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CatchOn Joins the Education Networks of America Family of Companies


JUNE 26, 2018 In a move that enhances its mission of supporting education institutions and libraries, Education Networks of America ® (ENA) today announced that Dallas-based education technology company CatchOn, Inc has joined the ENA family of companies.

Higher education in India is moving ahead on the global stage.

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Nation is in the initial stages of “higher education-massification” according to recent reports. India is closer than ever in reaching a Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) of 30% in higher education. GER is the proportion of 16- to 23-year-olds enrolled in higher education.

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Rangatiratanga: How Tapping Into New Zealand’s Indigenous Concepts Sparked New Educational Gains


You are meeting the learners in the Manaiakalani education program. After decades of despair and educational malaise, the families that are part of the Manaiakalani program are asserting their rangatiratanga and becoming active players once again in their children’s futures. Education results plummeted along with employment. Manaiakalani Digital Teaching Academy teachers meet for their training day. Education Technology Diversity and Equity Community

How to reorientate education from knowledge acquisition to knowledge & skill mastery


This post will focus on the importance of reorienting education from knowledge acquisition to skill mastery, making what students learn at school more relevant to their lives outside the classroom, consequently increasing student motivation to learn and willingness to actively engage in lessons. Traditionally, education has been characterized by the acquisition of knowledge in various subject areas with the objective of covering a block of information separated by themes & topics.

Debunking the ‘Gold Standard’ Myths in Edtech Efficacy


But when it comes to demonstrating that products “work,” too many companies fall back on testimonials. Everyone, whether an educator, an entrepreneur or a parent, should want edtech products that are effective—ones that genuinely help students learn.

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NCLB’s legacy: As the ESSA era begins, have policymakers, educators learned from the past?

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President Bush promotes his “No Child Left Behind” education agenda during a visit to Kirkpatrick Elementary School in Nashville, Tenn., But hindsight is a very different vantage point for Cassellius, who is now Minnesota’s commissioner of education. “It

The opioid crisis took their parents, now foster kids left behind are being failed again

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Indiana’s foster care intake has more than doubled since 2001 , the sharpest increase in the nation. That’s the thing that shocked me more than anything,” said O’Brien, who is now retired after decades working at Eli Lilly and Company, the pharmaceutical company.

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Not enough students have mentors, and we must change that

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Startups and established tech companies are providing a crash course in entrepreneurship, sending engineers and designers into public schools to mentor students. Schools and businesses can meet halfway to close the mentorship gap. But not enough companies provide these opportunities.

REINVENTING.SCHOOL Thursday with Howard Blumenthal - "What About My Job at School?" #reinventingschool #learningrevolution

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

and the Chair and Co-Founder of Education Fast Forward (EFF), which brings together leading global experts and change agents from the world of education. She is the Founder and President of the Network for Public Education (NPE). Department of Education.

A Billionaire Benefactor, a Disputed Ballot Issue and a Community College Turnaround


Things changed in 2001, when then-president Carl Nelson died unexpectedly, leaving the campus and its leadership in shock. When asked what caused the rapid decline in funding, school officials point to a mix of general challenges that community colleges face: decreased state funding, changing attitudes towards higher education, lack of accountability or some combination of those factors. Before stepping into education, he was an accountant, a title he still clings to.

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President-elect Donald Trump looks on as Betsy DeVos, his nominee for Secretary of Education, speaks at the DeltaPlex Arena, December 9, 2016 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. A traditional journalist’s capacity to speak freely is a liberty professional educators should enjoy, but seldom do.

State Leadership Working Towards Broadband Access for All

In a recent edWebinar , Christine Fox, Deputy Executive Director of SETDA, offered highlights from the report, and Ryan Kocsondy, Director of Connecticut Education Network (CEN), gave an inside look at why Connecticut schools don’t worry about running out of bandwidth.

Teachers of the world, unite. You have nothing to lose but your pain!

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were underfunded by $580 billion in federal dollars alone — money that was specifically targeted to support 30 million of our most vulnerable students,” says a new report published by the education advocacy nonprofit, the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools.

Why ‘Black Box’ Software Isn’t Ready to Teach College


Specifically she worries that some companies have made their products a “black box” that professors and researchers can’t understand or control. Thille, an assistant professor of education at Stanford University's Graduate School of Education who previously worked in the private sector, stresses that she’s not against software companies. But she does worry about them gaining too much control over the educational algorithms of tomorrow. That was way back in 2001.

