April 14 - Jerry Mintz on the Education Revolution and Democracy in Education

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Join me Thursday, April 14th, for a live and interactive FutureofEducation.com webinar with Jerry Mintz , a leading voice in the alternative school movement for over 30 years and the founder of the Alternative Education Resource Organization (AERO). Jerry was the first executive director of the National Coalition of Alternative Community Schools (NCACS), and was a founding member of the International Democratic Education Conference (IDEC).

A New Social Science? Statistics Outgrowing Other STEM Fields

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The ASA analyzed data compiled by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) on 160 STEM bachelor’s degree categories granted by U.S. Source: Data from the National Center for Education Statistics; Analysis by the American Statistical Association.

STEM 114

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Make your mark on Dot Day

Educator Innovator

Fun Fact: Terry chose September 15 because the original publishing date of The Dot is September 15, 2003!) To get started, sign up to download our Educator’s Handbook and visit our gallery of past projects. What is International Dot Day?

Truth, truthiness, triangulation and the librarian way: A news literacy toolkit for a “post-truth” world


The Verification Handbooks are a wonderful lens into this complicated process.). A recent Stanford Graduate School of Education report, Evaluating Information: The Cornerstone of Civic Online Literacy assessed of the news literacy of students from middle school through college.

May 31 - Interview with James Bosco on Digital Media and Participatory Learning

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Join me Tuesday, May 31st, for a live and interactive Future of Education webinar with James Bosco, Principle Investigator at the Consortium for School Networking ( CoSN ). He obtained a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1961.

A traditional model of organizational knowledge creation

Connecting 2 the World

Intragroup competency: group process: Through the negotiation of group processes and interaction between members of the group, group norms and mental models are created (Boland & Tenkas, 1995; Conceicao, Heitor, & Veloso, 2003; Jehn & Mannix, 2001; Mohammed & Dumville, 2001; Moreland & Levine, 2001) which then become the basis for evaluating the group’s competency. 2003). Educational Researcher, 81(1), 32-42. British Journal of Educational Technology, 30(3), 201-215.