America’s colleges struggle to envision the future of diversity on campus

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Krislov was vice president and general counsel at the University of Michigan in 2003 when the Supreme Court ruled in Gratz v. Kids write about it,” said Nondorf, and offer views from “part of the country or a part of the world you might not have heard if you didn’t meet that person.”

At Georgia State, black students find comfort and academic success

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When I went to meet with him, he helped me with studying, with finding more resources and with stress management,” said Shields, 23, a psychology major. According to GSU calculations, in 2014-15 the system generated more than 43,000 individual meetings between advisors and students. “At

Minnesota has a persistent higher-ed gap: Are new efforts making a difference?

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Before Ontere leaves, she schedules a follow-up meeting and hands him a meal voucher. According to the American Institutes of Research, Minnesota spent $130 million between 2003 and 2008 just on educating students who dropped out in their first year. Nearly two-thirds of those who attend public colleges end up in overcrowded and underfunded community colleges or open-access public colleges, where funding is lower and outcomes far worse than at selective public campuses.

OPINION: Trump’s Justice Dept. “would better serve students by focusing on legitimate threats to students’ civil rights”

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In 2003, the high court upheld the affirmative action admissions policy of the University of Michigan Law School ’s Grutter v. As such, colleges and universities that use race-conscious admissions must meet several requirements. Higher Ed Opinion Higher education access

How can teachers use VR in the classroom?


Launched in 2003, by San Francisco-based Linden Labs, Second Life is a comparative dinosaur in Internet Years. If you are as old as I am then you will remember the thrill of watching your teacher wheel the TV trolley into the classroom. Finally”, you thought, “some fun in class!”

9 Resources for National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

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7% of high school students commit suicide, some because of cyberbullying: On October 7, 2003, Ryan Halligan committed suicide by hanging himself [after being cyberbullied by high school classmates]. You think they’re OK because you disabled the online access — think again.

How to take online mentoring to the bright side

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I’m delighted to announce that this August I’ll be releasing a book on a new wave of disruption in education: innovations that deepen and expand students’ access to relationships. Using technology, online mentoring programs can allow students who otherwise might never meet an engineer or lawyer to connect with working professionals. They can fill advice gaps for those students with shockingly limited access to college guidance in high school.

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A Paradigm Shift

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It all began around 2003 when the smartphone wars started with Blackberry, but was quickly taken over by the Apple iPhone in 2007. The shift here is to begin to meet stakeholders where they are at and engage them in two-way communications.

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Expert Tips to Make Educational Travel Attainable for All Students

The experts shared tips on planning for educational travel to make it accessible for all students. Holding regular monthly meetings, and providing that schedule to families at the beginning of the year, keeps everyone in the know.

EdSurge Article Recommends Edtech Efficacy Portfolios - Here's Ours

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Fuster, 2004; Schneider & Chein, 2003), schemas and heuristics (e.g., We currently have an IES-funded RCT study that was reviewed in 2015 by What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) and found to meet ESSA Tier 2, as well as the ‘Meets Evidence Standards with Reservations’ level of the WWC standards.

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How Schools Can Bridge Mental Health Care Gaps with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Tools


School counselors, along with school social workers, may be children’s only access to some form of mental health care, since it’s estimated that only 20 percent of children with mental or behavioral disorders receive help from a mental health care provider. percent in 2003 to 8.4

An upscale Florida auction yields millions for local preschool programs

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million from the foundation since 2003. The study revealed children under 5 years old lacked access to affordable, high-quality education and care, a trend that continues over a decade later. million from the foundation since 2003. “If

Who Should Bear the Cost of Data Interoperability in K-12 Education?


From its founding in 2003, Empower’s team has used custom scripts and queries to pull data from SISs to create exportable files to send to their customers nightly. Empower still uses SIF today and its scripts can access data from certain SISs they work with.

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Helping Others Along – Motivation Theory and the SAMR Model


Yet, the wealth of knowledge and experience that can be accessed through well structured professional development and collaboration opportunities. 2003). Pursuing a “sense of success”: New teachers explain their career decisions, American Educational Research Journal 40 (3) (2003), pp.

