Virtual School Tips and Recommendations

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2003 – In Saudi Arabia due to terrorism in the country, I helped my school set up and run Moodle to do Virtual School. If you did not require that every teacher in the district must use the adopted LMS (Learning Management System a.k.a

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How can teachers use VR in the classroom?


While VR has yet to be incorporated into advanced educational LMS s, there are a number of encouraging developments that are interesting to explore. Launched in 2003, by San Francisco-based Linden Labs, Second Life is a comparative dinosaur in Internet Years.

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Who Should Bear the Cost of Data Interoperability in K-12 Education?


Empower Learning , a Utah-based developer of a learning management system (LMS), understands this pressure well. Empower’s LMS aims to mitigate the teacher’s burden to gather evidence, enter scores and synthesize the data to determine an overall score.

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A Glimpse Into What's Possible

A Principal's Reflections

When we arrived to New Milford High School, Laura Fleming (@NMHS_LMS) greeted us. Albrecht (2003) borrows two terms from physics - Entropy and Syntropy. New York: Amacon, 2003. The following post was written by Bill Brennan and originally appeared on Peter DeWitt''s Finding Common Ground blog found at Education Week. The post was titled Schools.the New Digital Age Learning Organization?

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Smartphone Learning

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By replacing LMS threaded discussion with SMT (e.g. ANDERSON, T (2003). For the past several years the Horizon Report has listed mobile learning, in one form or another, as an emerging educational technology (e.g. mobile computing, mobile apps, social media, BYOD, mobile learning).

Why I’m Optimistic About the Next Wave of Education Technology


In 2002, our team at Microsoft Education created an LMS for a world where every teacher and student had a tablet computer. As recently as 1997, only 27 percent of America’s K-12 school had internet access—a number that skyrocketed to 92 percent by 2003. Over the past 25 years, multiple waves of education technology and innovation have slowly washed into America’s schools and colleges.

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A Domain of One's Own in a Post-Ownership Society

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But Bush made this phrase – “ownership society,” – a cornerstone of his policies circa 2003–4 as he cut taxes. Maha Bali has written a blog post asking why we talk about “a domain of one’s own” and “reclaim your domain” since people never really own their domains. They merely rent them, she points out. My understanding of ownership is that something belongs to me. That I have already acquired it or been gifted it.

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Expertise, competency, and content

Connecting 2 the World

For example, a teacher in a rural area without access to internet service may not have access or use of learning management system (LMS) software. However, he or she would be prepared on how to use the software should his or her school install the software, and be able to formulate ways in which to use the software in his or her teaching should the opportunity arise, without ever having to use the LMS. 2003).

How a Flipped Syllabus, Twitter and YouTube Made This Professor Teacher of the Year


For undergraduates in World Regions, the road to an A is paved with: 1) Weekly book reading quizzes —Each week a quiz is posted on Moodle —a free LMS—with questions arising from the two assigned chapters from The Plaid Avenger’s World. Good Bye Lenin! ” (2003, Germany, directed by Wolfgang Becker)—Black comedy with a semi-romantic storyline that is easily the best teaching device for explaining the Cold War in Europe and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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million people since 2003.” ” And via the Google blog , news of more features added to the company’s pseudo-LMS. The latest on the LMS market – this one on D2L – from Mindwire Consulting’s Phil Hill. Education Politics.


Education Technology and the Year of Wishful Thinking

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In 2005, Joan Didion published The Year of Magical Thinking , which chronicles her husband’s death in December 2003, shortly after their daughter had fallen into septic shock and been placed an induced coma. Reasons Pokemon Go will Replace the LMS ” by Tom Woodward.). This is part one of my annual review of the year in ed-tech.