Learning on the move

Learning with 'e's

It was nice to be invited to present a session for Sheffield Hallam University on mobile learning earlier today. Mobile learning is going to be very big indeed. One report suggests that as many as 8 out of every 10 people now having access to some form of mobile communication device.

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The survival of higher education (2): Changing times

Learning with 'e's

van Dijk, 2002) or simply another phase in its relentless progress. Finally, we cannot afford to ignore the growing influence of mobile phones and apps as a disruptive force and the capability they have of enabling any time, any place learning. 2002).

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and then our tools shape us

Learning with 'e's

Today''s book recommendation is the fifth in the series: Howard Rheingold (2002) Smart Mobs: The next social revolution. Technology Howard Rheingold smart phones mobile telephone education social media learning mobs cell phone

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Connected pedagogy: Social networks

Learning with 'e's

Global social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter support various forms of communication and sharing actions that were previously unavailable. 2002) Smartmobs: The Next Social Revolution.

The changing Web

Learning with 'e's

Van Dijk, 2002) or simply another phase in its relentless progress. Delicious, Diigo), microblogs such as Twitter, mashups (e.g. What roles will online games and mobile, personal technologies play in developing the skills young people need to study independently?

Viewing Comprehension Strategies: Watching Videos Like You Read A Book

TeachThought - Learn better.

Studies of the effectiveness of video in formal learning environments have yielded some confusing ideas, namely that content acquired via video consumption doesn’t easily transfer to the medium of text (Fisch 2002; Koran, Snow & McDonald 1971).

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