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Curation for Digital Learning

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Schools and districts are now utilizing an influx of digital tools, content, and platforms with several hopeful intentions. With the use of these resources, educators are planning to better engage student learning, increase academic performance; and prepare students for an ever-changing digital world. Protecting digital rights. References.

(Re)Defining Student Engagement

Reading By Example

“The best evidence for student engagement is what students are saying and doing as a consequence of what the teacher does, or has done, or has planned.” Engagement (student involvement in instruction) can be described in a variety of ways. The learning target: Demonstrate multiple ways to solve multiple digit addition problems.

How to Determine if Student Engagement is Leading to Learning


Excerpted from the book, “UnCommon Learning: Creating Schools That Work for Kids,” by Eric Sheninger , published by Corwin, 2015. . Engagement Does Not Always Equate to Learning. No matter where I am, whether it is a physical location or virtual, I am always hearing conversations about how technology can be used to engage students effectively.

A Siri for Higher Ed Aims to Boost Student Engagement


When third-year students in strategy classes at BI Norwegian Business School have a question about their assignments next semester, odds are a robot will provide their answer. A chatbot—a computer program designed to simulate an intelligent conversation—will respond to routine student inquiries and prompt students to complete assignments, mimicking some of the tasks of a teaching assistant. Students have a lot of the same questions over and over again. Students are able to get to answers as quick as possible and move on.”. Assisting the Teaching Assistants.

Content Curation Strategies for Digital Learning

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In our digitally connected world, most of us have become curators of content as we utilize the technology tools in our pockets to interact with each other. We can then carefully curate the information that we assemble and organize on social media, as it collectively becomes our representation of our digital selves. Provide professional learning in the use of curated content.

A Commitment to Digital Learning

A Principal's Reflections

New Milford High School proudly joined 37 states, 15,000 teachers, and over 2 million students on February 1 for the inaugural Digital Learning Day. This day, however, was not really much different than any other day at NMHS as we have made a commitment to integrate digital learning into school culture for some time now. Students in Ms. Students in Ms.

Four Ways to Support Your School’s Digital Transformation #FutureReady #DLDay


Four Ways to Support Your School’s Digital Transformation Digital learning is an instructional practice that effectively uses technology to strengthen a student’s learning experience. The Alliance for Excellent Education , one of the top bipartisan, non-profit education-focused organizations in the nation, has been a leader on the digital front.

Can public schools replicate the Mooresville model for digital learning success? Former superintendent Mark Edwards says they can

The Hechinger Report

Mooresville Graded School District, near Charlotte, North Carolina, has become a national leader over the last decade in using digital learning tools to improve student achievement. The leader of the district’s digital learning efforts, Mark Edwards, has served as superintendent of the 6,000-student school district since 2007. Read more about Blended Learning.

How 3 schools are reimagining learning spaces

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As schools depart from traditional instructional methods and environments, some education leaders are discovering how a combination of blended learning and reimagined physical learning spaces can lead to better student engagement and achievement. Redesigning physical learning spaces can lead to brain-friendly learning and encourage students to become more engaged.

Why new technologies often don’t help students

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Edtech enthusiasts promote the benefits of innovations such as open educational resources (OER), learning management systems (LMS), and adaptive learning software. But when education leaders use these technologies merely as replacements for textbooks, gradebooks, and worksheets, they risk complicating teachers’ jobs with only marginal gains for students.

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If you give a kindergartner a Chromebook…

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Although even the youngest children are considered tech-savvy today, there exists a difference between a child who knows how to use a tablet to watch videos and a child who knows how to navigate a device for active learning. The thought of giving 30 kindergarten students their own Chromebooks might be daunting. Digital Learning and Tools eClassroom News Resource TCEA

To Boost Engagement, Give Tech Savvy Students Interactive Content


As studentsdigital literacy grows, schools must match or surpass the level of technology students use outside of the classroom. Offering these multimedia learning environments aren’t just add-on services for colleges; they’re now a necessity to meet students’ expectations—and keep them engaged. Hinds Community College , has observed a shift in the learning needs of students over the last decade as their technology competency has exponentially increased. Student testimony, from Hinds Community College. Far fetched? With today’s.

