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Breaking News: Today - Educreations Launches New iPad App and Turns Your iPad Into an Interactive Whiteboard


Available for the first time ever today, the new iPad app from Educreations will transform teaching. Educreations brings your science lesson to life Educreations founded in 2010 by Wade Roberts and Chris Streeter, and backed by Imagine K12, has a clear goal of giving all students access to the world''s best teachers. How amazing is that? did I mention that it''s free!

Creating in Educreations


Educreations received a slight makeover, and it now has a few new features that allows teachers to push lessons out to student accounts, while also being able to see published student work for those enrolled in her/his classes. What is Educreations? Educreations is an interactive whiteboard and screencasting tool for both the iPad and desktop computer. How do you use it?



BUDDY TIME WITH EDUCREATIONS Collaboration is important at any age. We should empower our students to be explorers, and engage and be a part of their own learning. A 4th grade classroom paired with a kindergarten class to have buddy time, get to know each other, and learn a new tool.

Array Hunt With iPads and Educreations 2.0


I''ve always been a huge fan of Educreations, a free whiteboard and recording app and website. They have just introduced some new and improved features of their product, that will make using EduCreations even more productive. Educreations 2.0 After Array hunting, I worked with some students to show them how to use the newest version of educreations. per student.

20 Terrific Presentation Tech Tools for Kids!


Educreations 3. education Educreations free technology for teachers Haiku Deck Laura Candler Popplet presentation tools Screenr Storybird Tech Tools technology Toontastic web tools for kids I recently submitted a piece to my friend, Laura Candler, for inclusion of her new eBook: 20 Terriffic Presentation Tech Tools for Kids. I get such creative prespective from fellow colleagues.

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The Foundations of Flipping


Using Educreations , here is an example Jennifer made for a math lesson. Using Educreations , here is an example I made for a math lesson. Using Educreations, here is an example Allistair made on The Skeletal System. camtasia Camtasia Studio Educreations flipclass flipped learning project based learning TechSmith The flipped classroom Just Click Play to Watch. KylePace.

5 Apps to Transform Teaching and Personalize Learning


Photo credit: Ann Feldmann Ann Feldmann Apps With digital tools like Nearpod, Classkick, Educreations, Explain Everything, and Seesaw, teachers can leverage student-centered, personalized learning in whole-group instruction, guided and independent practice, and reflection

Versatility Using Educreations with Reflector

Hansen's Link to Tech

27 Word Work Apps for the Elementary Classroom

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Educreations – At the end of a unit have students create a short presentation with their words. Apps iPad book creator educreations moldiv pic collage popplet skitch Whether a teacher uses Daily 5 in the classroom or not, word work is an important piece of student daily learning. This article will provide an extensive list of iOS word work apps. Great for grades 1-5. K-2 ).

Create Short Animated Videos for Learning With the Tellagami App


This Gami uses a screen shot created with the Educreations app to explain a math procedure. 1:1 Android animation apps BYOD BYOT Educreations iOS mobile learning multimedia Tellagami Through a teacher and an educational technologist in my school district, I''ve recently discovered the Tellagami app for creating short animated videos. Check out my Gami (it''s only 26 seconds!),

Some app substitutions for iPad apps to use on a Chromebook

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Chromebooks - apps recommendations and substitutions Many “apps” made for iOS and Android aren’t meant to be used as apps on a Chromebook, anymore than they would be on a Mac or Windows device. You can just use the website. Others have web apps and/or extensions. Google Photos (part of Google Drive) can also be used to organize your photos and do basic editing. More: Google Drive Can use Office Editing web app to edit and view Word, Excel and PowerPoint files in Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. Find more here: Google Apps and Chromebooks Web App Recommendations - a whole lot!

Documenting Learning

User Generated Education

using apps such as Seesaw or Educreations. As I’ve discussed in numerous posts, I am an experiential educator. I believe in and promote learning-by-doing and hands-on learning. I approach experiential learning from a cycle of learning which includes reflecting on and analysis of things done through learning-by-doing. Documenting learning can take on many forms: writing a blog. link].

13 Digital Tools to Empower Active Use

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Educreations – Empower students to create videos to show their thinking and share it with the world or leverage this as a teaching tool to help students understand complex tasks. Blog AnswerGarden BlendSpace EdPuzzle Educreations Explain Everything Kahoot Nearpod Padlet PlayPosit Samsung Seesaw Tackk Thinglink Vocaroo Voice RecorderToday’s digital world is littered with drill and kill technology, much of it no different than a digital version of the worksheets of years past. An app is available for Chrome as well. Kahoot – Create, play, and share.