DEBT WITHOUT DEGREE: Gaps in financial aid, funding contribute to growing number of Georgians with college loans and no college degree

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This has happened as Georgia officials – like those in many other states – are pushing to increase the number of young residents who have some kind of post-secondary education. Folks aren’t just asking for higher education to be supported because it’s a nice thing.

Give Students the Tools and Skills They Need for Media Literacy

Educators must give students the tools and skills they need to decipher between reliable and unreliable sources of media. The National Association for Media Literacy Education defines media literacy as the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, create, and act using all forms of communication.

Live and Interactive with Roger Schank on "Our Broken Education System"

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

He is CEO of Socratic Arts , a company whose goal is to design and implement learning-by-doing, story-centered curricula in schools, universities, and corporations. In order to get computers to learn, Schank realized, they would have to have expectations and they would have to know when new events failed to meet those expectations. For the EPA this meant running a public meeting and dealing with an angry populace.

Education Technology, Betsy DeVos, and the Innovation Gospel

Hack Education

This is part two of my annual look at the year’s “ top ed-tech stories ” I confess: most of my social media networks are focused on education. I’m friends with educators. I follow educators and education journalists. I pay incredibly close attention to education news, and as such I expect my news feed to be full of education stories. We have Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos to thank for that.

A traditional model of organizational knowledge creation

Connecting 2 the World

This has implications for agency and ownership as knowledge that is created by and for the organization may be perceived as being owned by the organization (Ende & Lungsford, 2001). For example, a graduate with an associate’s degree in accounting may be competent for recording inventory, but not creating a company’s tax return. Through group filtering and curating, documents become a record of the group’s content knowledge or shared cognition (Cannon-Bower & Salas, 2001).

Veterans continue to battle for their military training to count as college credit

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But just about the only thing his college offered in exchange for that experience was one credit for physical education. Sign up for our Higher Education newsletter. Read more about higher education. Photo: U.S. Military Academy.

It all started in a German castle: How wilderness programs shape some urban schools

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Photo: EL Education. BOSTON — In 1963, Greg Farrell, an assistant dean of admissions at Princeton University, learned that an organization rooted in the teachings of a German educator was about to launch a wilderness training school in Colorado. “I Photo: EL Education.

How a Sword and Sorcery Camp Uses Immersive Role Play to Teach STEAM


A yellow school bus unloads a group of eager young campers, ready to meet their counselors and settle in for some summer camp fun. Guard Up opened a full-time facility in Burlington, Massachusetts, in 2001. The scene is right out of a survival horror movie.


Global Collaboration Week Begins - Find a Project and Connect!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Global Collaboration Week is a series of free online education events taking place during the week of September 23 - 27, 2019. During this week (and beyond), experienced global educators and other professionals will host connective projects and events and invite public participation.

We must increase our efforts to protect students from ‘predatory colleges’

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Education Secretary Betsy DeVos attends a rally to promote the importance of school choice as part of ”National School Choice Week,” in Russell Building on January 18, 2018. Department of Education. This is why we created an enforcement office at the Department of Education.

Why What We Are Teaching Is Wrong and What We Should Do About It

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Public Education provides horrible customer service. Without further ado, I am going to share the five main answers that my students came up with between 2001 and now to the question “ What is wrong with the curriculum in your school? ”. I love the work of Geoffrey Chaucer.

Hundreds of thousands of people could lose their legal status. One hopes to graduate with his college degree first

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He had an internship at the tech and manufacturing company 3M. Then in 2001, two huge earthquakes shook El Salvador, and then-President George W. Every administration, Republican and Democrat, has kept TPS going for Salvadorans since 2001. Jose is unphased by the cold.

Why a Texas school district is helping immigrants facing deportation

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As ICE arrests rise and President Trump doubles down on his immigration hardline, the choice to help students and their undocumented families beyond school walls — or not — is one that more and more educators are facing.

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In charter-school oversight, as in foreign affairs: Trust, but verify

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Is there a place for “trust, but verify” in education policy? Charter schools are public schools that are privately managed, typically by nonprofit or for-profit education management organizations.). President-Elect Donald J.

Teaching from Home and Still Making a Difference: Meet Katharine from 51Talk

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Upon completion I was offered a job teaching English to business managers at an international company and worked there for a few months before being offered a job teaching children and young adults. Distant Education Education News ESL ESL and Bilingual Technology

Passionate About Second Language Acquisition: Meet Inkeri, English Teacher at 51Talk

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51Talk is China’s leading online English education platform. The company’s mission is to make quality education accessible and affordable, and through an online platform. Can you tell us about your education background?