How to Prepare for the SAT

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For many, it represents a last desperate attempt to qualify for the college of their dreams. I’ve based my selections on the following criteria: ease of use — accounts are easy to set up with access to both the site and materials quick and intuitive.

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5 Great Ways to Make Your Classroom a Healthier, Happier Place

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As teachers, we need to protect our health. While I encourage them to wash their hands frequently, they can’t always do that between classes. Because I have so many computers, I use antibacterial electronics spray spray to make sure the keyboards are disinfected. How to.

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How to make the upcoming eclipse an incredible STEM lesson

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Later this summer, science and STEM teachers will have the opportunity to engage students in a truly unique—and rare—learning opportunity as a total solar eclipse will span portions of the United States for the first time in 38 years. Look around the sky and you should be able to see planets.

Why Flipped Classrooms Fail Part 2

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Go to Part 1: Why Flipped Classrooms Fail ] Failure is a broad term and there are many ways a flipped classroom can fail. However, when the student performance measure reads “failure” I have to question what I’m doing. Go to Part 1: Why Flipped Classrooms Fail . .

Why Flipped Classrooms Fail Part 2

Turn to Your Neighbor

Go to Part 1: Why Flipped Classrooms Fail ] Failure is a broad term and there are many ways a flipped classroom can fail. However, when the student performance measure reads “failure” I have to question what I’m doing. Go to Part 1: Why Flipped Classrooms Fail . .

How to Capture Parent Feedback Throughout the School Year


It’s, “ How should parents be involved?”. One of the best ways to get parents to engage with education is through surveys that capture their feedback. They also are more likely to have a higher opinion of the staff and faculty. How Surveys Can Help. Click To Tweet.

Educators as Purveyors of Hope

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I sought this degree due to my affinity towards at-risk and adjudicated youth. The goal, though, is for you to develop your own sense of hope.” Hope leads to learning goals , which are conducive to growth and improvement. 2002), self-esteem (Snyder et al.,

Computer literacy: The invisible skills gap?


I am guilty of assuming that the younger a person is, the easier it is to teach them digital literacy. Add to that the fact that computer literacy is the #1 entry level skill that can make or break a new entrant’s chances in the job market, and the topic takes on a fresh weight and focus.

ISTE 2018: Where I’ll Be Presenting and Joining in the Learning #iste18

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This post is full of resources to get the most of your ISTE 2018 experience whether you are there (or not.). Remember to follow (and use) the official hashtag of #ISTE18 and #NotAtISTE18 so you can see what needs to be seen! Places to Join: Free LiveStreamed Events for ISTE.

1st Grade digital PBL: Does it work?


Project-based learning , as we have often examined in this blog, is a powerful way to not only impart information, by exploration, but has the added advantage of stimulating and developing a range of other skills and habits such as communication, creativity, curiosity, confidence and collaboration.

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Misunderstanding The Gradual Release Of Responsibility Framework

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And there is much to like about the idea of the gradual release of (teacher) responsibility in the teaching of those strategies for reading – or anything else where we want skillfulness. 208–210): An explicit description of the strategy and when and how it should be used.

Shared Visioning in Action

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It’s essentially the state tech director position, and its largest responsibility is managing the Maine Learning Technology Initiative (MLTI – 1to1 in 7th & 8th statewide – since 2002! A process Bette would credit to Bruce Wellman’s work.).

How Data Science Adds Computational Thinking—and Fun—to Gym Class


You’ve got a runner on first base and you need to decide who you’re sending to the plate. In the fall of 2002, the Oakland Athletics shattered a 55-year-old record with twenty consecutive games won. How, you ask? By applying rich data analysis to the sport, a practice known as sabermetrics. When we set out to design an engaging kickball unit for our middle school students, we asked ourselves how we could learn from the 2002 A’s.

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Heading into my new class

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This week I started teaching my first class since 2002. I’d like to blog about the experience. In this post I’ll describe what I hope to achieve with the class: how I’m organizing it and what I expect. How should this class best proceed?

