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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in the Classroom

The CoolCatTeacher

10MT | #29 Steven Anderson talks technology trends From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Augmented reality and virtual reality. Are these buzzwords or are they things that can be used to improve learning? Today Steven Anderson @web20classroom brings back the veil and helps us learn about these emerging technologies. Listen Now. Listen on iTunes. Costs?

10 ways Google Keep can help streamline life at school

Ditch That Textbook

For a long time, I’ve been a list-maker and a note-taker. You should see my desk. It can get littered with them pretty easily. The worst is when I would take down some valuable details and then leave the paper sitting on my desk at school. I have literally driven to school late at night [.]. Ed Tech edtech educational technology gafe google apps for education google keep organization

How the ‘Pre-Professionals’ Title Gives High Schoolers the Upper Hand

EdNews Daily

The high school years are a time for discovering oneself — learning strengths and weaknesses, identifying dreams and goals for the future, developing key communication and real-world skills, and mapping out plans for college or a career after graduation. Many high schoolers never receive the guidance, training, or opportunities necessary to adequately prepare them for post-graduation life.

11 Technology Tools for the Reading Classroom

Class Tech Tips

Last week I made my third trip to Nebraska for the Nebraska State Reading Conference. It was so much fun meeting new teachers and sharing plenty of my favorites technology tools for reading. You might have seen the picture of the tiny plane that took me to Kearney, NE in the graphic of this post.… Chromebook iPad Apps Reading & Writing

5 Costly Inventory Management Mistakes Schools Should Avoid

If your school is like most, inventory and/or asset management plays a critical role in daily operations.

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150+ Chrome Apps and Extensions for Teachers and Students (Updated!)

Shake Up Learning

The post 150+ Chrome Apps and Extensions for Teachers and Students (Updated!) appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Search for the Best Chrome Apps and Extensions to Use in Your. Classroom! There are now 150+ Chrome Apps and Extensions in this database. This database is searchable and filterable by category, subject area, and grade level! 20 Google Chrome Apps & Extensions for School Leaders.

Can Workers Learn Basic Skills on Their Phones?

Digital Promise

When low-skilled workers have access to quality education and training, great things happen. Too often, however, because these workers hold down several jobs, rely solely on public transportation, and have childcare responsibilities, they miss out on many of the in-person classes available to them. The post Can Workers Learn Basic Skills on Their Phones? appeared first on Digital Promise.

Top 5 Tips for Teaching English Online

EdNews Daily

Every day, more teachers leave the classroom, and they are looking for different ways to stay in education and still make a difference using their skills, talents, passion and knowledge. Becoming an online teacher is a big step , one that most educators have never even considered. However, online teaching is becoming an option for many. So, have fun together! Here is the link: [link]. About 51Talk.

A new technology is fundamentally changing learning–here’s how

eSchool News

Middle school students across the U.S. are learning how the body works by studying the anatomy of a frog, a vertebrate with an organ system similar to that of humans. What is Blended Reality? Blended reality combines the physical and digital with augmented reality that takes sensory inputs – sounds, scents, sites and haptic or “touch” feedback–to blur the lines between the real and virtual worlds.

Join SETDA: Affiliate Memberships Now Accepted

SETDA's Affiliate program connects non-profit education membership organizations with state leaders. SETDA's mission is to build the capacity of education leaders to improve learning through technology policy & practice. Benefits include: SETDA conferences, webinars and news feeds.

5 Coping Mechanisms for Bouncing Back from Your Bad Teaching Day

Brilliant or Insane

Brilliant or Insane. 5 Coping Mechanisms for Bouncing Back from Your Bad Teaching Day by James Sturtevant Just because I’ve authored a couple of books and host a podcast on engagement does not mean that I don’t have challenging days in the classroom. Last Friday was one of those days! The first three periods went great. My students […]. Featured Inspiration #hackingengagement #edchat

OPINION: Three misunderstandings about open resources

The Hechinger Report

Students at Lovett Elementary, the Clinton, Miss. school district’s sixth-grade-only school. Photo: Jackie Mader. By nine school district superintendents from nine states. Now is the time of year when U.S. public school districts spend a combined $8 billion on instructional materials while trying to ensure that schools receive the maximum value for their money. Matthew Miller is the Supt.

How to Have an Attitude to Try New Things #MondayMotivation

The CoolCatTeacher

10MT | Episode 26 Josh Harris gets us motivated to try new things From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Today Josh Harris @edtechspec an elementary edtech director from California, talks about an attitude of innovation. We can empower ourselves with an attitude of fearlessness and trying new things. Listen Now. Listen on iTunes. Stream by clicking here.

4 good computer habits every teacher should have

eSchool News

They say computers make life easier. I say they sometimes make our lives miserable. During the past two years, I’ve visited Apple’s Genius Bar eight times. I’ve watched a student cry in front of her PC after she found a Word document she had worked on for days corrupted. Now you may ask me: What’s going on with our computers? Well, there is nothing wrong with the computers.

Learning With Technology

The Principal of Change

Does this happen in your school or district? One teacher prefers google sites. Another blogger. A different teacher prefers Edublogs. One teacher started their students on seesaw. So for the sake of “teacher autonomy”, we have students with minimal amounts of learning exhibited in a multitude of spaces. There is a difference. Who owns the learning? What brings people to the portfolio?

What hotels and higher education have in common

The Christensen Institute

In the mid-1990’s, Amazon started selling books online and quickly moved to dominate the space, running Border’s online store by 2001 and driving them to bankruptcy by 2011. Kodak, which once had 90% market share in the U.S. film market, was disrupted by digital photography, and ultimately filed Chapter 11 in 2012. We’ve see disruption across industries–but not everywhere. More stats here.

