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Blended Learning in a First Grade Classroom

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Driving Question: How can an experienced teacher reimagine and redesign her teaching by creating her own blended learning model? During this past school year, my first grade students and I entered into a new realm of teaching and learning. We created a 1:1 blended learning environment. The idea of a Chromebook for every student in a first grade classroom seemed unmanageable.yet we embraced the challenge. To document and share our Chromebook adventures, I created this blog using Google Blogger. August 25, 2015, Volume 2, Issue 9, Number 10.

How NEO helped me work my way into a blended learning environment


One of the most important outcomes of this pilot was that the students liked being in charge of their own learning, even if, as 8 th grade students, they were not totally ready for it. This epiphany brought me to the blended learning movement. Transforming my classroom into a blended learning environment. Remember, not every learning platform is created equal.

One Year of Blended Learning One to One with Chromebooks


Reflections on a year of Blended Learning with 1:1 Chromebooks Physics teachers have a unique privilege in most high school settings. Consequently, we tend to… blended learning Chromebooks EdTech Education Google Teaching gooru goorulearning Hapara Most of us work with students that have elected to take our academic course, and with the exception of a growing number of physics first programs, we teach older students.

Dealing with a 'Culture of Fear'—Administrators on PD in the Age of Blended Learning


And when blended learning gets thrown into the mix, the situation gets even more complicated—what happens when educators seem afraid of products? EdSurge: I'm going to open with a really broad question… Generally, when it comes to professional learning, how do we get our staff to grow? Stepan Mekhitarian: I think what's very important is for blended learning to not be a separate, compartmentalized aspect of learning at a school site. A lot of principals have taken that, and so they know the concept behind blended learning.

3 tips for finding the best teacher-helpful edtech

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Learning how to effectively use and implement new classroom edtech requires educators to spend their most valuable currency: time. This was especially true when we decided to implement the blended learning teaching philosophy. Therefore, the edtech software we consider must be device agnostic to work around our diverse ecosystem of iPads, Chromebooks and MacBooks.

6 tips for making the most of your iPad and Chromebook carts

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The elementary English teacher who is using a blended learning approach in her classroom, for example, has come to rely on that cart of fully-charged iPads or Chromebooks that’s rolled into her classroom at 8 a.m., Here’s what they had to say: Understand the learning space. Hardware IT Management IT Newsletter carts chromebooks ipads ITIt’s not always easy.”.

Using Google Apps to Support Reading and Writing in the Classroom (Recorded Webinar)

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The post Using Google Apps to Support Reading and Writing in the Classroom (Recorded Webinar) appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Bring Shake Up Learning to Your School. Email me at , or submit this PD request form to bring Shake Up Learning to your 2016 event. Blended Learning with Chromebooks (workshop or presentation).

Before going one-to-one, this district is helping every kid get home wi-fi

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Add concepts like blended and flipped learning to the equation and you come up with yet another to-do list item: Make sure students can actually use their devices when they aren’t physically on campus and within wi-fi range. After they audited our systems and curriculum, we decided to expand our infrastructure and launch a sixth-grade Chromebook pilot.” The root problem.

Chromebooks in the Classroom


In the past few years, Chromebooks have taken the education world by storm because of their affordability, ease of use, and compatibility with cloud-based blended learning. In this new eBook you will. Techlearning Resources Ebooks

20 YouTube Channels for Educators

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20 YouTube Channels for Educators YouTube = Learning at Your Fingertips! When you want to learn something new these days, most of us head over to YouTube. You can learn just about anything on YouTube: how to fix your dryer, how to create a blog, or how to use Google Docs. For students, often YouTube in their first stop when learning a new skill. Great way to support ELL!

Showing the Math with Sketchpad and Snagit

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Apps Assistive Tech Blended Learning Chromebook Cloud Google Apps for Education Google Classroom immersive & paperless My Training Videos Virtual LearningI was posed with a question earlier today from a colleague of mine. The question was "how can a teacher create a video to show how to do a math problem?" There is always an app or a way (usually more than one).

Back to School with Google Chrome: The Complete Guide!

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I like to think of Google Chrome as the learning environment for all things Google! With Chrome, you can customize your learning environment to fit your needs and interests. Better yet, customize the learning environment to fit the needs of ALL learners! Shake Up Learning Chrome Extension Shake Up Learning : (Shameless plug!) Going back to school is hard enough!

Removing the Limitations in a Digital Environment

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What is the ideal blended learning environment? Many ask me what the best device is for learning. Good teaching and sound student-directed learning is not, and should not be, device dependent. High-quality learning can happen on laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, or cell phones. How does digital learning work with electives? The primary grades.