#TeacherPD: Screencasting – Where do I start? + Using @Zaption as a Video Editor #flipclass #edtech


Option 3: iPad — Educreations. In this video, I share 3 very simple screencasting options that I most often recommend: Option 1: Mac Only — QuickTime. Option 2: Mac & PC — Screencast-O-Matic. As a bonus, you will get a sense of how Zaption can be used as your video editor. Feel free to copy & edit this lesson for your own use.

Using Google Drive Forms to Power 1:1 Instruction

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

Educreations Expertise - I created and successfully used a form to introduce students to all the features of Educreations prior to a collaborative project with 1:1 iPads. As I explore teaching and learning in a 1:1 iPad environment I''m excited about the potential of using Google Drive Forms as a teaching tool. The form functioned like an interactive multimedia powered journey.

The Best E-Book Yet: 40Must-know Web 2.0 Edutools


Edutools: A Quick Guide provides insight into large tools such as Twitter and Facebook to smaller new companies like Educreations. Web 2.0 Tools in Education Series 40 Must-know Web 2.0 Edutools Followers of this blog may recall the fantastic Web 2.0 Dr. Amin has created some great guides to using Web 2.0 Today I am happy to very happy to present his landmark new piece, 40 Must-know Web 2.0

Finding Content for Reteaching, Blending, and Flipping


We talked about using a tool like Socrative or InfuseLearning to get a quick feel for where students are in their learning, and then apps like Explain Everything , Educreations , or ShowMe which teachers can use to create video tutorials based on learning needs. Online content means you can learn anywhere, with anyone! You can now search for content that has been aligned to state standards.

5 iPad apps for Student Presentations and Meta-Cognition

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Educreations Interactive Whiteboard Educreations is one of the most popular apps for the K-12 classroom, with good reason. Similar to Educreations, students can use it as a whiteboard to write and explain their thinking. One of the best things about going 1:1 with technology is the amount of options students have to present their learning experiences. in the app store.

Dropbox + Pinterest + SMART Exchange for Teachers + Common Core = ClassConnect


You can even have student groups creating the content via Educreations or Camtasia Studio! click here to make IWB videos with your iPad via Educreations click here to download your free 30 day trial of Camtasia Studio via TechSmith click here to view my ClassConnect content Sal Khan and The Gates Foundation on Flipping your Classroom recently seen on 60 minutes. It was surreal!

Close Read Complex Text, and Annotate with Tech--Part 1


Educreations is a favorite because you can add pages and annotate on the pages with the tools. Educreations is an iPad app that can also be accessed from your browser. Since Educreations is like an interactive whiteboard, it requires a narration to record and save. Unlike Educreations, it does not require a narration, but that is an option. So what makes a text complex

iPad as the Teacher's Pet - Version 2.0

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The next most popular was Educreations with 7%. If you examine the word cloud, the text Educreations appears larger than Explain Everything. Download the PDF. View on Scribd. An iPad can be a teacher’s very handy assistant! Last year I published an infographic titled "iPad as the Teacher’s Pet” and I have updated it to version 2.0. What has changed since Version 1.0? Can I print it?

Pump Students Up with Digital Icebreakers

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Draw and Dash - Each student will need to use a piece of paper or a drawing app like Tackk, Educreations, Magic Paintbrush, or Sketchbook Express. Each group will need to use a drawing app like Tackk, Educreations, Magic Paintbrush, or Sketchbook Express. “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” by Plato. Icebreakers. More Resources.

20 Tools, Apps, & Tips for Engaging Assessment

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Try assessment with interactive whiteboard tools and apps like Educreations , SyncSpace (iOS/Android), Explain Everything , and ScreenChomp. See this example by Mrs. Wideen’s first graders using Educreations ! “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” – Robert Collier. In my book, The 30 Goals Challenge for Teachers , I encourage teachers to reflect on the way they assess their students for Goal 17: Re-evaluate Value. Assessment shouldn’t make students feel like quitting. Enjoyed these resources? Tips and Resources. Bookmarks.

3 Organizational Apps to Start the School Year

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Educreations. One of the standouts in this screencasting field is Educreations. Educreations can be linked to file locations like Dropbox and Google Drive as well as LMS communities like Edmodo. Audio and video (in addition to the native voice-over and rendered Educreations movie) can’t be embedded into the presentation. includes a wide variety of reading formats.

February’s 11 buzzworthy edtech tools

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While we rated Explain Everything Classic highly, we noted the detailed but complex design vis a vis competitors like Educreations. Things move fast in the edtech world, and we hear all the time from teachers how hard it can be to keep up. This is why we’ve created the EdTech Eleven: our monthly list of noteworthy tools generating buzz in the edtech world. February 2017 Updates.

