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Assistive Technology and Accessibility Resources

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I've been working on a resource document that has resoures on Assistive Technology and Accessibility and thought I would share it here: Related: More Accessibility Resources Google Accessibility Features and Resources -. Follow me on Twitter and Google+. accessibility assistive technology google accessibility

Ideas For Providing Internet Access At Home

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When I was an Instructional Technology Director one of the challenges I faced was working to ensure that students, no matter where they lived in my district, had access to the same tools and opportunities. I could provide technology that could be used in the schools, and provided high speed network access while they were in schools. Internet Access SamsungWhat can be done?

Google Accessibility Features and Resources

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Last month, I posted an article about some of Google Chrome''s accessibility features and resources. Google has a great site with resources about all of the accessibility features in all of their products. The Google Products Accessibility site has a list of 18 Google Products with details and links about it''s accessibility features. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

Twitter in the classroom

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Today I had an interesting exchange of views on Twitter. about Twitter. I mentioned that I strongly encourage the use of Twitter in my classes. Secondly, students are going to use Twitter and other media anyway, regardless. During the lectures, I encourage students to interact with each other and the speakers by using Twitter as a backchannel. Unported License.

Equity Is Not Just About Access. It’s About Success.

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This League of Innovative Schools meeting was focused on equity, and showcased how BCPS is making strides toward providing access and opportunity for all students. Visitors also previewed a mobile innovation lab (a bus equipped with maker equipment, with a great Twitter account ), which will soon give students across the district access to maker learning opportunities. Hrabowski, president of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, stressed that equity ”is not just about access. ” During a keynote address at the meeting, Dr. Freeman A.

GAAD 2016: Raising Awareness About Accessibility


Today is the 5th annual Global Awareness Accessibility Day. accessibility and users with different disabilities.” While people may be interested in the topic of making technology accessible and usable by persons with disabilities, the reality is that they often do not know how or where to start. To learn more about Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

Twitter Series-My Super, Top Secret Tips And Tricks For Getting The Most Out Of Twitter

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This is the last in my series on everything Twitter. You can read this first on How I do Twitter PD and the second on What People Wish They Had Known Before They Started. Today lets look at all my tips, tricks and resources for getting more out of Twitter. 2) How do you make sure you don''t miss everything without staying on Twitter 24/7? 3) How do you organize everything you find from Twitter? It''s just great resources that I use to leverage more out of Twitter to find what I am looking for or to keep myself organized. Tools Twitter Twitter Series

The Guide to Keeping Up with Google - Part 2: Twitter

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The Guide to Keeping Up with Google - Part 2: Twitter  As you probably know, keeping up with Google is a challenge for anyone. In Part 2 of this guide, I am going beyond the hashtags to share who I follow on Twitter for all things Google. Twitter is a fantastic resource for learning and is a mainstay of my PLN. There are more than 50 Twitter accounts on this list!

10 Reasons Twitter Works In Education

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10 Reasons Twitter Works In Education. As a social media platform, twitter is extremely likeable. The best I’ve heard explanation we’ve heard for the difference between twitter and facebook is (paraphrased), “Facebook makes me dislike people I’ve known for years, while twitter makes me like people I’ve never met.”. 10 Reasons Twitter Works In Education. ” 5.

10 Ways to Use Twitter in Class

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For anyone who missed the April announcement, Twitter switched its app category from ‘social media’ (where it consistently ranked in the top ten with Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Pinterest) to ‘news’ (now ranked #1, ahead of apps like CNN, Fox News, and Reddit). Establish rules for Twitter use. Twitter novel. More on Twitter.

Google Accessibility Features in Chrome (OS and Browser)

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Google Apps and Chromebooks , and the Chrome Web Browser, offer a tremendous amount of accessibility features to help vision and/or hearing impaired students. Google Accessibility , Using Google Products, [link] , contains a wealth of information and resources, along with apps, that can help students, and teachers. Chrome Toolbox [link] - This collaborative space was created to celebrate the many Apps and Extensions made by developers which serve the accessibility needs of individuals with disabilities. Follow me on Twitter and Google+. FREE for TEACHERS!

Beyond Twitter: Virtually Connecting at Conferences


By now, the concept of a Twitter backchannel at conferences has become familiar. But can someone participate in a conference virtually beyond the Twitter back channel? Twitter backchannels help, but they are not always enough. As both Suzan and Michael write, this is only one of several initiatives to open up scholarship and access. [ This is a guest post by Rebecca J.

25 Ways to Get the Most Out of Twitter


With that many people on Twitter each day (and that’s not counting the additional 184 million users who are on Twitter at least once each month), a great deal of knowledge, perspective, and news is accessible to you, just by clicking a […]. The post 25 Ways to Get the Most Out of Twitter appeared first on Edudemic. How To Social Media Ideas tips twitter twitter guide Imagine being able to connect with one hundred million people anytime you want.

How to Create a Twitter List of Reliable Media Sources

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Twitter has been the primary medium for sharing news regarding the presidential election and transition. The challenge with Twitter is in how to use it so the information you are receiving is reliable. My suggestion: Create a Twitter list. Here’s how: Select “lists” within the menu under your Twitter profile picture. Start reading your Twitter list.

Dear Otto: How Do Students Access Twitter in the Classroom

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Here’s a great question I got from Paul: We are considering the appropriate role for Twitter in schools and as part of my research I read your article “ 13 Reasons to Use Twitter in the Classroom.” Twitter can be a revolutionary tool for students, used correctly. Class accounts can be run two ways: With one log-in that is accessed only by the teacher.

Twitter as a Tool For Academic Discourse

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New Milford High School teachers Jessica Groff and Joanna Westbrook created a Common Core aligned English Language Arts (ELA) task that incorporated Twitter into their unit on Julius Caesar and built on content authentic to the Shakespeare''s history play – i.e. social media re-purposed with and for academic discourse.