Getting Creative in the Classroom with Snagit

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Blended Learning Chromebook Google Apps for Education Google Chrome Google Classroom Google Drive My Training Videos

Blended Learning in a First Grade Classroom

P21 Blogazine

Driving Question: How can an experienced teacher reimagine and redesign her teaching by creating her own blended learning model? During this past school year, my first grade students and I entered into a new realm of teaching and learning. We created a 1:1 blended learning environment. The idea of a Chromebook for every student in a first grade classroom seemed unmanageable.yet we embraced the challenge. To document and share our Chromebook adventures, I created this blog using Google Blogger. August 25, 2015, Volume 2, Issue 9, Number 12.

#GAFE4Littles with Christine Pinto | Episode 6 of The Google Teacher Tribe

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The post #GAFE4Littles with Christine Pinto | Episode 6 of The Google Teacher Tribe appeared first on Shake Up Learning. We are starting to see Chromebooks become more primary friendly and I am excited about that but for now, do you have ideas for us using both iPads and Chromebooks? Google Chrome and Chromebook Resources: [link]. Connect with Shake Up Learning.

Quality and Appropriate Google Image Search

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Blended Learning Chromebook Cloud Google Chrome immersive & paperless Internet My Training VideosFinding the best image online for any project, presentation, or assignment generally always resorts to finding an image through Google Images. However are we and our students practicing good digital citizenship methods? Are we teaching how to find quality imagery as well?

The Perfect Headset via @iThinkWrite for Your Blended Classroom!


The more we talked, I shared some of the positives and negatives within our attempt towards a blended learning space. Compatible with Scholastic Read 180 and Imagine Learning. Chromebook headset earbuds education headphones headset headsets iPhone headset listening with ipad think write thinkwriteHonestly, the only negative aspects were issues where we lacked resources.

Newly Redesigned Kiddom 2.0 – Centralized Platform to Monitor Student Performance

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Earlier this year I featured Kiddom on my site including their free blended learning guide for educators. Assessment & LMS Chromebook ELA - Reading/Writing iPad Apps MathHow do you monitor student performance and make a plan for future instruction? I’m so excited to share the newly redesigned Kiddom platform which has just been released to the public!

A Pedagogical Shift Needed for Digital Success

A Principal's Reflections

In a previous post I discussed in detail strategies to help ensure the effective use of technology to improve learning outcomes. The purposeful use of technology can innovate assessment, transform time frames around learning, increase collaboration, enable learning about information and research thanks to unprecedented access, and provide a level of student ownership like never before.

Tablets and disruptive innovation

The Christensen Institute

It used to be that most devices in schools were desktop machines of either the Windows or Apple varieties, but recently many schools have been switching to mobile devices like the iPad or web-based devices like the Chromebook. Chromebooks are simple to use and easy to setup and manage, but the software is limited to web applications that run in an Internet browser. And although there is a growing push for schools to go paperless, neither a tablet nor Chromebook is a perfect replacement for old-fashioned paper notebooks. Enter the Surface. Looking ahead to a bright present.

Blending Active Reading & Conversations with EDpuzzle

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Blending paper with digital media and face to face interactions with digital learning, I created checkpoints in an EDpuzzle video lesson that would encourage students to close read a text and "Turn and Talk" to answer text-based questions accurately. I then uploaded the new version to EDpuzzle and embedded the checkpoint questions, tagging each with a NJ Learning Standard for ELA 9th grade (formerly known as Common Core Curriculum Standards). flipclass blended learning Chromebooks edpuzzle flipclass Reading standards based learning

Most Read Posts of the last month

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Here are the most read posts from the last month: Prodigy - free math game that helps students learn math while having fun Google App Kickstart Guides - help learn how to use Google Play for Education Apps in your classroom Google Apps and Chromebooks Web App Recommendations - a whole lot! What can you do on a Chromebook? Good morning. Pretty much everything.

Do Students Learn Better in Chairs or Couches?

The CoolCatTeacher

How blended learning, Chromebooks and a desire for more collaboration (and less teacher Powerpoints) led Oskar to want to “Starbucks” his classroom. He is interested in and frequently blogs about brain-based approaches to learning and classroom design. The post Do Students Learn Better in Chairs or Couches? Today’s Sponsor, Carson Dellosa.