Future technologies: What lies ahead

Learning with 'e's

In January I presented a session on 'What's hot and what's not in learning and development' for Learning Technologies in London. The annual event always has a slot for future trends in technology, which in the past has featured great thinkers such as Ray Kurzweil and Brian Solis , and futurists Gerd Leonhard and Rudy de Waele. Unported License. Posted by Steve Wheeler from Learning with e's.

5 tips for getting blended learning right

eSchool News

When implementing a blended learning model, it is important for schools to be aware of key components and steps to integrate into their plan. Plan first, technology second: Although it may seem easier to dive right in, schools cannot go technology-first into a blended learning model. Since blended learning is about changing instruction, technology must follow an instructional plan.

AP Jeopardy Review – Using @PearDeck & @Wacom Tablets to Engage, Gamify & Reflect #edtech #mathchat


Note: I am editing/revising an old post to reflect some updates in the process of how I run AP Jeopardy Review in my AP Calculus Class! Have you ever been super excited about “gamifying” a review session (ie: Jeopardy review) only to realize that the competitive feel in the room becomes overwhelming? Each year, around this time, I play a game of AP Calculus Jeopardy with my class.

Good news for college applicants: Getting in is easier than they think

The Hechinger Report

Despite what many high school seniors think, getting into a good college is likely to get even easier in the future Photo: Adolphe Pierre-Louis/Albuquerque Journal via ZUMA Wire. Record Number of Applications Flood Area Colleges”. Applications for the Class of 2021 Are Seriously Exploding”. UCLA Receives More Than 100,000 Freshman Applications”. Dayeel Dauphine was one of those people, at first.

When Extensions Go Bad

The Electric Educator

I am a big fan of Chrome Extensions. I share my favorites on Twitter and this blog. Extension can control and access a lot of system resources, that's how they can do so many cool things! With that access comes the possibility of misuse. Google reviews all extensions posted to the Chrome Web Store and requires that developers adhere to certain data and privacy rules. Delete it.

Accessible Technology Helps Students with Disabilities Pursue STEM Degrees

EdTech Magazine

By Meghan Bogardus Cortez Thanks to tech tools and awareness groups, more students have gone further in higher education. Classroom Curriculum STEM


Virtual Reality in the Classroom: Ripping Learning off the Page

Class Tech Tips

Virtual reality is a powerful, low-cost, easy-to-access resource for teachers. You can create deep, meaningful learning experiences for students with VR using a headset like the inexpensive Google Cardboard. With this device and a smartphone, students can be transported instantly to different places around the world.

Why placing students in difficult high school classes may increase college enrollment

The Hechinger Report

Spokane has used outside nonprofits to help its students search for and apply to colleges. In May, one organization, College Success Foundation, held a College Signing Night to celebrate 170 seniors who were bound for four-year schools. Photo: Sarah Butrymowicz. SPOKANE, Wash. Rogers High School, two weeks before graduation last spring. Of another: “He’s looking at a four-year college.

Discovery Education Monthly STEM Content Highlights – March 2017

Discovery Education

March is National Women’s History Month! . This month we are going to highlight women who have made an impact through STEM. Across history, women continue to make an incredible impact on our culture through their innovations, ideas, skills, and perseverance. copyright – Though this is a positive sign, there are still many issues to address. To date, they have had over 1.3


Trump's International Policies Could Have Lasting Effects On Higher Ed

NPR Learning and Tech

More than a million international students go to college in the United States. But after recent events, and President Trump's policies, recruiters expect numbers to drop. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

10 Skills Modern Teachers Need


For educators to thrive in the classroom and navigate these and other modern difficulties, teachers must have certain skills that their predecessors didn't. The post 10 Skills Modern Teachers Need appeared first on Edudemic. Articles Featured How To Online Learning Tools classroom digital tools edtechteacher featured Professional Development teachers technology tips for teachers

20 Excellent YouTube Channels for Math Teachers

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

March 10, 2017 Math learning and teaching can be so much fun especially when done through the right strategies. One of these strategies is through engaging video content. To this end, we more. YouTube Channels for Teachers YouTube math channels

Customized email newsletters for every kid with Google Forms

Ditch That Textbook

Classroom newsletters are kind of hit and miss. If you’re sending photocopies of them home in students’ backpacks, I’ll bet your success rate is less than 50 percent. And that’s being generous.) There’s a big reason I believe that these newsletters — which could be great parent/teacher communication tools — fall on deaf ears (or [.]. Ed Tech g suite edu google apps for education google docs google forms google sheets parent communication parent engagement personalization

How Touchpoint Compares to Other Tools

Education Elements

There are many project management tools such as Trello and Basecamp that are already out there, and they’re great. However, we found that there was still something missing and that none of the existing solutions really met the needs of our school districts. Blog Education K-12 Educators Partners EdTech Analytics touchpoint

This is how you make PD engaging for teachers

eSchool News

Teachers constantly juggle a number of different national, state, and district initiatives in today’s fast-paced and complex educational environment. Organizing professional development days that meet the varying needs of every teacher has become increasingly difficult as the pace of change far exceeds the number of days allowed for PD. Next page: How to use C.H.O.I.C.E

A Great Website to Transform Your Class Into Interactive Learning Space

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

March 11, 2017 Spiral is a great website where you can create a class for your students and get them engaged in a wide variety of collaborative learning activities. It offers a number of key tools more. educational web tools

'I Have Children Crying In The Classroom'

NPR Learning and Tech

What Trump's immigration crackdown means at one NYC school. Families shared their fears, and learned about their legal rights. Image credit: LA Johnson/NPR