?This College Program Wants to Overhaul the Education Culture in Alaska


Nearly 40 percent of students starting at 4-year public institutions took at least one developmental (or college-level readiness) course while enrolled from 2003 to 2009. His idea began with a group of students who formed a study group and weekly meetings. He says he got his first job in engineering from the connections he made at weekly Friday meetings where industry professionals often came to speak to students—and recruit for jobs and internships.

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Rethink Education, Southern New Hampshire University Launch $15M Edtech Seed Fund


The conversation leading to the partnership, according to SNHU President Paul LeBlanc, was raised during a university board meeting in October. Under LeBlanc, who joined SNHU in 2003, the university has established a reputation for experimenting with new educational services and tools. Portfolio companies are expected to have access to SNHU’s Sandbox and other resources to further test and refine their wares.

6 tips for making educational travel attainable for all students

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The experts shared tips on planning for educational travel to make it accessible for all students. Hold meetings for families. Holding regular monthly meetings, and providing that schedule to families at the beginning of the year, keeps everyone in the know.

PBS to Present “Spotlight Education,” A Special Week of Programming Featuring Reports About America’s Students and New Models of Learning, September 12-17

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Combining current-day footage, at the time of their hoped-for high school graduation, with a wealth of material shot over more than a decade, starting in 2003 when they were just entering their first year of school, the film reveals who has made it through, despite daunting obstacles.

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Are science fairs unfair?

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Jane Goodall would not have had her science fair project accepted,” said William McComas, a professor of science education at the University of Arkansas, at the February meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

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Learning with 'e's

Milgram''s question was, how many someones are in the chain?'' (Watts, 2003, p38.) Learning within a highly connected community of practice provides learners with new vistas, greater scope for exploration, and access to dialogue at the highest level in their field of study.

How The Memory Works In Learning

TeachThought - Learn better.

This duplication results of storage increases the efficiency of subsequent retrieval as a variety of cues prompt activation of different access points to the extended memory map. That is a fascinating and exciting challenge to meet at a pivotal time in the evolution of education. 2003).

Technology Training.In Pictures

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I love my job, but sometimes it can be frustrating trying to meet the needs of all the teachers and staff members in my district. The site contains tutorials for all major Microsoft Office Products like Word, Excel, Publisher, Power Point and Access, both the 2003 version and the 2007 version. I constantly look for ways to give teachers instruction that they can do on their own or in groups, together.

Why It’s Time to Rethink School Science Fairs


Jane Goodall would not have had her science fair project accepted,” said William McComas, a professor of science education at the University of Arkansas, at the February meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Furthermore, if the fair becomes a contest between kids with financial resources and plenty of parental help, and students without access to fancy supplies or a grown-up’s guidance, it’s worth asking whether science fairs are fair.

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Why I’m Optimistic About the Next Wave of Education Technology


The first online class we launched in 1998 was little more than flat text on webpages, and we closely followed the birth of learning management systems, meeting with both Blackboard and WebCT before they achieved their first $1 million in revenue. Although we were convinced that technology could transform education, simple internet access was patchy at best.

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A traditional model of organizational knowledge creation

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Information becomes content when there is a situation to apply it (Nonaka, 1999, Yaklief, 2010), but does not require a depth of understanding to access or transfer. Once created, individual, groups, departments, or the organization can control the dissemination and access to a larger number of people. Therefore, there needs to be some mechanism to access it, measure it, transfer its use, and, in some cases, store and retrieve it. 2003). 2003). 2003).

The History of the Future of E-rate

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The act called for “universal service” so that all Americans could have access to affordable telecommunications services, regardless of their geographical location. The agency issued an order to support affordable access to high-speed broadband in particular (not merely “access to the Internet”) and to boost access and bandwidth of schools’ WiFi networks. The Supreme Court ruled in 2003 that CIPA does not violate the Constitution.

Refugees can choose a separate high school in this Kentucky town

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Will Spalding is new to teaching English language learners this year, but says training sessions helped him to revamp his lesson plans to make them more accessible. as a refugee from Cameroon in 2003. Kids were not meeting their potential. Kids were not meeting their potential.

