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Documenting Learning

User Generated Education

Reflection within the maker movement and maker education can occur through a process of documenting learning. Documenting learning can take on many forms: writing a blog. Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano created the following infographic that describes some strategies for documenting for learning. As I’ve discussed in numerous posts, I am an experiential educator. link].

Two Apps for Scanning Documents with your Smartphone

Educational Technology Guy

I''m one of those people who loves to be paperless and scan in any paper documents I have. I scan documents, posters, memos, receipts, business cards and more. Here are two apps that you can use for document scanning on your Smartphone, and they are both free. On the mobile app, click on new note, then Camera and select Document, Camera, Post-It or Business Card.

Google Classroom: Create Group Documents

Teacher Tech

One request I am often asked about Google Classroom is how to create documents for small groups. If you create a copy of a document for each student then each group member receives a copy, which can be confusing. I have created a script that will assign students into random groups (or non random) and […].

4 Tech Tools for Photo Documentation

Brilliant or Insane

The post 4 Tech Tools for Photo Documentation appeared first on Brilliant or Insane. Brilliant or Insane. I fell in love with photography the year we took our kids to Washington D.C. and Philadelphia. Assessment Technology edtech

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Google Classroom: Workflow for Creating Documents

Teacher Tech

Google Classroom makes it really easy to distribute documents to students. When attaching a template in Google Classroom as “Make a copy for each student” a document is created for each student with the same document title and appends the students name onto the title. The problem comes when you go to Google Drive and […].

Google Classroom: Opening Multiple Student Documents Quickly

Teacher Tech

While there is no “open all” option in Google Classroom, you can quickly open up multiple student documents at a time. I frequently am asked how to open up more than one students work at a time. Tile View After clicking on an assignment title in the Google Classroom stream you will notice tiles with […]. Classroom Google classroom google

5 Ways to Make Professional Looking Google Documents

Teacher Tech

Tweet The Gooru recently posted “4 Tips for Making Professional Looking Google Documents.” ” Here are a few more tips for using Google Docs for professional looking documents. 1) Use Invisible Tables Using the “Table” menu insert a table to organize the content on the page. docs Google Intermediate google

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Visualize Your Document Changes with Draftback


It works with your Google Docs to track the changes you (or your students or collaborators or whoever) have made in the document and allows you to visualize them. I chose a collaboratively-written document that my students wrote last year. As you can see, there were almost 3500 changes made to the document. You can also see a static visualization of the edits.

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Conceptboard - visual collaboration on ideas and documents

Educational Technology Guy

It is basically on online whiteboard that allows you to create, review and discuss ideas and concepts and you can even upload a document (PDF, PPT, Doc, images) and share, comment, and work on also. I just found out about Conceptboard , a cool visual collaboration tool, from the company itself. Conceptboard is a cloud-based service that works on PCs, laptops, tablets, and more.

Filechat - collaborate on documents, pictures and videos in GDrive and Dropbox

Educational Technology Guy

Filechat is a new, free service that allows you to collaborate on documents, photos and videos in Dropbox or Google Drive. Instead of just commenting on a document or file, users can chat, like and vote on any of their files in Drive or Dropbox. You can even have multiple conversations with different teams or groups. It also includes a search tool. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

Stage App: Turn Your iPad into an Interactive Document Camera

Class Tech Tips

Teachers in one iPad classrooms can turn their device into a document camera with lots of do-it-yourself tricks. The perfect app for turning your iPad into a presentation tool is Stage: Interactive Whiteboard and Document Camera. Teacher Tools annotate document camera projectorIt lets users switch from a white board, image background, and camera all while writing on the screen.

Google Classroom: Add Other Documents to Class Folder

Teacher Tech

I added collaborative notes documents to Google Classroom as “Students can edit file.” ” I did not want to push out a copy of the document to each student since the students are working in groups. This means that the collaborative document does NOT show up in the Google Classroom class folder for the student. Template […].

