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Digital Citizenship One Liners

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Tweet Before unleashing students on the Internet we need to teach them how to behave appropriately, avoid scams, be safe and how to be digitally literate. Digital citizenship is part of every classrooms curriculum, not just the responsibility of a tech class. Google digital citizenship

Teaching digital citizenship across the whole curriculum

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Teaching digital citizenship as a “one-off event” doesn’t lead to changes in behavior, experts say. Findings like these suggest the need for schools to start teaching good digital citizenship to students at a very young age—and Ribble and many others believe that students should learn these skills throughout the K-12 curriculum. Managing an online identity.

Teaching Digital Citizenship with Google Classroom

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Digital Citizenship has become a popular term in recent years both inside and outside of the classroom. Frankly, it isn't only our students that need to work on Digital Citizenship skills, but many adults as well. How do we teach a new generation how to behave in digital spaces, when many students, parents, and other adults, don't necessarily behave themselves?

Crucial “Digital Citizenship” Conversations

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has changed in the last little while, I still think it is great to have some type of individual “landing page”, similar to what I would consider a “digital cover letter” This post was less about absolutes and more about really thinking how we set our students up for success in the world we live in currently and in the future. Although Would most employers?

Google Launches YouTube curriculum on Digital Citizenship

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Google has a new curriculum on YouTube that helps teachers educate students on digital citizenship, including online safety, etiquette and more. It is for students aged 13-17 and there are 10 lessons about YouTube’s policies, how to report content, how to protect their own privacy, and how to be responsible YouTube community members and digital citizens.

Digital Citizenship: Sign Out of Chrome

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Chrome Google Intermediate Keyboard Shortcuts google keytipsPerhaps you’ve seen a wayward Facebook post saying how awesome the spouse is; clearly the actual account holder forgot to log out of their Facebook. Students, in particular, are using school computers where it is important to remember to sign out of accounts.

129 Digital Citizenship Links on 22 Topics

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Here’s a long list of websites to address Digital Citizenship topics you teach in your classroom: Avatars. to promote digital privacy. Copyrights and Digital Law. Brainpop Digital Citizenship. Digital presence. Digital Communications. Digital footprint. Digital Footprint. Digital footprint—clean it up. Vokis. Remix.

Positive, Negative or Neutral? Crucial Conversations on Digital Citizenship

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Working with students recently, we were discussing digital footprints. A few students were fine with me googling their names in front of the group, and there was nothing that they were embarrassed of at all. I tweeted the following while listening to Alec Couros (my brother) and Dean Shareski at ISTE recently: The notion of “digital citizenship” is so messy.

Edmodo and Common Sense Media release free Digital Citizenship resource for Educators

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Digital Citizenship is an important topic and something that we must teach our students ( and ourselves ) in today''s digital world. Edmodo, a great educational app , and Common Sense Media have created a Digital Citizenship Starter Kit that teachers can download to use with their students. You can also join the Digital Citizenship Community on Edmodo.

Digital Citizenship Moments & Data Collection in Google Classroom

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Using Google Classroom for a digital citizenship modeling and teaching moments. If you ever need to collect evidence of anything within Classroom using the Save to Google Drive Chrome extension you have the ability to capture the entire screen and share to whomever you''d like.

In the marketplace: Gaming, digital citizenship, PD initiatives, and more

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There are certification tracks on Google, Microsoft, Apple, SMART, among other topics, like online assessment, STEM, ELA, Math, Social Studies, and PBL. All middle schools in Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) have officially begun to incorporate digital citizenship education into the curriculum. All of these courses and certifications are now CTLE approved. Read more.

Learning Revolution Newsletter - Weekly Free Event Calendar - Conference Keynotes Update - Edcamp USDOE - Digital Citizenship

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Sunday, June 8th at 4pm Common Sense Media: Digital Citizenship - Seeing the Big Picture , with Dr. Jason Ohler. In our community’s next webinar, Dr. Jason Ohler helps us consider how to use digital citizenship to help our students and ourselves navigate our rapidly evolving world. Join Jason on June 9th for a big-picture view of digital citizenship.

