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NCLB’s legacy: As the ESSA era begins, have policymakers, educators learned from the past?

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President Bush promotes his “No Child Left Behind” education agenda during a visit to Kirkpatrick Elementary School in Nashville, Tenn., 8, 2003. Education researchers and policy analysts agree there are lessons to be learned from No Child Left Behind.

Kids struggle to read when schools leave phonics out

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“It was really looking yourself in the mirror and saying, ‘Which four in 10 students don’t deserve to learn to read?'” Silva didn’t know anything about how children learn to read or how they should be taught, so he started searching online.

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What Kinds of Homework Seem to be Most Effective?


students are justifiably exhausted and nervous from too much homework — even though some international comparisons suggest they’re sitting comfortably at the average. So any comparison is, to a degree, apples-to-oranges (or, at least, apples-to-pears).

Many Hispanic students never have a teacher who looks like them

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students in kindergarten through 12th grade that is Hispanic increased from 19 to 25 percent between 2003 and 2013, while the black non-Hispanic population dropped from 17 to 16 percent and the white non-Hispanic population fell from 59 to 50 percent.

For safer schools, we need more hugs, not more guns

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This feeling of security is what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) calls “school connectedness,” which it defines as “the belief held by students that adults and peers in the school care about their learning as well as about them as individuals.”

Is Head Start a failure?

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If they’re healthy, they can learn. They eat peaches from shared platters that they have learned to politely pass to each other. Kids learn from a carefully selected curriculum for both reading and math that is aligned with the district’s kindergarten curriculum.