TitanPad - free, simple online document collaboration

Educational Technology Guy

TitanPad is a free tool for collaborative writing on a single document. It is simple and easy to use and requires no sign in or login to create a public document., You can create a private document with a free account. Up to 8 people can work on a single document at the same time, with their edits being color coded. It is similar to Google Docs, but much simpler.

Here Is How to Use iPad As A Document Camera in Class

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

July 15, 2015 An interesting way to use iPad with students in class is through turning it into a document camera. iPad document camera appsThe concept is very simple, you use your iPad as a mirroring device to more.

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Powerful Primary Source Documents for iPad Readers

Class Tech Tips

Primary source documents are powerful tools for engaging students with social studies content and informational text. ELA - Reading/Writing Social Studies/Science mulitmedia text primary source primary source document These artifacts can bring history to life for students who may feel disconnected from experiences of people long ago. It is a free download with content […].

Tools 17 - organize all of your documents in one place.

Educational Technology Guy is a new service that organizes all of your documents from your hard drive and cloud services (including email) into on system. You can search your documents via keyword, date, optical character recognition, tags, and document type. It will keep all of your device and documents in sync also. The free version will sync and collect 2,000 documents.

Behind the Camera, Students Document Life and Learning

Educator Innovator

Miller said that his own self-reflection (through journaling, video and photography) helped him figure out what was or was not successful at the Workshop School, Miller began to wonder what would happen if his students were given the same opportunities to document and reflect on their own experiences at the school. The video opens with a voiceover: “Are you tired of traditional learning?”

How To Document A Science Investigation Using Google Keep.


Have a look at a video we took: How did the class document the experiment? Recently, my class did a science experiment, where we explored how rain falls. In short, you put shaving foam (the cloud) on top of a cup of water and drop food colouring onto it. When the cloud gets full, it begins to ‘rain’ the food colouring. We used a brilliant app called Google Keep.

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Dropbox adds new features - document preview and photo sharing

Educational Technology Guy

Dropbox , the very popular cloud file/sync/backup/sharing service , has announced some new features, including document preview and photo sharing and sorting. You can preview PDF, DOC, DOCX, and PPT files by double-clicking on them. This way, you can see if that is the file you want, or even view what you need, without downloading it. Dropbox has also added some features for photos.

Epson ELPDC12 Document Camera Review

My Paperless Classroom

Document cameras save lives. While I love the simplicity of cameras like the Ziggi by Ipevo, I was blown away when I test drove the Cadillac of document cameras, the Epson ELPDC12. Ok, this might be an overstatement, but when I think about the tech my teachers used when I was in school to to show a book to the whole class, it rings true. In the old days, tech could catch fire. revie

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Google Docs: Find Document Details

Teacher Tech

Document Details New menu item in Google Docs (which includes Sheets, Slides, and Drawings) allows you to see when a document was created and what folder it is in. Folder Icon I find it very helpful to click on the folder icon next to the document title. This shows me what folder that document is […]. The post Google Docs: Find Document Details appeared first on Teacher Tech. Docs Google Intermediate google

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Plain Language and Inclusive Document Design


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking this month about making teaching documents of all kinds more accessible. Some of this is about a syllabus , but some of it is about rethinking some of our signs and documentation at work, as well as ways that we can make our edX courses more accessible to that highly varied audience. What will make the document more useable for them?

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The AVer F17HD Document Camera – Versatile, Compact and Well-Built

Fractus Learning

Sitting very comfortably in the ‘Goldilocks zone’ of document cameras, the AVer F17HD ( Amazon ) finds the perfect balance between rich interactive features and excellent value for money. AVer F17HD Document Camera – In the box. The F17HD is a very well-equipped document camera. The full package includes: F17HD document camera. Document camera.

Document Outline Is An Excellent New Feature in Google Docs

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

March 10, 2016 Google Docs added today a new cool feature titled Document Outline which allows you to easily structure your documents. Outline is also a great tool to help you quickly navigate more. google docs

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Protecting Shared Documents in Google Drive

The Electric Educator

self-destruct mode) access and restrict re-shares, downloads, and copy of data from shared documents. To access these settings, share a document and click “advanced”. The document must be shared before you can set expiring access. Restricting copying also disables the ability to copy / paste text from a document. Google Drive allows you to set expiring (i.e.

