, Hyperstudio, and animation with Hollyood High kids. Here's an example of an EARLY (2003) video production called Bookfellas, featuring some Guy Ritchie-esque film direction techniques.


Knowledge ownership

Connecting 2 the World

According to Skitka’s (2003) AIM model of Social Identity Theory , a greater level of ownership may create higher stakes for the individual within a group. 2000; Moreland & Levine, 2001; Skitka, 2003; Whitworth et al., Occasionally, there was discussion of transferring the knowledge to external stakeholders (Mason & Lefrere, 2003; Yakhlef, 2002). Elearning was used to using a much less formal process for video creation and set a less rigid standard for video production.

Angela Duckworth Tells Educators: Grit + Purpose = Success

Marketplace K-12

Her work has drawn international attention as she won a MacArthur “genius” grant in 2003, and last year the Walton Family Foundation announced that Duckworth would receive a grant to research how to measure grit and persistence in classroom settings. London.

How Learning Science Is Catching Up To Mr. Rogers


“The whole idea,” he told CNN in 2003, “is to look at the television camera and present as much love as you possibly could to a person who might feel that he or she needs it.” But streaming video like YouTube has flooded the market for kids’ media.