10 Digital Citizenship Resources: The Web in the Classroom…Part 3

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In this post I would like to explore resources that are available for facilitating proper digital citizenship in the classroom. I have traveled the country delivering PD relating to technology integration, PBL, STEM, Digital Literacy, and the 4 C’s. 10 Digital Citizenship Resources: The Web in the Classroom…Part 3 ( ).

How to sharpen students’ critical thinking skills online

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At a time when anyone with a basic understanding of search engine optimization can have his or her personal website appear atop the results of a Google search, students must be able to discern opinion and bias from fact. 21st Century Skills Digital Citizenship Industry Insights critical thinking digital citizenship hate speech social mediaToxic information.

Create a Digital Citizen- Resources to Celebrate Digital Citizenship Week Oct. 19-25th


Digital Citizenship Week is October 19-25th. Digital Citizenship Week is all about teaching kids how to think critically, be safe, and make smart and responsible decisions when using digital media. Find out what Digital Citizenship is from Digizen and how you can help students become more responsible and proactive user of online technologies.

3 Fast, Free Lesson Plans to Fight Fake News

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Example Fake News Digital Citizenship Lesson Plans and Bellringers From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. ” When selecting topics, I like them to be recent enough as to feel real to students and also so that Google search results aren’t “full” of the answer. The fake news epidemic is disturbing. The Video.

Google Updates and Improves its Learning Center for Teacher Training

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Google has updated and improved its Learning Center for Teacher Training with new use cases and best practices, making it even more useful and easier to learn about Google apps. Follow me on Twitter and Google+. google google applications Google for Educators training It is an excellent resource for all educators.

Today I Met A New Friend. Thanks Google Glass!

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As many of you know, a few weeks ago, we asked you to help us help Chris get Google Glass that could change his life. ARevolution #youmatter AR AR Play augmented reality Brad Waid choose2matter digital citizenship Google Glass innovation inspire PLN tech tools thank you two guys and some iPads And today, I had the absolute pleasure and honor of meeting him.

Teaching Digital Citizenship: Online Educator Training Program

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NetSmartz® Workshop and Club Penguin™ have teamed up to offer a self-paced, online training program to help you teach Internet safety and prepare kids to be better digital citizens. This training will cover the issues of: Digital literacy & Ethics Inappropriate Content Online Sexual Solicitation Online Privacy Sexting Cyberbullying. What is it? link].

Webinar 1/14: Improve Writing Skills with Google Docs

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Learn how to leverage the power of Google Docs to help students write better and more frequently than with pencil and paper. Join me and Infinitec as we explore ways to thoughtfully incorporate digital writing into the curriculum by utilizing the latest Google Docs features and writing supports.

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14 Essential Google Search Tips for Students

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August 17, 2015 Teaching students how to conduct smart search queries online is an important part of cultivating a digital citizenship culture within your classroom. google search tipsSmart searching goes more.

So.You Wanna Be A Good Digital Citizen

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Recently, my district began a huge initiative to combat bullying/cyberbullying and to help students become more aware of the choices they make both in their face-to-face lives and their digital decisions as well. Understanding where kids are in today''s Digital Society can be a helpful first step. PBS did a masterful job capturing teen voices in their series, Digital_Nation.

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Is there enough diversity in your social media?

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I went directly to Yahoo and Google to see what I could learn. One of the benefits of getting the news from your digital networks is that you don’t have to search for, or filter through, various news sites to find the news that is most important to you. Answering these questions will help you develop your digital citizenship skills and become a more informed consumer of the news.

Teaching Students with Autism about Digital Citizenship

I nstructional Technology Specialist at Cumberland Academy of Georgia Jennifer Liang knows all about digital citizenship. But teaching the fundamentals of digital citizenship to students with High Functioning Autism is all the more important, especially as they prepare to enter college or the workforce. A lot of our kids are attracted to online spaces.

7 Skills Students Need for Today’s Classwork

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You rarely see a lesson that doesn’t ask for online this or digital that. Students are expected to collaborate and share online as young as kindergarten when they read digital books or draw pictures using iPad apps. By middle school, they work in online groups through forums, wikis, and Google Apps. Digital Citizenship. Basics for a digital device.