View, Annotate and Collaborate on Documents with Kami

Class Tech Tips

Kami is a terrific online tool that lets teachers and students collaborate on documents on a web browser. Students can use Kami to open up documents on a web browser with a simple drag and drop. They can annotate documents by underlining, highlighting and adding notes to each page. Perfect for Chromebook or BYOD (bring-your-own-device) classrooms.


Document Learning Made Visible with the Super Note App

Brilliant or Insane

The post Document Learning Made Visible with the Super Note App appeared first on Brilliant or Insane. Brilliant or Insane. This year, I’ve spent a good deal of time coaching students and teachers to make learning visible within and beyond their classrooms. This may sound easy, but it isn’t. Those who strive to make learning visible appreciate [.].

6 Ways to Make Learning Visible

Brilliant or Insane

How do we make learning visible, so that we might surface and document powerful discoveries about the influence of our teaching on learners? Assessment documentation visible learning Brilliant or Insane. How do we distinguish knowledge, skills, and thinking from….learning? learning? The post 6 Ways to Make Learning Visible appeared first on Brilliant or Insane.

Some Very Good Apps to Document Students Learning

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Here is a list of some good iPad apps I have compiled over the last weekend. This list is specifically curated to include apps that will enable students to exhibit their learning in more. Repost

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Adobe launches Document Cloud

eSchool News

Adobe recently announced Adobe Document Cloud, a new way to manage critical documents at home, in the office and across devices. Adobe Document Cloud will address the waste and inefficiency associated with document processes. Adobe Document Cloud consists of a set of integrated services that use a consistent online profile and personal document hub.

Some Great iPad Apps for eSining Documents

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

June 24, 2015 After posting about the web-based tools you can use to sign online documents, today we are featuring a set of some useful iPad apps for the same purpose. iPad apps for esigning documentsThe apps provide a wide more.

iPad/Tablet Document Camera Stand Version 2

Learning in Hand

I wrote about the Justand iPad Document Camera Stand in 2012. The flexible light can illuminate documents, books, and objects for better viewing. I think the Justand V2 is the best tablet document camera stand around. 12 iPad Document Camera Stands. Dewey iPad Document Camera Stand $95. The Betty: iPad Document Camera Stand $200. Justand V2 $99.

Google Forms for Paperless Assessment: Documenting Communication with Parents

Inquire and Inspire

How can teachers reduce the amount of pen to paper documentation and instead progress into a paperless assessment program? How can teachers streamline their documentation so that it is organized and manageable? Even when the paper was within reach, it was usually too difficult to document the conversation while on the phone. We''ve all been there! googleformsassessment.

Google Classroom – Changing Grading Status on a Student Document

Teacher Tech

Something I am very curious about is if kids at the front or the end of the alphabet have an advantage when it comes to digital grading. Let’s be honest, we do not grade the top of stack of papers the same as the bottom. The stack of papers was not in any particular order […]. Classroom Google Grading Intermediate Script Sheets classroom google grading sheets spreadsheets

Excellent Templates to Use with Newsletters, PowerPoint, and Word Documents

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

March 3, 2015 A few weeks ago, we shared with you two video tutorials to help you set up your classroom newsletter and today we are introducing you to this excellent resource of templates more. newsletter resources

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3 Reasons to Start School Year Paperless with Adobe's Document Cloud

EdTech Magazine

Frank Smith Adobe's latest update to its Document Cloud can ease the stress of entering a world of paper. Classroom Cloud Cloud apps Cloud Storage Curriculum Data Center Digital Content Digital Storage Mobile Apps Mobile Operating Systems Mobility

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The Qualitative Formative Assessment Toolkit: Document Learning with Mobile Technology


Reshan Richards Formative Assessment To assess your students'' ongoing awareness of what and how they''re learning, consider using cameras, screenshots, video, and screencasting as everyday classroom tools

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