Dear ISTE (reprised)


This past week in Philadelphia I participated in a meeting that launched the year-long process of refreshing ISTE’s Standards for Students. We’ve championed equitable access and unbanning critical resources. link] (2003).

Your Talent Tech Stack for 2018

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At the other end of the spectrum there are a number of paid tools that are more fully functional, some feature access to private data sets or offer more intuitive recommendations using AI. We’ve come a long way.

Transactional and Negotiated knowledge

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In order for knowledge to be used as currency, it would need to be of value, accessible by others, identifiable, stable (with clearly defined knowledge boundaries), and available in either a tangible form or tangibly represented. Employees that have access to a wide breath of knowledge when it is needed will be the most valuable to the organization, coworkers, and departments. Access to transactional knowledge was controlled depending on its perceived value.

Needing students, Appalachian colleges reach out to fast-growing Hispanic population

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The proportion of students in kindergarten through 12 th grade nationwide that is Hispanic has increased to 25 percent from 19 percent since 2003, while the black, non-Hispanic population has dropped to 16 percent, and the white, non-Hispanic population, to 50 percent from 59 percent.

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Truth, truthiness, triangulation and the librarian way: A news literacy toolkit for a “post-truth” world


Project CORA : Community of Online Research Assignments an open access resource for faculty and librarians. Hoax-Slayer : Australian Brett Christensen has been debunking email and social media hoaxes and spam since 2003. Meet CORA (the Community of Online Research Assignments).

How the federal government abandoned the Brown v. Board of Education decision

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Board of Education school-segregation decision, Williams saw a post on Facebook shared by an old high-school friend she knew from her days playing trumpet in the Gardendale marching band: The newly empowered Gardendale Board of Education would be meeting in a few hours.

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Tuesday Interview: The Truth About Testing with Jim Popham

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

2010) and Assessment for Educational Leaders (2006), Allyn & Bacon; The Truth About Testing (2001), Test Better, Teach Better (2003), Transformative Assessment (2008) and Instruction that Measures Up (2009) ASCD; America’s “Failing” Schools (2005) and Mastering Assessment (2006), Routledge; and Unlearned Lessons (2009) Harvard Education Press. A Fellow of the Association, he has attended each year''s AERA meeting since his first in 1958.

Is Head Start a failure?

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Today, Head Start is nearing the end of a decade of big reforms, meant to improve quality and get closer to meeting the goals laid out for it in Johnson’s announcement of this new front in his War on Poverty.

The number of grandparents raising grandchildren is up, thanks in part to the opioid epidemic

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In order to serve this hidden population, the Senior Services Department in Clayton County, Georgia — where Eschman has raised her grandchildren — started the Kinship Care Program in 2003. Paula Banks, 77, has raised her 9-year-old great-granddaughter AriAnna since birth.

Knowledge Genres

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In analyzing collaborative writing in distributed groups, genres could be applied to different ways in which knowledge is organized, created, accessed, and used. The result is different structures in the organization, creation, storage, and access of knowledge which creates different knowledge genres. However, access to social and knowledge networks can create social spaces that allow for the creation of knowledge for distributed groups or individual members in the future.

The Politics of Education Technology

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Hayden is the first new librarian of Congress since 1987,” The New York Times observed at her swearing in in September, “and brings with her another generation’s ideas about accessibility, technology and the role that libraries play in society.” ” Accessibility and Technology (and the Role of Governments and Corporations). It’s another one of those open questions: what will happen to “access” to the Internet under President Trump?

Hack Education Weekly News

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” Via Inside Higher Ed : “Breaking with longstanding tradition – through Democratic and Republican administrations – President Trump will not host a meeting with this year’s American Nobel laureates.” This group of older borrowers collectively hold $247 billion in student debt, an amount that has roughly tripled since 2003.” “More on the Cost Trap and Inclusive Access” by David Wiley. (National) Education Politics.

Study Findings

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However, with the rise in the use of distributed groups in the workplace, there is the recognition that knowledge that is distributed in the form of distributed cognition, may not be accessed in the same way that traditional organizational structures allowed. For service industries, whose business is knowledge, it is very important that knowledge is accessible at the individual, group and organizational level, especially during the collaborative process.

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