How to teach students to build a positive online identity

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As learning becomes more digital, educators at all levels are instrumental in building students’ understanding about how their online presence impacts both their personal and future professional lives. Schools should explore ways to help students intentionally build a positive digital identity. Digital Citizenship Featured on eSchool News Top NewsA positive identity.

Digital Citizenship Lesson Flow: Helping Kids Communicate with Teachers

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One reason I''m so excited about Remind Chat is that it''s a great tool for teaching key digital citizenship skills. My Graphite Lesson Flow, "Digital Citizenship: Helping Kids Communicate with Teachers," outlines one way teachers can help students develop important communication skills before implementing Remind Chat for class communication. Digital Citizenship: Helping Kids Communicate with Teachers. Integrated Tools: Remind, Evernote, ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard, YouTube, Popplet, Google Drive. . Click Here to View the Complete Lesson Flo

3 schools where tech is enhancing engagement

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Tim Wease, CCS director of technology, said classrooms are now equipped with standard smartboards, and many teachers have begun using other technology-based, interactive tools such as Apple TV, online applications, Google Classroom, iPads and Chromebooks. 21st Century Skills Digital Citizenship McClatchy Social Media engagement” Burns Middle School.

Maybe Not Tomorrow, but When?

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Here is a sample of some of what she listed as the world’s current realities: In the real world, we look things up on Google. In the real world, my job does not ask me things I can Google. In the real world, YouTube is one of the most popular tools for learning. In the real world, collaborating is not cheating. I need to use critical thinking. My advice to them? As John C.

Protecting or Ignoring?

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Kids are learning a distorted view of the digital world “that reflects the fears of adults rather than the aspirations of youth.” In a world where being “googled” is more the norm than the exception, not guiding our students seems almost like the opposite of protecting. ” Alia Wong. The reality of this mindset is that “ignoring” is protecting. Not good enough.

Helping Students Develop Their Online Identity

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Here is a snippet from the Huffington Post article written on Jason and the course : Personal Branding and Digital Communication has been in place at North Broward since summer 2012. This playlist is eventually published publicly on Google+ — hence the clever name of the exercise, “My Sound Track.” (Fun I wanted to apply this to the art of digital communications. Music. “A

Every Schools' Obligation

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We routinely hear how students use digital tools inappropriately for sexting, cyberbullying, cheating, video recording teachers and fights with peers, and plagiarizing. Unfortunately, these behaviors materialize as schools are not doing their part to educate students on digital responsibility, citizenship, and creating a positive footprint online.


Image Copyright Do’s and Don’ts

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There are five topics to be reviewed when exploring the use of online images: digital privacy. digital law and plagiarism. Digital privacy. Show students how to adjust the Google search engine to provide only images in the public domain. Here’s a general collection of websites addressing copyrights and digital law: Copyright and Fair Use. Not always true. hoaxes.

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How to Use Google Drawings

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Google Drawings is a free, web-based drawing tool that allows users to collaborate and work together in real time to create flowcharts, organizational charts, website wireframes, mind maps, concept maps, drawings, and more. To use Google Drawing, here’s what you do: Open your Google Drive account; go to New and select Google Drawings. . Reviews google apps

Mystery State Skype


Not only does this connect students from across the country (or globe), but it also gives a context for students to apply geography with critical reasoning, collaboration, communication, digital citizenship, and information fluency -- 21st century skills. Digital Citizenship : Have they been introduced to Skype etiquette ? they can use it to eliminate/include states.

Game-Based Digital Literacy with Digital Compass – From Jennifer Carey


Common Sense Media has released Digital Compass , a new tool to teach students about navigating the digital world. Through playing this digital, “choose your own adventure” game, students explore topics like: cyberbullying & “digital drama,” self-image & identity, internet safety & privacy, creative credit & copyright, as well as relationships & communication.

Creating an Elementary Tech Team

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I had created a Google classroom for this TechTeam (I told them part one of being on the TechTeam was being my guinea pig to try new things out. Lesson one was all about digital citizenship. The students started working to earn their digital passport on the common sense media website. For the past four years I have been a common sense media digital citizenship educator.