Not So Typical Personalized Learning Predictions for 2019

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It started with scuba diving in 2003, snowboarding in 2008, swimming in 2013, and this year was surfing. While the instruction was 1:1 and technically couldn’t be more personalized for me, I was surprised by how much each instructor met or didn’t meet my needs.

Personalized Learning at Its Best


Back in 2003, personalizing meant curating a library of individual lessons, developing a diagnostic assessment, and handwriting personalized pathways for each of my students. This includes marrying the overall school culture with the culture desired for the personalized learning space.

Modern Professional Learning: Connecting PLCs With PLNs

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Modern professional learning links the Professional Learning Community (PLC) with the Professional Learning Network (PLN). An Excerpt from Modern Professional Learning: Connecting PLC’s with PLN’s. The Professional Learning Community.

Inside Maine’s disastrous roll out of proficiency-based learning

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In theory, proficiency-based models let students learn at their own pace, speeding up if they grasp a concept quickly, and getting extra help if they struggle. In practice, though, it can take many different forms, including independent study, learning communities and online programs.

How The Memory Works In Learning

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How The Memory Works In Learning. This introduction to the basics of the neuroscience of learning includes information that should be included in all teacher education programs. The brain turns data from the senses into learned information in the hippocampus. 2003).

What healthcare innovators can learn from academic coaches in higher ed

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But such roles are not yet commonplace, and there remains much to learn, both about how they can be crafted for optimal impact, and how business models need to be designed to enable them. They’ve discovered that the most fruitful learning (like effective health management), doesn’t emerge from standard solutions, but tailored guidance, support and empowerment. Partnerships with employers, who benefit from their employees’ continued learning, keep fees affordable.

NCLB’s legacy: As the ESSA era begins, have policymakers, educators learned from the past?

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8, 2003. In a recent report, Education Week dug deep into student proficiency rates on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) from 2003 through 2015. Education researchers and policy analysts agree there are lessons to be learned from No Child Left Behind.

PBS to Present “Spotlight Education,” A Special Week of Programming Featuring Reports About America’s Students and New Models of Learning, September 12-17

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Discover how the new science of learning can help us reimagine the future of education for all children. This is an important documentary series for everyone. Please share this information.

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October is National Bullying Prevention Month

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7% of high school students commit suicide, some because of cyberbullying: On October 7, 2003, Ryan Halligan committed suicide by hanging himself [after being cyberbullied by high school classmates]. You can find her resources at Structured Learning.

Why Esports in Schools is a Good Thing

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A meet up for engineering enthusiasts or movie buffs. A 2003 analysis of 15 cases of school shooters found all but two suffered from social rejection. Students Learn Valuable Skills Playing Esports in School. Esports in Schools Fosters STEM Learning.

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The Secret of Team Allocation in a Flipped-Classroom Environment

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In a flipped-classroom, blended learning environment with team-based learning it is important to consider the formation of students teams. The course design is a two hour weekly flipped-classroom, blended learning environment with 42 students per seminar.

Strategy, Serendipity, Sleepless Nights: 3 Edtech CEOs on ‘Great Exits’


Todd Brekhus learned a lesson in effective communication back in 2003. At the time, he was part of PLATO Learning, a school instructional software vendor now known as Edmentum. But according to Brekhus, now chief product officer at Renaissance Learning, PLATO failed to effectively communicate how Lightspan fit into the company’s strategy. We send emails, we have meetings face to face,” he said.

3 ways to improve special education outcomes

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million in 2003 to 6.1 Douglas County School District, the Court affirmed that school systems must be “appropriately ambitious” in designing an individualized education program (IEP) that meets the needs of every child with a disability.

Focusing on a Safe, Supportive School Climate

Working with the Committee for Children, they’re piloting a program merging social emotional learning (SEL) and Restorative Practice (RP) in school. First, the staff met the coach and learned more about SEL and restorative practices. edWeb Blog sel social-emotional learning

Are science fairs unfair?

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In principle, kids who participate will not only learn about science but may also be inspired to join the next generation of scientists and engineers. Grinnell even suspects that competitive science fairs might hinder learning — and there’s some research to back him up.

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Teacher Development Research Review: Keys to Educator Success

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Teaching quality has been defined as “instruction that enables a wide range of students to learn” ( Darling-Hammond, 2012 ), and it is the strongest school-related factor that can improve student learning and achievement ( Hanushek, 2011 ; Nye, Konstantopoulos, and Hedges, 2004 ; Rivkin, Hanushek, and Kain, 2005 ). Professional Learning Communities. A safe and cooperative climate for learning. Support and training to promote continual professional learning.

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9 Resources for National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

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7% of high school students commit suicide, some because of cyberbullying: On October 7, 2003, Ryan Halligan committed suicide by hanging himself [after being cyberbullied by high school classmates]. You can find her resources at Structured Learning.

A Paradigm Shift

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It all began around 2003 when the smartphone wars started with Blackberry, but was quickly taken over by the Apple iPhone in 2007. Thus a paradigm shift constitutes a change from one way of thinking to another to spur a revolution that transforms learning and professional practice.