Aerohive releases connected learning app for student engagement

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HiveSchool is Aerohive’s latest addition to its growing learning app portfolio. Aerohive Networks released a new connected learning application, HiveSchool, that helps K-12 teachers leverage technology in the classroom. In K-12 education, computers, tablets, projectors, and other smart devices are increasingly staples in the digital classroom.

New Research Proves Game-Based Learning Works—Here's Why That Matters


A great deal of initial research exists about blended learning techniques such as game-based learning, but adoption has stalled because of a lack of scalable, practical techniques that have also proven effective. students who played edgames outperformed their peers on standardized tests. Now a soon-to-be released study from Vanderbilt University demonstrates the impact of rigorous, peer reviewed research into curricular tools, in this case showing that students who played edgames outperformed their peers on standardized tests. Game based learning is. [an]

5 goals, 5 barriers of digital curriculum

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Survey reveals how school and districts leaders aim to use the digital curriculum transition to better serve students and teachers. School district leaders’ top objective in transitioning to a digital curriculum is to achieve greater instructor effectiveness, according to a survey from The Learning Counsel. Advocating moving to more or all digital content.

5 apps to jump-start augmented reality in the classroom

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It’s fair to say that augmented reality has moved from a cool technology that might be neat for students to try to a credible teaching tool that fits just as easily in K-12 classrooms as it does in higher education. Advocates have long said augmented reality helps boost student engagement and also helps reach those with varying learning styles.

The 7 pillars of today’s digital leadership

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School and district leadership isn’t about a position or title–it’s about improving practices around digital learning. If educators want to see results in student engagement and achievement, they must adapt their leadership practices to an increasingly digitally-focused learning environment. Pillar 3: Professional learning and growth.

How to help students become digital creators

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A new report examines how giving students the power to explore digital technology improves learning. Today’s students are creating learning cultures in which they are digital creators, and this transformation is benefiting districts across the nation, according to a new report. ” “Digital creativity is not just an idea. Start young.

How Digital Textbooks, Tech-Friendly Furniture, and Better Data Are Boosting Engagement at Community Colleges


When Jenny Billings piloted a digital textbook class and saw an immediate increase in engagement and retention after just one semester, she thought it must be a fluke. In many cases, the use of digital tools, platforms, and applications has helped to boost student engagement, grow pass rates, and increase retention. Technology solutions can provide the personalized learning, lower costs , and encouragement needed at community colleges where increased fees and lack of structured-support can have a negative effect on the nontraditional student population.

We used these Google tools in our schools and saw tangible results soar

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Last year we engaged Evergreen Education Group on a journey around the world to answer that question. These case studies demonstrate the success with Google for Education through the lens of teachers, students and administrators. At Evergreen Education Group we’ve studied K-12 digital education for sixteen years. Planning, Professional learning, Patience, and Support.

106K free teacher-created digital textbooks hit the web

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The move to digital textbooks and resources is spreading as more companies partner with open education efforts. More than 100,000 teacher-created digital textbooks are now available online through the CK-12 Foundation’s free STEM content and tools platform. One is a new physics simulation module that uses real-world interactivity to increase student engagement.

80 percent of schools using digital content, says ASCD survey

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Survey reveals that as digital content use increases, the marketplace should ensure content is easy to integrate. Eighty percent of school and district leaders responding to a recent survey said they use digital content in their curriculum or outside the classroom in certain ways, although equity concerns prevent some educators from going all-digital.

New data supports disruption in law schools

The Christensen Institute

New polling data from Gallup shows that law students are increasingly dissatisfied with their law school experience and disillusioned by the job opportunities awaiting them post-graduation. They ought to re-think dramatically their business models in ways that improve value for students and lower costs. Moving to competency-based programs could speed the time to degree and would allow students to take control of their own learning. One major objection to online learning is the fear that it will ruin a school’s sprit de corps and decrease student engagement.

Data 50

Change education to attack technology-driven unemployment

The Christensen Institute

In a piece for Quartz this past week, I addressed how moving to a blended learning, competency-based education system in which students advance based on mastery, not time, could address many of the concerns by better preparing citizens for the demands ahead. Accordingly, the group wrote, “We need to shift away from rote learning and build instead on our uniquely human strengths in areas like creativity and interpersonal interactions.”. Students explore their passions in everything from elective courses to real internships to learn about career options.

