December, 2016

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How TED Talks Make Tough Conversations Easy

The Web20Classroom

We've all been there. We are sitting in a group of peers or strangers ready to discuss a topic but no one wants to take the lead and get things going. You need that one focal point for everyone to rally around to get things moving. Videos and images are a great way to jumpstart creative thought and to get folks talking. The same is true in the classroom. That is why I love the TED Talks.

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Personalizing Student and Educator Learning through Micro-credentials

Digital Promise

Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) has prioritized a culture of technology-enriched student learning through its Students and Teachers Advancing Tomorrow Initiative (S.T.A.T.). The central mission of S.T.A.T. is to transform BCPS into a student-centered, personalized learning environment. BCPS leadership thought educators would be better prepared to apply S.T.A.T. teacher. It was empowering.”.

The 4 Biggest K–12 Education Tech Trends in 2016

EdTech Magazine

By Meghan Bogardus Cortez Here’s a look at back at some of the year’s most impactful and buzzworthy ed tech trends. Access Points Classroom Curriculum Digital Content Networking STEM

4 Key Factors for Fantastic Formative Assessment

The CoolCatTeacher

Practical Advice from Research to Classroom From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Too many times the research is completely disconnected from the classroom. But in today’s show, we talk about some very practical issues for teachers. First of all, we talk about the characteristics that make effective formative assessment. We can do that.

5 Costly Inventory Management Mistakes Schools Should Avoid

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Teachers Are Stressed, And That Should Stress Us All

NPR Learning and Tech

When educators are buried under problems beyond their control — here's a solution: Get mindful. Image credit: Vivian Shih for NPR

Technology’s Impact on Adult Learners and their Children

Digital Promise

The Critical Importance of Family Literacy. Only 36 percent of our nation’s fourth-graders are proficient in reading. This result earned the U.S. ranking on reading achievement of only 17 out of 34 countries by the Program for International Student Assessment. Even though the U.S. spends more per student than other countries on K-12 education, that spending is not translating into better performance. Mounting data like this makes us question whether our children are receiving the education they need and deserve. But the challenges do not end – or even begin – in the classroom.

Complement and ‘commoditize’ teachers, but don’t substitute for them with tech

The Christensen Institute

With technology’s presence growing in virtually every field, the specter of technological unemployment has raised its head again and again. Arnett shows that there are three different circumstances in which technology is poised to grow in schools relative to teachers: When schools lack expert teachers because of shortages stemming from geographic limitations or attrition, for example; When expert teachers must serve a wide range of student needs in a single classroom by personalizing learning for each student; And when expert teachers much teach more than academic content. This does two things.

4 Ways to Cultivate Motivation in Your Students

The CoolCatTeacher

How to Become a Master at Student Motivation From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Student self-motivation is, perhaps, the Holy Grail of teaching.  In fact, the hardest days of teaching are when your students don’t care. In those circumstances, we start to wonder if we should care either. ” “My students just don’t care.”

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Join SETDA: Affiliate Memberships Now Accepted

The Next Big Thing in Ed Tech Is Here

EdTech Magazine

By Eric Patnoudes Online contractors help create video that highlights passion for education. Collaboration Collaboration Management

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#1: The 7 questions every new teacher should be able to answer

eSchool News

[ Editor’s note: This story, originally published on June 13th of this year, was our #1 most popular story of the year. Happy holidays, and thank you for tuning into our 2016 countdown!]. Not long ago, the leadership team of a school district I was working with asked me: “If you were going to hire a new teacher, what would you ask in the interview?” How do you continuously learn?

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What is the SAMR model?


A new acronym floating around at the moment is SAMR.  But what does it mean and what implications does it have for classroom practise? SAMR stands for: substitution, augmentation, modification and redefinition.  It basically details all the ways technology can impact or not on learning. Substitution. This is when teachers or pupils are using tech tools but in no different way to old ones. 

Scaling Practice-Based Coaching through Micro-credentials

Digital Promise

The Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at North Carolina State University recently scaled access to professional learning content for educators by taking advantage of the Massive Open Online Courses for Educators (MOOC-Eds) format. But there wasn’t a clear path to similarly scale the personalized, job-embedded support needed to transfer that content into practice. Enter micro-credentials.


The best gift

Dangerously Irrelevant

The best gift that we can give our students is the gift of self-actualization. Every day, every hour, in every class and every school we should be asking ourselves, “Is this an environment in which our students are discovering and nurturing their interests, skills, and talents to become their best selves and make a positive difference in the world?”. Image credit: Little blue box , Shereen M.

The Potential of Virtual Reality

A Principal's Reflections

Many educators, including myself, routinely talk about the need for innovation in education. If we continue to employ the same type of thinking then we will get the same or results. We also run the risk of taking a step backwards and experiencing worse results than anticipated. Change isn’t coming; it is already on our doorstep! Thus we must begin to embrace new ideas and methodologies.

Chromebooks and G Suite for Education Boost Student Engagement and Learning

EdTech Magazine

By Meghan Bogardus Cortez Google surveys examine the impact of their products and apps in K–12 education. Classroom Hardware Notebooks

8 teacher-loved edtech tools to try in 2017

eSchool News

Want to be an innovative teacher? There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of apps and online edtech tools for that! But which ones have the most potential for the New Year? Probably the ones that have already seen success in a number of schools and districts across the country. Explore and enjoy! For Online Courses/Blended Learning. 1. Coursera. iTunes University. Wolfram Alpha.