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9 Resources for National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

Ask a Tech Teacher

7% of high school students commit suicide, some because of cyberbullying: On October 7, 2003, Ryan Halligan committed suicide by hanging himself [after being cyberbullied by high school classmates]. You can find her resources at Structured Learning.

EdSurge Article Recommends Edtech Efficacy Portfolios - Here's Ours

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Fuster, 2004; Schneider & Chein, 2003), schemas and heuristics (e.g., Our learning model is built upon a unique and patented approach to teaching mathematics through computerized means and the strategic utilization of informative feedback. 2003).

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Reimagining failure: ‘Last-chance’ schools are the future of American high schools

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All students need to be deeply known by the adults that are working with them to support their learning,” she said. All students need to have transparency about where they are in their progress and what they need to do to meet graduation standards.”.

A New Social Science? Statistics Outgrowing Other STEM Fields

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Across the country, universities and colleges are dedicating new resources so their respective statistics departments can expand to meet this growing demand.”. Overall, the number of statistics bachelor’s degrees has grown from 526 in 2003 to 1,678 in 2013.

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Strategies for Surviving All Types of Assessments

For high-stakes testing, attend all scheduled state-mandated meetings and trainings, take notes and ask questions. Students do need to keep learning and working, but increasing the workload will make students and parents anxious and grumpy.

?This College Program Wants to Overhaul the Education Culture in Alaska


Nearly 40 percent of students starting at 4-year public institutions took at least one developmental (or college-level readiness) course while enrolled from 2003 to 2009. His idea began with a group of students who formed a study group and weekly meetings. He says he got his first job in engineering from the connections he made at weekly Friday meetings where industry professionals often came to speak to students—and recruit for jobs and internships.

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An upscale Florida auction yields millions for local preschool programs

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Liam Frometa, 5, left, and Christopher Ramos, 5, right, play with their classroom’s smart board at Fun Time Early Learning Academy in Naples, Fla. million from the foundation since 2003. A child with severe dental pain is not going to cooperate or learn.”.

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This is number 28 in my series on learning theories. My most recent post explored Jack Merizow''s Transformative Learning theory. As usual, this is a simplified and concise interpretation of the theory, so if you wish to learn more, please read the associated literature.

How a Flipped Syllabus, Twitter and YouTube Made This Professor Teacher of the Year


We sat down with Boyer to learn more about his flipped syllabus, unique assessments, and the hard work that goes into an easy A. Learn more about the Plaid Avenger and view his video Plaidcasts. We learned you can’t do the same thing for everybody. What other world leaders is Angela Merkel meeting with? Most people walk away from this saying, “Wow, I learned way more than I thought I was going to.”

How to take online mentoring to the bright side

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Using technology, online mentoring programs can allow students who otherwise might never meet an engineer or lawyer to connect with working professionals. They can step in to encourage and motivate students learning in isolation to persist when curiosity waivers, providing a gentle nudge to press onward. Founded in 2003, Brightside is one of the largest online mentoring models, working with 10,000 young people across the UK every year.

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Expert Tips to Make Educational Travel Attainable for All Students

Holding regular monthly meetings, and providing that schedule to families at the beginning of the year, keeps everyone in the know. During the meetings at Dr. Olson’s school, teachers would introduce families to each other.

Who Should Bear the Cost of Data Interoperability in K-12 Education?


Empower Learning , a Utah-based developer of a learning management system (LMS), understands this pressure well. The model demands that teachers develop a deep understanding of the standards and gather evidence of learning more frequently.

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How Schools Can Bridge Mental Health Care Gaps with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Tools


But after learning some of the strategies in CBT, he learned how to take a step back, pause to take a moment and reflect on his negative thoughts. percent in 2003 to 8.4

Helping Others Along – Motivation Theory and the SAMR Model


Elbert Hubbard As a second year teacher, I remember being very excited about leading my students to participate in a project-based learning activity. As champions we must learn to put ourselves in the shoes of a late adopter or laggard, then try to help them along. 2003).

4 Steps for Designing an Online Assessment for Flipped Classroom

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Students, within their group, can immediately reflect on this feedback and this presents a ‘peer-learning’ opportunity. This is consistent with the team-learning model designed by Michaelsen (1998) (see also Michaelsen et al. 2003). The Process.

How School Districts Are Shaping the Edtech They Use


At eSpark Learning, we want to reimagine classrooms so that they’re student-centered, allowing students to succeed in school and in life. The trajectory of eSpark Learning has been marked by what I like to call “magic moments,” instances in which fearless educators and administrators have aligned with our team to work towards a vision in which every student, regardless of circumstance or background, has the opportunity to set and realize an ambitious dream.

6 tips for making educational travel attainable for all students

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Hold meetings for families. Holding regular monthly meetings, and providing that schedule to families at the beginning of the year, keeps everyone in the know. During the meetings at Olson’s school, teachers would introduce families to each other.