End of Support for Microsoft Server 2003 Puts Heat on K-12 Districts

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Microsoft's support for Windows Server 2003 ends this week, putting districts that have not upgraded to a newer system at risk of viruses and other derailments. Entrepreneurship Online Learning Microsoft District Budgets edtech microsoft

Time’s Up: Districts Prepare for Life After Windows Server 2003

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Frank Smith Learn from these tips and success stories on migrating from Windows Server 2003 after Microsoft pulls the plug on support. Hardware Operating Systems Servers Software

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Insight works with education leaders on Microsoft Server security

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Public Sector team will speak to the risks of failing to address the pending end of service for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference. Microsoft research in 2014 reported that 23.8

Apple and Microsoft Now Offer $100 Styluses. But Do Schools Need—or Want—Them?


Microsoft does, too, and various pens from third-party manufacturers are beginning to dot the touchscreen Chromebook market. Microsoft was one of the first big tech companies to market styluses to schools. Similar to Microsoft’s stylus, the Apple Pencil allows students to rest their hands on screens while drawing, a feature called palm rejection, in addition to offering sensors that detect both pressure and tilt.

Learn where menu and toolbar commands are in Office 2010 and related products

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I just found another great resource on Microsoft Office. We are transitioning from Office 2003 to Office 2010 and, as many of you know, there are major menu changes in terms of where commands are located. Microsoft has a great site that has tutorials and interactive guides to find where the commands are in Office 2010 products. computer training free resources Microsoft Office

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Google Docs can import old Office Formats, but exports them as new format

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Google Docs will no longer export files into the old Microsoft Office Formats (.doc,xls,ppt). This may cause a little bit of an issue with some users, including schools still stuck in Windows XP and Office 2003 or earlier. There is a workaround though - install the free compatibility plugin from Microsoft so you can open the modern Office file types. Google Docs Google for Educators Microsoft Office

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To Build Voice Recognition for Early Literacy, Soapbox Labs Gives Kids a Voice


In 2003, a team of Harvard University researchers concluded a survey and mapped out the idiosyncrasies in the pronunciation of common English words across the globe. The company has also partnered with Microsoft to bring its speech-recognition tools onto its cloud computing platform Azure.

New Markets Venture Partners Adds $30 Million, Former Gates Foundation Executive to Edtech Fund


His career also includes stops at Microsoft, Schoolnet and Kaplan. New Markets has supported 43 companies since its launch in 2003; edtech startups make more than 90 percent of its deals in the past five years, Palmer adds. New Markets is bringing back a familiar face to steer its next education investment fund. Jason Palmer has returned to New Markets Venture Partners , where he spent two years beginning in 2012 as an entrepreneur-in-residence.

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New Markets Venture Partner’s Latest Edtech Fund Closes at $68 Million


New Markets’ Market Forecast Over the years, New Markets’ Palmer, whose career includes stints at Microsoft, Kaplan and the Gates Foundation, has learned to read market cues from federal legislation. To date, New Markets has invested nearly $30 million across 23 education technology companies since its founding in 2003.

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What Video Games Like Doom Teach Us About Learning, According to GBL Guru James Paul Gee


The Mary Lou Fulton Presidential Professor of Literacy Studies at Arizona State University has been playing video games for four hours every day since 2003, solving puzzles and battling bosses in games such as Doom, Darksiders 2 and Uncharted 4. Gee: The first game I played was Adventures of the New Time Machine , in 2003. There are publishers like Pearson, tech companies like Microsoft, Facebook and Google. I’ve only been doing it since 2003.

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Teacher, Teach Thyself! Free Quality PD Resources


Microsoft in Education - [link] Teaching guides, lesson plans, and product how-tos specifically aimed at classroom and higher ed practitioners. Microsoft Office Training - [link] General training resources for Microsoft Office products.

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The site contains tutorials for all major Microsoft Office Products like Word, Excel, Publisher, Power Point and Access, both the 2003 version and the 2007 version. I love my job, but sometimes it can be frustrating trying to meet the needs of all the teachers and staff members in my district. I constantly look for ways to give teachers instruction that they can do on their own or in groups, together.

Fatal Failure: High Tech School Fails!

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In 2003 Microsoft and the city of Philadelphia set out to build the " School of the Future." Meris Stansbury, associate editor of eClassroom News wrote an extensive article reporting all of the facts and comments from key administrators from the Philadelphia school district and from Microsoft. In 2006, the school opened and touted a 1-1 laptop program, campus-wide WiFi, an innovative schedule, and "project based learning."