Word Cloud Tools: Raising the Bar

A Principal's Reflections

These early web tools burst on the scene to provide new avenues to engage students and stakeholders. Over the years these tools have been used to increase student engagement. From a pedagogical sense they can be used as part of an anticipatory set or as a means to review prior learning, check for understanding, and close a lesson. It even has a profanity filter.

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5 Steps Toward Building Successful Digital Communities Infused With Rigor and Relevance

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A dynamic combination of mindset, behaviors, and skills is required for schools to become places where social media and digital tools are integral and beneficial parts of a rigorous program and where they work symbiotically with active, engaged, and applicable learning. Step 2 If 1:1 is not in the cards make use of devices students already have, know, and use.


Use @MentorMob for your Technology Centers!


I’m Kate Peila and I blog about technology integration for student engagement and teacher sanity over on my blog, Purely Paperless. While I am trying to provide a small group of students with individualized reading instruction, the rest of my little darlings are engaging in independent work time activities. My greatest struggle during this block of time is ensuring that my center time activities relate to the standards that I am addressing in my classroom and provide my students with meaningful learning experiences. Greetings! Enter MentorMob…. PERFECT!

Report: Students’ tech use remains infrequent

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Students’ use of digital tools and other learning technologies remains relatively sporadic, according to a new study. Three eleot items focus specifically on students’ use of digital tools and technology for a variety of purposes: 1. Students use digital tools/technology to gather, evaluate and/or use information for learning.

HMH launches marketplace to connect educators, developers

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New online marketplace destination to discover, share and sell digital learning tools and teacher-created content now live. Our strong partnership with teachers combined with our relationships with technology companies makes us uniquely positioned to help connect these communities, driving meaningful engagement for sellers and buyers and long-term growth for our company.”.

StoryBots launches interactive resources for teachers

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Books, videos, math games aim to boost student engagement. By pairing leading educators and learning experts with JibJab’s world-class team of artists and storytellers, StoryBots has captured the attention of today’s media-savvy students with fun, compelling content designed to support the development, practice and mastery of foundational skills. JibJab Bros.

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Epson BrightLink interactive projectors will be bundled with Smart software

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Epson and Smart aim to bring collaborative learning solution to classrooms. Epson and Smart Technologies are now bundling Smart collaborative learning software with Epson BrightLink interactive projectors. “We’re This partnership speaks directly to the needs of teachers to create engaging, impactful and fun lessons, as well as to respond to the needs of learners in real-time.

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Study: Adaptive literacy program could reduce summer slide

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Independent academic research of New York City middle school students shows LightSail’s adaptive literacy platform helps sustain, grow reading performance in summer months. Summer slide is cumulative and accounts for more than half of the achievement gap by the time students are in ninth grade. The demographics of the student cohort studied are 91.7 percent minority, with 88.8

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Turning static content into digital lessons

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New learning platform creates dynamic learning experiences, provides instant feedback to students, and saves teachers hours on grading. Knomadix has introduced a customizable interactive learning platform that converts static content such as PDFs and videos into fully interactive, dynamic content. Digital Learning and Tools News

The Learning Counsel launches digital curriculum survey

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Created to assist executives and curriculum and technology directors in guiding the transition to digital curriculum and content, the survey also offers schools the chance win national awards. The Learning Counsel’s 2016 Digital Curriculum Strategy Survey and Assessment Tool is now available online. The impact of digital curriculum use. • Transition barriers.

ASCD launches digital resource for teachers

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myTeachSource aims to offer personalized and paced professional learning in digital form. ASCD has launched ASCD myTeachSource–a classroom-focused, teacher-driven digital subscription that delivers monthly topic packs on popular instructional strategies. Teachers can learn about all of the product’s features and sign up for a free trial at “At

Tenn. district, Discovery promote college readiness

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Tennessee’s Maury County Public Schools announced a new partnership with Discovery Education focused on building challenging, problem-based learning (PBL) environments districtwide that help support students’ college and career readiness. Access to Discovery Education Streaming Plus will help heighten student engagement in instruction across the school system.

Vernier hosting 34 data-collection workshops

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Workshops provide educators with hands-on experience as they learn about new ways to integrate data-collection technologies into their curriculum. Starting in February, Vernier Software & Technology will host 34 free, hands-on workshops to help science and STEM educators learn how to use and integrate the latest data-collection technology into their curriculum.