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Live Tuesday Sept. 27th with Cecilia d'Oliveira from MIT's OpenCourseWare

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Cecilia was the technology director for OCW since 2002, and in 2008 was named executive director. The Blackboard Collaborate room will be open up to 30 minutes before the event if you want to come in early.

From Testing to Transformational Change with Pam Moran

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Pam Moran has been a leader in education reform in Virginia over the past several years as the state moved from testing to transformation. Built for Chromebooks, it saves all of your recordings directly to Google Drive. Listen to the show on iTunes or Stitcher.

Higher Education in the Disinformation Age

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In February 2014, I happened to catch a couple of venture capitalists complaining about journalism on Twitter. ” Another VC responded , “there’s a name for this and I think Murray Gell-Mann came up with it but I’m sick today and too lazy to search for it.”

What College Professors Should Know About Learning Science


Researchers are gaining a better understanding of how people learn—both what works and what doesn’t go so well—in the classroom. The next step is to apply that research in actual college instruction. One person pushing to put learning science into practice on college campuses is Sanjay Sarma, vice president for open learning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. We tend to think that if you have a lot of data, insights will fall out magically.

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Its 2019. So Why Do 21st-Century Skills Still Matter?


When tech giant Amazon announced its search for a second headquarters site, cities across the country scrambled to produce persuasive pitches. To create compelling video arguments, student teams interviewed experts in economic development, researched state history and geography, and even wrote poems to sing the praises of their region. The story offers a good example of how education is shifting as we wrap up two decades of the 21st century.

@Quizizz : Say Goodbye to Worksheets and Crosswords

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He shares how you can use this tool to teach vocabulary and save time for other things! Download the transcript by clicking here or scroll down to read the transcript on this page. Click the button for iTunes or Stitcher to subscribe to this show. to 3.

Lessons from the UK: Prescriptions for art classes, financial advice, and more

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According to an often-referenced 2002 Health Affairs research article, an estimated 60% of early deaths are caused by interconnected factors beyond genetic predisposition and shortfalls in medical care—namely individual behavior (40%), social circumstances (15%) and environmental exposures (5%). Over 15 years later, health systems and community services are increasingly partnering in an effort to address the broader determinants of poor health in the populations they serve.

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Why do so many Moodle courses suck?

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Moodle is a magnificent free product and has the potential to enable schools and teachers to build wonderfully unique interactive online learning courses in which learner interaction can be tracked, measured and responded to. How about ready made courses?

Positive Behavior Supports Creating Meaningful Life Options for People with ASD

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As the years progress, many families view the absence of a cure as tantamount to catastrophe. The desperation families feel in the absence of a cure highlights an urgent need to develop a model for successfully “living with autism” even as we pursue a model for helping individuals “recover” from autism (Carr, 2007a). 2002). That means they can go to movies, eat at restaurants, play sports, attend religious services and even have a vacation. 2002). 2002).

As College Innovation Efforts Grow, So Do Warnings of a ‘McDonaldization’ of Higher Ed


The question is one that many professors fear is essentially coming to colleges, as higher-ed leaders adopt practices from businesses in an attempt to rethink their operations. One of the most-cited versions of the critique is the 2002 book “ The McDonaldization of Higher Education ,” by Dennis Hayes and Robin Wynyard. He calls this the“McDonaldization paradox”—that measures installed to improve education instead become inhibitors to creativity in classrooms.

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Learning on the move

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It was nice to be invited to present a session for Sheffield Hallam University on mobile learning earlier today. The university has quite a strong research group in this area, and my talk, presented online via Adobe Connect had to be on point. 2002) Finland: A Mobile Culture.

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For PD, the days of one-and-done are dead and gone!

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According to research from the Center for Public Education , “one-and-done” professional development sessions for teachers simply don’t work. However, many of us still get stuck when attempting to approach this topic. They must be taught how to apply it effectively.

Immigrants learned English in half the time when they were held back in third grade

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Back in 1998, California was the first state in the nation to require students to repeat third grade if they couldn’t read at a basic level, as measured by the state’s annual tests. Related: Why Los Angeles sends failing students on to the next grade.