Why I’m Optimistic About the Next Wave of Education Technology


In 2002, our team at Microsoft Education created an LMS for a world where every teacher and student had a tablet computer. As recently as 1997, only 27 percent of America’s K-12 school had internet access—a number that skyrocketed to 92 percent by 2003. Over the past 25 years, multiple waves of education technology and innovation have slowly washed into America’s schools and colleges.

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“If everything in life is a game, then we need to choose the games we play carefully.” – Szymon Machajewski, USA

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A recent report by the US Department of Education showed that 48 percent of bachelor’s degree students between 2003 and 2009 left the STEM fields. Favorite Microsoft product, tool, technology: Minecraft. Szymon Machajewski has two passions: education and technology. By combining them both, he and his students are innovating together every day, both in person, and online. “Teaching and learning today involve tools, which are online,” says Machajewski.

“When technology becomes the ‘air and water’ we need in innovative instruction, and learning exists in a seamless and transparent way, then we know we’ve done well for our students. – Dr. Melanie Wiscount, USA

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Since 2003, I have enthusiastically immersed my instruction and students into technology,” she says. “It A Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIE), Wiscount is a proud collaborator and sharer of lessons learned. Favorite Microsoft product, tool, technology: Presently I really enjoy Sway and so do my students. When you’ve been teaching for more than 30 years like Dr. Melanie Wiscount has, you have seen a lot of changes.

“Today’s child needs more than just a classroom filled with words, textbooks or school politics — they need a classroom that allows their style of learning to develop their understanding of what is around them.” – Jillian Mary Sigamoney, South Africa

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In 2003, I began working in the village areas and ran an art club and homework help. Learning with technology has taken a new meaning with all the online programs available, especially the Microsoft Online Programs (OneNote, Skype, OneDrive) that have made learning and teaching more exciting and global. I would love to partner with a company like Kano or Microsoft to develop learning in remote areas with apps that enhance learning and development.

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Do You Make Your Learning Transparent to Others?


Here are three recent examples from my life: Example One: During a workshop I was leading on Teaching with Multimedia/Digital Storytelling, I could not remember for the life of me how to export PowerPoint slides to.jpg files so they could be imported into Microsoft PhotoStory. (I

Why teacher-authors don’t give everything away free (& neither should you)

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This means I had to look for and purchase attractive fonts, graphics, and clip art, and buy software, programs, and tools beyond Microsoft Word in order to make the covers (and of course, to make the resources themselves more modern-looking and engaging for students.) .

Wahoo! The 2013 Global Education Conference - Still Time to Present + Plan to Attend!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

He sits on several non-profit boards, including the Re-Inventing Schools Coalition, and on the International Advisory Council for Microsoft''s Partners in Learning program. Please mark your calendars for November 18 - 22 for the fourth annual Global Education Conference ( [link] ).

Education Technology and the Year of Wishful Thinking

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In 2005, Joan Didion published The Year of Magical Thinking , which chronicles her husband’s death in December 2003, shortly after their daughter had fallen into septic shock and been placed an induced coma. Despite headlines claiming, for example, that “ Anybody can now buy Microsoft’s $3,000 HoloLens ,” not everyone and not every school can afford to do so.) This is part one of my annual review of the year in ed-tech.

Hack Education Weekly News

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million people since 2003.” Via Edsurge : “Google Offers Free Cloud Access to Colleges, Plays Catch Up to Amazon, Microsoft.” Education Politics. One of the big stories this week: the US Department of Education ’s announcement about which “non-traditional providers” ( MOOCs , coding bootcamps ) will be eligible for financial aid as part of its EQUIP experiment. More details in the for-profit higher ed section below.


'Robots Are Coming For Your Children'

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The next day after the administration’s announcement, several tech giants – Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Salesforce, and other – said they would help fund the White House’s commitment to CS, to the tune of $300 million more. Supported by the massive technical might of Microsoft and Amazon, companies like Mattel want to extend from supplying Barbie dolls and Hot Wheels tracks to become interactive participants in semi-automated luxury family life.

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This group of older borrowers collectively hold $247 billion in student debt, an amount that has roughly tripled since 2003.” ” I think many historians of ed-tech would note that this has long been the argument for teaching Microsoft productivity tools in lieu of computer science. “ Microsoft is building a new version of Skype for tutors and consultants,” says The Next Web. (National) Education Politics.

The Politics of Education Technology

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Microsoft and Apple are two. ” “Net neutrality,” a term coined in 2003 by Columbia University law professor Tim Wu, is the principle that all Internet traffic – regardless of source or content or user – should be treated equally. This is part two of my annual review of the year in ed-tech.