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For two states, the digital transition requires an overhaul of the process

While the tools may have print components, companies must submit them digitally, and only the digital materials are reviewed. Pinellas County, for example, has a blended model working towards 1-to-1.

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Why ‘Black Box’ Software Isn’t Ready to Teach College


Specifically she worries that some companies have made their products a “black box” that professors and researchers can’t understand or control. Thille, an assistant professor of education at Stanford University's Graduate School of Education who previously worked in the private sector, stresses that she’s not against software companies. That was way back in 2001. Like textbooks—that's a classic example.

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Global Collaboration Week Begins - Find a Project and Connect!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

and are an excellent example of teachers continuing to learn from one another how to experience connectivist ways of sharing expertise in distributed knowledge spaces. For example, students may present case studies on education systems around the world.

In charter-school oversight, as in foreign affairs: Trust, but verify

The Hechinger Report

OIG’s charge was to assess the risk to three offices in the Department of Education: the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education , the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services , and the Office of Innovation and Improvement. President-Elect Donald J.

NCLB’s legacy: As the ESSA era begins, have policymakers, educators learned from the past?

The Hechinger Report

To be sure, ongoing ill will over NCLB influenced the bitter, drawn-out negotiations over the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, which became ESSA (NCLB was also a reauthorization of the 1965 act).

Wahoo! The 2013 Global Education Conference - Still Time to Present + Plan to Attend!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Her professional blog, Always Learning, is an invaluable resource for teachers seeking examples of authentic student engagement. In the past, he turned his interest in technology into several successful online companies, including, which sold to in 1999.