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6 ways to bolster STEM education for the future

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STEM education would emphasize problem-solving, interdisciplinary approaches and the value of discovery and play, according to a new 10-year vision from the American Institutes for Research for the U.S. Department of Education’s STEM Initiatives Team. STEM 2026 suggests ways to reverse such trends, providing examples of promising programs from around the country. News STEM


6 ways to improve PD in STEM for every grade level

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High-quality instruction in STEM requires both teaching expertise and content knowledge. Yet, at the elementary school level, many teachers haven’t had any specialized education or training in science, leaving them at a loss for PD in STEM. AMP-STEM has three components: Summer Institutes, STEM Certification Courses, and STEM Writer Academies. Here are a few: 1.


Notes from the 2015 Iowa STEM Summit

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Here are my notes from today’s 2015 Iowa STEM Summit … Welcome , Lt. STEM should be a catalyst for active learning. Launching a STEM Council Seal of Approval for programs (e.g. Over 5,100 applications were submitted for STEM Scale-Up Grants. Numerous STEM externships are available for teachers. Peek Into a STEM Classroom: Sioux Center High School.


7 ways data collection is improving STEM education

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STEM classes in particular have a natural potential to be both tech-rich and inquiry-based, especially hands-on lab activities. Here are 7 ways technology is enhancing and expanding STEM education in our school district. One exciting way we’re infusing technology into STEM education is through our district’s Innovations Labs. Creating these hands-on experiences, which incorporate the environments and the tools of modern science and technology careers, is critical to helping students develop scientific literacy and a love for STEM. Next page: What parents think.


Part 3: STEM, STEAM, Makers: Over 25 STEM and PBL Competitions

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Welcome to this third post in a series that brings STEM, STEAM, and Maker Space together with Project Based Learning and proper technology integration in the classroom. I have traveled the country delivering PD relating to technology integration, PBL, STEM, Digital Literacy, and the 4 C’s. Part 3: STEM, STEAM, Makers: Over 25 STEM and PBL Competitions.

The link between arts-based learning and STEM

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” Working with Worcester, MA high school students and early career STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) professionals from San Diego, the results were compiled through a series of experimental studies testing AoSL’s hypothesis: that integrating the arts into STEM innovation training results in enhanced individual creative thinking skills, increased collaborative behaviors, and more robust team innovation outcomes. The report was written by Audience Viewpoints Consulting, the independent research firm AoSL retained to conduct the study.

The 10-day summer STEM program improving science instruction

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Tesha Frederick sees the endless possibilities of teaching science, thanks to a University of Wyoming (UW) program that promotes STEM careers. Frederick, a kindergarten-first-grade teacher, was among 30 teachers – -mainly from various Wyoming school districts — on the UW campus this summer for a 10-day schedule that included various STEM-related workshops.

Math Modeling: Why are We Missing it in High School?

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By now increasing the time limit from three days to fifteen, AoCMM ensures that all competitors can thoroughly elaborate on every idea they have in their paper while facing a level of pressure similar to that in professional STEM fields. Advocate Education News Featured Math Science Secondary Education Social Good STEMThis year’s competition will be held from 10/4 to 10/18.

Dept. of Ed launches makerspace design challenge with $200,000 in prizes

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billion for career and technical education programs in grades 7-12 and in post-secondary institutions. “We need to rethink high school for the 21st century, and give our students experiences that will build their creative confidence and problem-solving skills, and also prepare them for potential STEM careers.” King Jr, as he called for the re-authorization of the Carl D.

Oklahoma district boasts ‘best in state’ STEM innovation labs

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Maker spaces, science labs, and touch screens help students conduct real-world STEM. million contribution to the Bartlesville Public School District to build Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) labs at Bartlesville’s three secondary schools. McClatchy STEMWe are very proud of that.”. Background: In August 2014, Phillips 66 gave a $1.7 250 square-feet.

5 state policies to sustain computer science education

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Asa Hutchinson, convened a group of state legislators, secondary and postsecondary education leaders to formulate policies and actions that positively support computer science. million STEM jobs will be computer-related. Policy Resource STEM Top NewsPart of those efforts focus on actions states can take to ensure that computer science education is a priority year-round.

7 ways schools can get creative with STEAM

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For a while now, schools have been slowly merging science and math lessons with visual arts as a way to add a hands-on component, and perhaps a dash of culture, to ordinary STEM curriculum. It won’t always be possible for STEM and art links to occur at the same point during the school year, and that’s OK. How every school can create a great STEAM program. Take time to build momentum.

3 ways innovative schools advance maker learning for all

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The Iowa City Community School District will open makerspaces in each of its six secondary attendance centers. 21st Century Skills Digital Learning and Tools Innovation Corner STEM digital promise maker education maker movementOver 1,400 U.S. school leaders have answered the call by signing the Maker Promise. We identified three major ways how League leaders are making this happen.