Groovy Grammar! Tools, Apps, & Ideas for Learning Grammar

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Get your students to create a similar video with a screencast tool (Educreations or Screen-o-matic). “Who climbs the Grammar-Tree; distinctly knows Where Noun, and Verb, and Participle grows… “- Decimus Junius Juvenalis, Satire VI. With digital devices, learners are writing and speaking everyday. Often, our learners communicate with an international audience. The activities below get students to use their devices to learn grammar in engaging ways. One idea is to get our students to correct the grammar in celebrity tweets , online reviews, and their own status updates.

Digital Activities & Icebreakers for Gen Y

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Draw and Dash - Each student will need to use a piece of paper or a drawing app like Tackk, Educreations, Magic Paintbrush, or Sketchbook Express. Each group will need to use a drawing app like Tackk, Educreations, Magic Paintbrush, or Sketchbook Express. Recently added to the Survival Tips for Teachers . “The number one benefit of educational technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do. It lets people be creative … productive … learn things they didn’t think they could learn before, and so in a sense it is all about potential.”

Setting Up Digital Workstations


If you only have one iPad, you can use EduCreations to internally flip your classroom for a specific station/content area. Encouraging Choice, Collaboration, and Fun! give away at the bottom of this post - Have you ever ran out of time when teaching a lesson? Ever wish there was just twenty more minutes for your students to extend a lesson with an engaging game? How creative! How exciting!

Fisher-Price Apptivity Case: iPod/iPad Case


apps for kids apps for toddlers baby ipod case Educreations fisher price ipad fisher price ipod iphone case for kids ipod case for toddlers iwrite words peekaboo barn shape builder The Fisher-Price Apptivity Case for iPod and iPad Use As an advocate for technology, I am excited about the Apptivity Case by Fisher-Price. I think children naturally like to mimic the actions of their parents.

@edcanvas An Interactive Lesson Board!


I use SMART Notebook, Educreations , MentorMob , and Claco to create many of my lessons. alternatives to power point Claco death of power point digital content boards Edcanvas education pin boards Educreations Mentor Mob Pinterest for teachers presentation tools SMART Notebook Edcanvas: The one place to organize, present and share knowledge I recently ran across Edcanvas on Pinterest.

5 iPad apps for Student Presentations and Meta-Cognition

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Educreations Interactive Whiteboard Educreations is one of the most popular apps for the K-12 classroom, with good reason. Similar to Educreations, students can use it as a whiteboard to write and explain their thinking. One of the best things about going 1:1 with technology is the amount of options students have to present their learning experiences. in the app store.

The Art of Classroom App Smashing

Fractus Learning

Popplet / Educreations. Third grade students learning about planets created a fact web in Popplet Lite , imported their Popplet into Educreations , added voice to their project using Educreations, and, once saved in Educreations, classmates could check out each other’s work. App Smashing is relatively new (2+/- years) in the world of technology. Example below.

3 Stylus Pens for 85 cents! OMG!


I was looking for a Stylus to use for my iPad - mainly because I want to start creating lessons via Educreations. 3 Pack of Universal Touch Screen Stylus Pen (Red + Black + Silver) So, yes, I am an affiliate of Amazon. and I don''t make it a habit of promoting products through my blog; however, today I am making an exception. It would be wrong not to. I want my handwriting to be neat.

Differentiated math instruction using Front Row: adaptive math for K-8 classrooms!


The iPad version has a whiteboard like educreations that the students can use to do math right in the app. I have started using a FREE new math program this spring called Front Row. I’m really excited to start using this resource to teach math - I have heard amazing things about it how engaging it is for students and how it has the potential to really help them grow in math.

6 Ideas for Creating Math Centers – From Beth Holland


Armed with screencasting tools such as Explain Everything (iOS, ChromeOS, Android, & Windows), Educreations (iOS & web), or SnagIt (ChromeOS), students can now talk their way through problems and explain their thinking. First, she created a center where each student used Educreations to create video story that presented a math problem. Explanation Stations.

Tons of Classroom Examples Using Augmented Reality with @Aurasma - A Complete How-To Guide!


view my video demonstration below - click play) I ma de the video used as the overlay in the above video using Educreations. I kn ew Brad and Drew were using Explain Every thing (another IWB, interactive whiteboarding ap p, like Educreations) so I wanted to see if I could do the same. Pretty cool, right? The first time it happens, it seems like magic. neither could my students! Enjoy!

Digital Tools for Inclusivity

Reading By Example

Educreations : Students can draw and narrate on a topic of their choice. Here are three categories of tools the authors suggest teachers consider: Tools for collaborative learning (to learn from and with each other): Google Docs : Students work on the same document and comment on each other’s work. Padlet : Students add images, video, text, links, etc. image below).