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Our hopes and dreams for Global Prosperity at the Christensen Institute: Will you join us?

The Christensen Institute

How we got here. spent the first 16 years of my life in Nigeria before moving to the United States for college. And as far as I knew, the only way to solve the global poverty problem was by spending significant sums of money. Then, I read a book that made me begin to question these assumptions. Clearly, something is wrong with this picture. Where will we go from here? Emerging Research

5 Resources To Make Your Next Presentation Pop

The Web20Classroom

Perhaps you are like me and have to sit through presentations often. Sometimes they are great. You can tell the presenter put a lot of thought into what they want to talk about and it feels like they really know their stuff. The slides they use are engaging and help reinforce the story that’s being told. But then there are those times that are the complete opposite. Best part they are all free!

YouTube Kids Launches #Learn A Language

EdNews Daily

YouTube Kids gives your family an easy way to watch their favorite shows, or explore anything that captures their imagination. It’s free, simple to use, and full of family-friendly videos. YouTube Kids. Made for curious little minds. Download in iTunes or Google Play. Kicking off this month! YouTube Kids is committed to helping kids explore and learn about the world around them. French! Hindi!

Web Filtering: equally beneficial for your 5-year-old & 15-year-old


Web filtering is required by law, as long as schools wish to receive e-rate funding to supply their digital classrooms. The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requires that schools “block Internet access to pictures that are (a) obscene (b) child pornography or (c) harmful to minors.” The general sentiment: students –especially teens– hate web filtering*. And even save lives. 2.

5 Costly Inventory Management Mistakes Schools Should Avoid

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How this Teacher is Finding True Joy in Her Profession: A Chat with Ariel from 51Talk

EdNews Daily

This is our third interview with teachers from 51Talk. enjoyed this interview. You can hear the happiness in Ariel’s voice as you read her experience. If you have any questions about teaching with 51Talk, please reach out to us. You can also apply to teach at this link: 51Talk Application. Ariel, You’ve been teaching with 51Talk for the past four months. It’s a very fun dynamic.

How to Find the Parent-Teacher Communication App Your Classroom Needs


Jessica Meacham built a robust worksheet and did a lot of research to find the parent-teacher app that best fit her requirements.  Teacher Gets Serious About Comparing Apps to Find the Right one for. Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post. Thanks (and thanks for subscribing)!].

K–12 Schools Embrace Anytime, Anywhere Learning

EdTech Magazine

By Jacquelyn Bengfort Districts go beyond reconfiguring classrooms and prepare students to take their learning mobile. Bring Your Own Device Classroom Cloud Collaboration Management Networking

Curriculum Mapping with G Suite


Wouldn't it be great to create a flexible, collaborative and free Curriculum Mapping solution for unit planning and horizontal and vertical articulations using G Suite? It's now possible! In this community, we share all the steps through a Google Drawing Infographic with YouTube Video tutorials and interact regularly with a diverse community of over 700 members. Wait a minute! Want to explore more?


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3 Areas Where Having “The Innovator’s Mindset” is Crucial

The Principal of Change

As I have contended for years, “Innovation” is about mindset, not skill set. How we look at the world, is how we move forward, learn, and create.  In my book, “ The Innovator’s Mindset “, I defined it as the following: “Belief that abilities, intelligence, and talents are developed so that they lead to the creation of new and better ideas.” ” .

5 ways to make thinking visible

eSchool News

The high-stakes nature of state exams means that schools need to assess student understanding in real time rather than wait for scores at the end of year or even the end of a unit. And simply relying on more tests as formative assessments is likely to cause students psychological stress and prompt them to disengage from learning. Teacher’s Role in Making Thinking Visible.

School of Me: Letting students study what they want, when they want is the latest education trend

The Hechinger Report

A fifth grader works on a digital lesson as part of a blended learning program. Photo: Meghan E. Murphy. By design, some students go through two years of kindergarten in Middletown, New York. People associate repeating grades with disastrous consequences. They’ve had the extra instruction they needed, when they needed it. Eastwood, the district’s superintendent. Ryan S. Kenneth W.

The Higher Ed Learning Revolution: Tracking Each Student's Every Move

NPR Learning and Tech

More colleges and universities are exploring how to better use the trove of data they're collecting on their students to improve teaching and learning. Image credit: Chelsea Beck/NPR

Data 46

2 BRAND NEW tools to help students display work, reflect

Ditch That Textbook

Google Slides is such a versatile tool in G Suite (Google Apps). It goes much further than creating a slide presentation to show on the screen to the entire class. Mix in images — the visual tools that make instant connections in our brains — and you’ve got an engaging activity in the making. I [.].

iPads ignite furor in schools

eSchool News

In the shadow of Apple Computer’s 1 Infinite Loop headquarters, an initiative requiring public middle schoolers to use iPads in class and at home has spawned a growing battle over education in the digital age. District officials and many teachers tout the iPads as innovative learning tools. Students, it seems, are thrilled to have them.

iPad 52

LeVar Burton: Digital Devices Can Embrace Storytelling

EdTech Magazine

By Jena Passut The former Reading Rainbow host shares the power of storytelling in his life and beyond. Classroom Internet Mobile Apps Mobility

How Finland’s youngest learners obey the rules — by fooling around in school

The Hechinger Report

Children in Eastern Finland in what is considered one of the most important activities of the day: recess. Photo: William Doyle. It is lunch time at the University of Eastern Finland’s teacher training lab school in North Karelia, a lush forest and lake district on the Russian border. One girl does a full handstand in the hallway. A Related: What do we invest in the country’s youngest?