6 ways to support computer science education

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The authors offer a series of recommendations for federal and state policymakers to leverage this momentum: • Reform curricula for existing technology classes to focus on core concepts of computer science in primary and secondary schools. Establish more STEM-intensive public charter high schools. The report found that just half of U.S. Teach computer science in all high schools.

7 innovative 3D printers for the classroom

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In fact, from 2011 to 2015, government business intelligence company Onvia awarded $1,809,298 in 3D printer and supply contracts to 44 primary, secondary and higher education institutions and school districts across the United States. Widaman said 3D printing the cars, which run 60-65 miles per hour, has been a “great addition” for the students in teaching them STEM lessons. David D.

#03: Science Kits with Love from Kansas to Haiti

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Matthew Clay is a secondary science teacher at Ness City, Kansas Schools and a doctoral student in education at the University of Northern Colorado researching environmental experiences. 10-minute Teacher Show Flat Classroom Get Connected STEM TeachingMatt is helping his science students create science kits for students in Haiti. So many bored, unexcited students. Listen on iTunes.

These Community Colleges Are Still Fulfilling the American Dream


They rallied around me on my post-secondary journey, which prepared me for my eventual career promoting equity in education. Not only do these schools serve the varied needs of their local communities, which include adult education and programming to enrich the lives of local residents, they play a critical role in providing an on-ramp to post-secondary education for students who have the talent and will to pursue a college education. Education Technology Diversity and Equity Community STEM Education ELLGiven that. According to the. undergraduate enrollments. According to.

The Virtual High School: Global Online Classrooms

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The Virtual High School has created global online classrooms for secondary school students and online professional development for educators. They offer Advanced Placement classes, unique electives, and STEM courses. One of the exciting things about the increased availability of educational technology is how it’s changing the way we think about traditional classrooms.

Powerful Practices: Q&A with St. Vrain Schools’ Michael O’Toole on Fostering Future Scientists

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Vrain Valley schools, has a vision for how STEM can be applied across all subjects to build a stronger foundation for future learners. Vrain, and where he sees the future of STEM heading. We’re fortunate to have a 1:1 environment, in which our secondary students each have an iPad, but we are still committed to a hands-on science experience. At St. How does St. How has St.

Esri releases free online activities for Earth Science

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GISetc is an award-winning, longstanding publisher of GIS curricula materials for primary and secondary school students. Digital Learning and Tools News STEM Top NewsNew Earth Science materials helps students map what they learn. Esri is teaming up with GISetc for a free set of Earth Science materials, called the GeoInquiry Collection. Remote Sensing. Minerals/Mining. Rock Types.

Rice U. offering free AP Physics online prep course

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Nevils, a former AP physics teacher with both the Houston and Spring Branch independent school districts, previously served as assistant director of Rice’s Office of STEM Engagement and leader of the Rice Excellence in Secondary Science Teaching program. Assessments News Online Learning STEM Top NewsProfessor Hafner and his ‘accomplices’ really try to make physics fun.


Computer science courses still a rarity in California

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On Friday, it listed over 1,000 openings within 25 miles of Sacramento that mentioned programming or database analysis as desired core or secondary skills. Digital Learning and Tools eClassroom News McClatchy News STEMDespite tech explosion, schools are not seeing a boon in available computer science, coding courses. IT departments are now a staple of corporate America. The U.S.

A Glimpse of the Future: What the K-12 Classroom Will Look Like in 2025

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This week I’ll be on a panel discussing the Future Classroom at this year’s STEM Summit hosted by Towson University. Here are three important questions that deserve the most attention as we look to the future of secondary education: How will student evaluation change? Will technology exacerbate or diminish the existing disparities in secondary education?

CA Computer Science Legislation with CUE Support Approved by Gov Brown


Ensure all pupils have access to computer science from K-post secondary education. The bill supports President Obama’s Computer Science for All initiative, which provides Federal funding for the next three years for states to increase access to computer science education in elementary and secondary education classrooms. CUE Advocacy Update. Panel and preparing the Plan.

Teachers Want Better Ed-Tech Science Tools. Will the Market Provide Them?

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Far too many jobs in science are going unfilled; for instance, not enough minority students are jumping into science, technology, engineering, and math, or “STEM” careers, the authors say. In secondary grades, they need products that can help them diagnose student learning and customize lessons to student needs. based philanthropy that invests in education.

This tool boosts science, engineering interest

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Hannah Strobl likes animals and dreams of becoming a veterinarian, and recently, she was clicking through a specialized online STEM teaching tool at a snappy pace. Learning Blade students are 37 percent more likely to consider a STEM career, she said. Zach Wamp, who chairs the Learning Blade advisory board, said STEM education is critical to the nation’s competitiveness.


