Smartphone Learning

IT Bill

Mobile technologies have changed over the years: from the early PDAs, Blackberrys and feature phones with texting capability and cameras, to tablets and eReaders to the ubiquitous smartphones of today. Undergraduate Smartphone Ownership. ANDERSON, T (2003).

A Paradigm Shift

A Principal's Reflections

It all began around 2003 when the smartphone wars started with Blackberry, but was quickly taken over by the Apple iPhone in 2007. The world continues to change as a result of technological advances.

iPhone 250

Human 2.0

Learning with 'e's

Some would argue that the transient phase leading to post-humanism is the non-invasive but just as powerful welding together of human and computer, as seen in the addictive video game playing of geeks, or the smartphone ultra-dependency of our current youth generation. Post human.

Nearly 60% of Teens Use Their Own Mobile Devices in School for Learning

The Innovative Educator

When it came to particular types of devices, students see the smartphone as the ideal device for communicating with teachers (46 percent) and classmates (72 percent) and for social media (64 percent).