Relationships Are Everything

A Principal's Reflections

I recently had the honor of being a guest on Dr. Will Deyamport’s podcast called the Dr. Will Show. You can view the Google Hangout video HERE. We had a vibrant conversation on the topic of Digital Leadership with a focus on school culture, embracing change, strategic use of social media, the Model Schools Conference , and innovation. Image credit

How media literacy is critical to saving our democracy

eSchool News

[ Editor’s note : This post by Alan November, written exclusively for eSchool Media, is part of a series of upcoming articles by this notable education thought leader. Stanford History Education Group, 2016. That means paying less attention to what we should be blocking in our schools—and more attention to teaching students how to be smart consumers of information.

'Schools Can Save Lives': An Exit Interview With The U.S. Education Secretary

NPR Learning and Tech

John B. King Jr. talks about equity, testing and vouchers as he prepares for a Trump administration handover. Image credit: Elissa Nadworny/NPR

5 ideas for using Google Classroom’s new differentiation and grouping feature

Ditch That Textbook

One huge drawback of using Google Classroom has beenthe inflexibility of creating assignments. Everything you assigned had to go to every student. Deliver assignments to small groups? Differentiate to subsets of students? Until now. Google announced a few changes to Google Classroom, and this one was the bombshell: assign activities to small groups [.]. Ed Tech differentiation edtech educational technology g suite for education gafe google apps for education google classroom grouping gsuiteedu

How Data Can Help Inform K–12 Decisions

EdTech Magazine

By Elizabeth Combs Use research tools to determine the next course of action in schools. Business Intelligence Data Analytics

Data 39

The best PD webinars of 2016—did you watch?

eSchool News just completed an analysis of their 2016 webinar viewership stats for 2016.  The professional learning community hosted 260 PD webinars in 2016 that were viewed by 165,000 educators – an average of 635 educators per webinar.  Thirty eight webinars (15 percent) were on early learning topics and had 45,000 (27 percent) of the viewers.  Bailey, Ph.D., Much More Than the ABC Song!

Pedagogy of Imperfection


] This post is co-authored with Autumm Caines and Rebecca J. Hogue. Together we are the co-directors of Virtually Connecting. ]. They say perfect is the enemy of done, but there may be more value to imperfection in pedagogy than just getting things done. Learning is an imperfect process and the situation is few and far between where we see someone getting it perfect the first time. Sound crazy?

Four Ways School Leaders Can Support Meaningful Innovation


When schools try to innovate, they often take a traditional top-down approach: devise a strategy, roll it out to teachers and support a high-fidelity implementation. The end result is often one that lacks teacher support or genuine enthusiasm — initiatives putter along and change is sporadic or modest. What can schools do to invest in research and development for good teaching?

School Graduation Rates Are Deceiving. Here Are 7 Things That Would Help

NPR Learning and Tech

High school graduation rates are improving, but an investigation into the numbers shows some of that is due to quick fixes. Policy experts respond with their suggestions for real progress. Image credit: LA Johnson/NPR

New Google Classroom features make it easier to learn, teach, manage, and build

eSchool News

Google Classroom is designed for everyone involved in a student’s education. Over 20 million educators and students actively use it to teach and learn together, as do administrators who oversee how this tool is used across classrooms and developers who are building educational technology for the next generation. For students: Individualized work for differentiated learning.

10 Benefits Of Inquiry-Based Learning

TeachThought - Learn better.

The post 10 Benefits Of Inquiry-Based Learning appeared first on TeachThought. Inquiry Experienced Teacher General

15 Excellent YouTube Channels for Language Teachers and ESL Learners

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

January 13, 2017 YouTube hosts a treasure trove of excellent educational content that speaks to the learning needs of a wide variety of audiences. Some of this content is created by more. YouTube channels for learning english YouTube Channels for Teachers

Literacy Apps for Families: 4 iPad Tools from My Toddlers Apps

Class Tech Tips

My Toddlers Apps are a collection of four apps focused on literacy growth outside of the classroom. The team at My Toddlers Apps developed these iPad apps to support families looking to help their children grow as readers. With these literacy apps for families, parents can record their voice to help their children learn new words.… ELA - Reading/Writing

How our elementary school got a tech makeover

eSchool News

Kids gravitate to technology in the classroom, so it makes sense for teachers to utilize digital projectors—that is, unless no one can see the lessons they display. This was our situation a couple of years ago at Northwest Elementary School in Chatsworth, Ga., in the summer of 2014. What do you eliminate from the budget so the kids can have another computer? It was frustrating. Taking the Plunge.

Tips from the pros: Making an Enriched Virtual program work for your students

The Christensen Institute

The Enriched Virtual model allows students to complete the majority of coursework online at home or outside of school, but attend school for required face-to-face learning sessions with a teacher. Unlike the Flipped Classroom , Enriched Virtual programs usually don’t require daily school attendance; some programs may only require twice-weekly attendance, for example. The Enriched Virtual is considered a disruptive blended-learning model because it transforms the student learning experience beyond just adding an online-learning feature to a traditional classroom. It’s a collegiate environment.