Getting Good Career Advice Will Make Your College Experience Better

NPR Learning and Tech

College graduates who say they received high-quality career services are much more likely to feel good about their education, recommend their university and donate to their alma mater. Image credit: LA Johnson/NPR

What should new teachers know before they set foot in a classroom?

The Hechinger Report

First-grade teacher Elly Eckhoff worries new teachers aren’t getting enough about tending to children’s social-emotional needs in their preparation. Photo: Peggy Barmore. COLUMBIA, Mo. And then she spoke. They need to know about mental illness, poverty training and assistance,” she said. They need to know what poverty does to kids’ brains — the state of being in fight or flight.”.

Virtual Technology: A Solution to Rural Isolation

Digital Promise

How do you help low-skilled adult learners who are also struggling with the persistent problem of rural isolation? Enter the power of virtual technology. The Students and Parents in Cooperative Education (SPICE) Family Literacy Program serves central Maine’s Regional School Unit #3 (RSU 3). SPICE’s mission is to integrate childhood and adult education. You can do a whole bunch with your kids very young, and you’re giving a parent the confidence that he can help his child be a better student,” says Pat Hughes, RSU 3 Career, Adult, and Community Education Director. What Do Your Learners Need?

How health plan innovation can cure the Affordable Care Act

The Christensen Institute

Rhetoric surrounding the Affordable Care Act from President-elect Donald Trump has shifted from a hard-and-fast stance of ‘ repeal and replace ’ to a concession that some provisions in the bill are worthy of merit. After three years of operation, insurer participation in the ACA exchanges has dwindled to 3.9 companies per state in 2017 (down from 5.4 For more, see: Obamacare, we have a problem.

Microsoft ‘Hacks’ the Classroom to Help Teachers Innovate

EdTech Magazine

By Meghan Bogardus Cortez With the help of some new programs, the tech leader is assisting educators with STEM. Classroom Management Professional Development STEM Training

Are librarians the key to a Future Ready school?

eSchool News

According to the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Education Technology, librarians are at the forefront of helping schools become future ready. However, too often librarians are left out of the planning process for infrastructure and devices, professional learning for teachers, and digital content strategies—areas where they often have expertise. Department of Education.

What The People Who Read Your College Application Really Think

NPR Learning and Tech

The college application process can be confusing and frustrating for prospective students. Here's a look at what happens behind the curtain. Image credit: Mouni Feddag for NPR


A Vision for the “4 Non-Negotiables for All Schools”

The Principal of Change

In a previous post, “ 4 Non-Negotiables for Schools “, I shared what I believe should be evident in all schools: Charlie Hutzler, summed it up nicely on Twitter: ✔ #Climate. Develop whole child. Model #learning. Stoke #curiosity. 4 Non-Negotiables for Schools @gcouros gzVEeew3E3 #edchat. Charlie Hutzler (@CAHutzler) December 18, 2016. Attempt 2: . Attempt 3: .

8 Tools to Create How-To Videos for Students

Class Tech Tips

Are you empowering your students as creators? One of my favorite ways to set a purpose for learning is to have students show off what they’ve mastered. You can use technology tools to create how-to videos! Students can demonstrate what they’ve learned and share their knowledge with others by creating how-to video clips.

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17 Things for Teachers to Try in 2017 (Infographic and FREE Download)

Shake Up Learning

The post 17 Things for Teachers to Try in 2017 (Infographic and FREE Download) appeared first on Shake Up Learning. 17 Things for Teachers to Try in 2017 #SUL #edtech Click To Tweet. 17 Challenges for Teachers in 2017! 2017 is upon us, and there are so many new and exciting advances in technology coming our way. The new year always inspires us to set new goals, learn new things, and start fresh.

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10 Google Apps Tricks to Learn for 2017

Teacher Tech

10 Google Apps Tricks to Learn for 2017 1. Force a Copy When I create templates I like to share the templates in a way that prompts the user to create a copy. Notice if you go to that it does not take you directly to the document but rather asks you to copy it […]. The post 10 Google Apps Tricks to Learn for 2017 appeared first on Teacher Tech. Docs Drive Google drive google

10 Hour of Code and computer science resources

eSchool News

Every year in December, students and teachers have a chance to participate in nationwide computer science and coding activities during Computer Science Education Week. Computer Science Education Week, running from Dec. 5-11, is sponsored by the Computing in the Core coalition and is organized by Next page: 10 can’t-miss computer science resources).

Dyslexia: The Learning Disability That Must Not Be Named

NPR Learning and Tech

Many parents and teachers report that schools won't use the word dyslexia. Why might this be? And what is the Department of Education doing about it

4 Non-Negotiables for Schools

The Principal of Change

As my daughter just passed her fourth month in this world, it is amazing to see how curious she is about the world. Her wide eyes seemingly notice everything around her, and watching her try new things, the notion that children are born curious and learners, has only been re-emphasized in watching her development. Although I have some ideas below, I would love to hear your thoughts below.

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9 Fundamental Digital Skills for 21st Century Teachers

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

December , 2016 As we have pointed elsewhere, in a digitally focused world, education is getting more and more digitized pushing us, teachers and educators, to re-conceptualize what it more. 21st century teaching skills my freebies