Shifting from Passive to Active Learning

A Principal's Reflections

Tom Murray and I shared this thought in Learning Transformed : Educational technology is not a silver bullet. As the technology continues to evolve, the conversation must remain focused on learning and pedagogy—not on devices. 2003; Clark & Mayer, 2008; Mayer, 2011).

Smartphone Learning

IT Bill

For the past several years the Horizon Report has listed mobile learning, in one form or another, as an emerging educational technology (e.g. mobile computing, mobile apps, social media, BYOD, mobile learning). ANDERSON, T (2003).

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Spirals of Innovation in Schools – From Pockets of Excellence to Sustained Change from Beth Holland


And even if a teacher possesses the willingness to change their practice, without the support of their broader school community, that sustained change may not be possible (Zhao & Frank, 2003). This post originally appeared on EdTechResearcher.

It’s Pedagogy Go With Location-Based Mobile Learning At The University Of South Australia

EdNews Daily

Mobile phones are in the hands of young people everywhere, so it is quite natural that teaching and learning opportunities are progressing towards the mobile domain. This then enabled staff in other courses to use LBMLGs to innovate teaching and learning within their curriculum.