Google Classroom: The Journey 4 (Getting Creative with Announcements)

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Announce an event Start a discussion board Daily or weekly blog Provide students a safe and shared environment to communicate Students can earn leadership roles to moderate weekly posts Daily 5 (Read to Self, Work on Writing, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, Word Work) Blended learning- insert a video clip and have students comment Pose an idea with website references linked from Google Drive or websites and have students comment Model digital citizenship/online safety (allow students to post/comment) then reflect on usage Add a link to a “how to” demo video for planning purposes.

100+ Great Google Classroom Resources for Educators

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This handy tool has opened up the doors of blended learning and collaborative classrooms like never before. Teachers wanting to implement Google Classroom can use these resources to get started, level up their learning, or become a pro at all things Google. Use and email these out as you have specific tasks for teachers to learn. But there are so many sites! Blog Posts.

11 Essential EdTech Action Steps for Back to School

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I have an InFocus Jboard, so my students use Lightcast Sender to transmit their screens to the board (it works with Chrome and Chromebooks to InFocus devices.) As I shared at ISTE this year at the Blended Learning Panel discussion , our classrooms are built from bricks and clicks. Chromebooks, Laptops and Tablets: Lids up or lids down. Try Shelfit from EdTech Software.

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The 4 essential elements of any successful one-to-one program

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As more and more schools and districts set goals to provide one-to-one access to technology to students to meet teaching and learning goals, district and school leaders are faced with the task of planning and implementing technology resources at levels that they might not have experienced in the past. Best Practices Making One-to-One Computing a Reality Mobile Learning School Administratio

How Can We Measure Edtech's Return on Investment?


For example, with technology we have engaged with BrightBytes ’ Technology and Learning module to measure the progress of our tech programs over time and get evidence to inform future initiatives. The foundational technology pieces – Chromebooks, internet, assessment platforms – are stabilized at most Oakland schools. However, the school environment, in terms of teacher support and space for using technology to support learning, is not as strong.This impacts the level of capacity teachers have to bring technology into the classroom. Were we even remotely successful?

Pump up the volume! More talking in class, please!

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The hush was troubling, because students learn a lot from debating ideas, sharing feedback and collectively exploring big questions. In doing so, Desmos joined a handful of other startups using tech to boost student interaction and class discussion, so that in the rush to personalize learning we don’t lose the benefits of learning together. Read more about Blended Learning.

Not all towns are created equal, digitally

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They have to learn early.”. Related: Blue-collar town leads Rhode Island’s tech-assisted learning revolution. Third grade students at Meeker Elementary school share an iPad in a blended learning class in Greeley, Colorado. Sign up for our Blended Learning newsletter. where she has been learning to use architectural design software. GREELEY, Colo.

We Have a Winner! Student Summit Grant


During a Summit, students work with world class educators learning to how to utilize technology in the classroom. Temple High School is a 1:1 Chromebook campus. Students keep the same Chromebook throughout their high school career, and when they graduate they are able to take the Chromebook with them to college or work. Find out how HERE!

6 Ways to Make Edtech Affordable on Any Budget

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For example, Google Chromebooks are sold for less than $200 and do not require the purchase of additional accessories like keyboards for iPads, which sell for $379 per device and $30-100 for keyboards. Chromebooks are also designed for educational use and are less likely to need expensive repairs, in addition to their longer lifespan. Mobile LearningTarget your initiatives.

Changing the T&L Culture of a District – SXSWedu

The Thinking Stick

I have wrote occasionally here about the work the Eduro Learning team and I are doing in partnership with Marysville as they roll out over 5000 Chromebooks to students 6-12 in their district. May 2015: Rollout a 3 year, 12 full-day training program for teachers partnering with Eduro Learning. November 2015: Deploy over 5000 Chromebooks to every 6-12 student.

Resources for Schools That Have Gone Google


In this post I will list all of the support structures that I… blended learning Chromebooks EdTech Education Google chromebooks There are many benefits for educational institutions that adopt Google Apps for Education. Many of the benefits are not visible right away, however. There are online resources and communities to help us find the hidden gems and guide us in best practices.

Growth in Numbers: Reflecting on #GTAATX Day 1

I needed to spend 3 days with Beth Still in Austin learning by day and reflecting at night. I needed to sit down with Minnesota’s own, Geri Feiock , and hear about how her district is using SMART in transformative ways along with chromebooks to provide blended learning opportunities for students. They not only attack their “self-selected” problem.

The Progression of our Lower School Technology Integration

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The process of learning through that period really gave me a burden to help our school see the benefits of technology integration- not always technology for technology sake and not stand alone. Sometimes I would create web searches for our students to learn more about what they were studying in class but also learn the skill of good Internet searching.