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Can sadness be good for reading?

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I’ve always assumed that students who were happy at school would be more receptive to learning lessons that day. Researchers randomly assigned 160 adults to watch one of two short video clips. ” found that negative emotions prompted people to remember things better.

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What Are the Implications of Distance Learning?

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According to the U.S. Department of Education’s most recent study of the topic, the percentage of public school districts whose high school students took distance learning courses rose from 30 percent in 2002 to 53 percent in 2010. Friend or Foe to Overburdened Classrooms?

‘There’s No Such Thing as Average’: Todd Rose on Brain Science and the Limitations of Standards


Credit: Tim Holt But how did “average” come to be a common construct, and why is it a potentially destructive concept, especially in the world of education? According to Rose, there are two big reasons: First, there’s no such thing as an average person, and second, it’s inhibiting educators from creating “a principled way to think about individuality.” If we want to get a place that nurture kids, instead of batch processes them, average systems don’t work,” he said.

How a New Hampshire school uses personalization to put the tools in the hands of the learners

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The demand for making the learning experience responsive to every student’s individual learning needs is accelerating. Since its inception in 2002, Making Community Connections Charter School (MC 2 ) has been committed to personalizing learning.

To Leverage Tech in Writing Instruction, This Superintendent Channeled Justin Bieber


There is little in his CV to suggest someone who might also be a begrudging admirer of Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber. What’s interesting to me is that students are more concerned about their writing being effective and well done, knowing their peers or people outside their school are going to read it versus just the teacher. In that vein, he is also impressed with how Bieber used the Internet to find a following as a homemade YouTube sensation. “We

From foster care to college

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College students often decamp from their universities during the summer to intern, study abroad or just get a break from dining hall food. But for Kayla Mayes, it’s a time to buckle down. GPA and now she is hoping to lift it higher. “I’m colleges to help students like Mayes.

Voice and Choice Is Important—but Sometimes It’s Not Enough


During my first year of teaching in 2002, I walked into my government class on the first day of school to a group of comedic, socially confident seniors. Most of the students acknowledged my entrance by reluctantly quieting down and taking their seats, but one boy, Jack, remained standing, even as I started to introduce myself. I asked him to take his seat.“Where In some ways, my current approach still owes a lot to that challenging semester with Jack.

Strategies for Supporting ELL Students in Math

Supporting ELLs requires a commitment to a shift in practices which involves the entire school and also branches out to the community. According to nprEd , in 2016 32 states reported not having enough teachers for ELL students. “We For many of the 4.5

Lingering Fears from Outdated Screen Time Recommendations Stunt Parent Buy-In


Admittedly, as an educator I’ve popped my students in front of a movie in moments of chaos, and as a parent, I’ve found myself leaning on the not-so-educational show to calm my toddler during the witching hour. But over the past two years, as our district has rolled out our 1:1 device initiative to an increasing number of grade levels, I have also witnessed the benefits that some types of screen time can have on learners.

What these teens learned about the Internet may shock you!

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High School seniors (left to right) Hayley Striegel, Olivia Poplawski, Cheri Zheng-Fredericks and Julie Pignataro look for ways to verify information they’ve encountered on social media. Sign up for our newsletter to get a weekly update on blended learning. Northport, N.Y.,

Students on the autism spectrum are often as smart as their peers — so why do so few go to college?

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Students who are part of Project REACH meet weekly to discuss study strategies and ways that autism affects them socially and academically. Richard stormed in and out of the classroom several times, trying to retrieve the paper. One talked quietly to himself.

5 strategies for helping families overcome the stigmas of special education

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I’ve invited Nashima Harvey to share some tips for helping teachers r emove the stigma from special education through building positive relationships with students and families. It takes a village to educate all children.

North Carolina’s Digital Success Story


For over a decade, North Carolina has been the site of one of the most sustained, successful initiatives in education: giving all students in all schools access to broadband internet with WiFi in every classroom by 2018. Stakeholders—from educators and nonprofits to politicians and private companies—have all rowed in one direction to spur the strategic use of technology to ensure that all students have access to a great education.