Urgency with Coding Now for the Future


I've heard Anne Jenks share numerous times the importance of teaching coding in school, especially with so many STEM professions available. Below are a few places for getting started: Device Elementary Secondary iPad Daisy the Dinosaur Tickle (older app) Hopscotch Scratch Jr. How are you building STEM opportunities in your classroom? 21st Century Learning Coding MakerSpace STEMBeing literate in today's world, includes computer literacy. Luckily, there are organizations, such as , dedicated to giving students opportunities to learn computer science.

South Carolina adopts science video service

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Supplementary STEM videos serve to engage students in science learning. These supplemental STEM resources can enhance science curriculum connecting science teaching and learning to career and college readiness. “The videos are excellent tools to help connect STEM activities to applications in the real world in pursuit of college and a career.”

Rethinking education and assessment for truly personalized learning – Brian Aspinall, Canada

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The path I’m on right now is about content creation and getting kids to solve problems systematically and logically through computer science and STEM, both at the elementary and secondary levels,” Aspinall tells me. “I’m When you talk with Brian Aspinall, the self-described “dork, teacher, coach, blogger and speaker,” it’s impossible to not get excited about the future of education.

How Do We Know When Technology Helps—or Hurts—the Classroom? Educators at ISTE Weigh In


Similarly, over in Minnesota, a K-6 STEM teacher named Rachel Pierson relies on feedback from the students themselves. “If Rachel Pierson, K-6 STEM Teacher. Mike Dorsey, Director of Secondary Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for the Houston Independent School District, felt the same. Mike Dorsey, Director of Secondary Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for the Houston Independent School District . Mary Jo Madda ( @MJMadda ) is Senior Editor at EdSurge, as well as a former STEM teacher and administrator. Sound familiar? Ed-Fi. Trends change.

The Edtech Industry Has 'Created a Mess'—Q&A with Mike Dorsey and Alan November


EdSurge caught up briefly with November and Mike Dorsey, Director of Secondary Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for the Houston Independent School District, at ISTE for this week's podcast. Mary Jo Madda ( @MJMadda ) is Senior Editor at EdSurge, as well as a former STEM teacher and administrator. Alan November is a big-name educational consultant who was once a champion of technology in the classroom. But after EdSurge talked to him at ISTE, it seems that his message has slightly changed: technology isn’t having the impact we hoped for in schools. Check it out.

PBS to Present “Spotlight Education,” A Special Week of Programming Featuring Reports About America’s Students and New Models of Learning, September 12-17

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The annual “Rethinking College” series takes a critical look at how higher education is evolving to provide a better post-secondary learning experience, especially for people in underserved communities with underrepresented populations. This is an important documentary series for everyone. Please share this information. Week Will Kick Off “Teach Boldly” Year-long Teacher Support Program.

Influential Educator Keynotes Southeast Powerful Practices Event

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They also shared digital instructional practices in social studies, math, science, and STEM. director of secondary curriculum and instruction, Marietta City Schools, Ga. Classroom Content Curriculum experts Georgia Insights and Conversations Programs and Events Atlanta disciplinary literacy Erin Gruwell Freedom Writers Powerful Practices STEM Virtual RealityClassroom, curriculum, and central office leaders from across the Southeast and beyond met in Atlanta, Ga., for a jam-packed day of workshops with nationally renowned educators.

Part 4: Over 35 Formative Assessment Tools To Enhance Formative Learning Opportunities

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I have traveled the country delivering PD relating to technology integration, PBL, STEM, Digital Literacy, and the 4 C’s. Back channel refers to the idea of a secondary discussion happening in the same environment as a primary presentation or demonstration. In today’s classroom there is the possibility to use digital technology to allow, promote, and sanction secondary communication.

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Five Compelling Reasons For Teaching Spatial Reasoning To Young Children


Spatial thinking is an important predictor of achievement in STEM careers. Research shows that spatial thinking is an important predictor of achievement in the STEM disciplines—science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (Wai, Lubinski, & Benbow, 2009). In addition, recent research indicates that early attention to developing children’s spatial thinking increases achievement in math and science and can promote skill and interest in future careers in STEM disciplines (Newcombe, 2010). Bruce, Bev Caswell, Tara Flynn, and Zachary Hawes. 2016, pp. 13–16. 2001). 2013).

3 Injustices in Education

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The lack of engagement might stem from a learning challenge (academic), it might be personal challenges at home (social/emotional), or it might be that the student doesn’t feel connected to the school, peers or teacher. —– Below is the podcast where, in addition to the 3 injustices mentioned above, I also share quite a bit about what we do at Inquiry Hub Secondary School.

Avoid the One-Size-Fits-All Classroom

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At the secondary level scenes like this are less frequent. My excitement about blended learning stemmed from the realization that learning, both inside and outside of my classroom, can take many different forms. Many middle school and high school teachers feel immense pressure to move quickly through the curriculum. I love the flexibility of working in this model. Learning