Free alternatives to Microsoft Access, including a web based one

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Access is Microsoft''s well known data base tool. It also can work with SQL and Access files. Follow me on Twitter and Google+. However, it only comes in the higher priced versions of Office and many people don''t use Office at all. Here are two alternatives : 1. Grubba - free, web based, easy to use database app. There are pre-made templates to help you get started too.

Twitter Series-A New Kind Of Twitter PD

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This week I am going to do a series of posts on Twitter. Today I am starting with Twitter Professional Development. As many times as I have talked to folks, done workshops for and even preached about Twitter, there are some that just won''t (for whatever reason) jump in. It took me a while to realize that maybe, for some, the best way to use Twitter was not to use Twitter. I have taken a radically different approach to teaching educators about Twitter. Take a step back and think about PD done about Twitter. First the Twitter Website.

5 Twitter Tips for Newbies

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I think that every teacher should use Twitter to supplement their personal professional development. It's authentic, immediate, easily accessible and constant. The only drawback to Twitter is that it's kind of hardThe ability to connect and learn with educators from all over the world is amazing. You, the user, are in total control of what you want to learn or who you want to connect with.

4 Powerful Twitter Apps for Teachers Professional Development

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October 28, 2015 Twitter is absolutely one of the best social media platforms where you can access, curate and share educational content with others. iPad Twitter appsIt is also an effective way to build and more.

Why Twitter Will Never Connect All Educators.

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If today’s learner has a need to learn something that has meaning to him/her, he/she can access information and tools to curate, communicate, collaborate and create without any help from someone standing at the head of the class. The ability to create and access these sources is all part of a growth mindset for learning in the 21 st Century. The ins and outs of Twitter would be the most efficient and effective way to share what is needed for educators. For those reasons Twitter will never connect all educators. If students need info, they can Google it.

Whom Should I Follow on Twitter?

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For some reason any post with Twitter in the title does not do well with a general population of educators. There is however a growing number of educators using Twitter who look for strategies to better serve them in social media for collaborative learning. Whom should I follow on Twitter and how do I find them are key questions that need to be addressed. First, we must understand that the worst advocates for collaborating with Twitter are more often educators who are collaborating through Twitter. All Twitter accounts have profiles. The Follow Concept.

What is a Twitter Profile?

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The basic principle of Twitter is that if you follow ten people on Twitter, you will only see the tweets of those ten people. The ideal way to follow someone back is to first examine his or her Twitter Profile, which has public access. A very important number on that profile is how many tweets the person has tweeted while on Twitter. It speaks to their Twitter interaction. I too often find administrators who claim to be connected on Twitter, but have profiles showing about 100-200 tweets as their lifetime total. Check it out: @tomwhitby.

Down with Twitter’s Project Lightning

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Twitter is apparently preparing a reboot. We don’t know how Lightning – I refuse to call it Twitter 2.0 – is actually structured and how it will really work once rolled out. The gist, as far as I understand it, is that Twitter will hire an editorial team who will select and (re)publish Twitter content. Why isn’t Twitter getting more users?

How to host a Q-and-A Twitter chat

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Cross-posted at Smartblog on Education Many educators are aware of education Twitter chats and some have even participated in one of the hundreds of chats that take place each week. The reason Twitter chats are great is because they let you dive quickly into an issue with others around the world who share your passion. Twitter in Education I want more ».

Open Access Week 2016 Starts Today


Once again, it’s the time of year for Open Access Week , a coordinated worldwide effort to make Open Access “a new norm in scholarship and research.” ” Check out the Open Access Week site for a schedule of events taking place worldwide, a variety of blog posts , a selection of videos , and some ideas for how to get involved (at the bottom of this page ).

Twitter and the death of distance

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Social media sites such as Twitter span huge distances to connect people around the world. Many of us regularly communicate with multiple Twitter and Facebook friends and acquaintances instantaneously even though they may be in another country. One of the key findings of the research is that Twitter is transforming our conceptions of communication at a global level.

This Is How to Use Twitter to Search for Educational Content

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Twitter search is a great alternative to the conventional ways of searching the net. This socially-based kind of search allows students to access content and resources that are both timely more. Repost

Univ of Louisville launched free open access internal medicine resource

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The University of Louisville Department of Medicine has launched a free, open access, internal medicine online resource, Follow me on Twitter and Google+. The resource provides free evidenced-based medical education lectures that are available to anyone. There are over 40 lectures available online with more to come. They are all videos and hosted on YouTube.

Your All Access Pass to the Bammy Awards!


Most of us stay connected through Twitter and blogging. More about Bammy attendees: The First National Education Tweet Up - click here Bammy Twitter List (great people to follow) - click here. Nick Provenzano, Eric Sheninger, Kyle Pace, Erin Klein, Joan Young, Adam Bellow The Bammy Awards Washington D.C. this September. For the June 11, 2012 press release, click here.

7 School PR Pros to Follow on Twitter

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Twitter is a great place to find help from other PR thought leaders in education, but navigating Twitter can be somewhat of a challenge. Leave a comment with the Twitter handles of other PR pros who you think we should add to this list. Access Now >> The post 7 School PR Pros to Follow on Twitter appeared first on. Well, not to worry. Who are we missing?

Got Twitter? Make it Better! #TCEA14


At the 2014 TCEA Convention and Exposition , I presented a concurrent session called Got Twitter? I have presented several workshops over the past few years which introduce folks to using Twitter for professional learning, but have also wanted to share other tips and tools that have made my use of Twitter more productive. Participate in a Twitter chat. Got Twitter?

Face off: @Twitter verses @Remind101 for family outreach via texting

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They also know texting works well if you have a population that is less likely to have reliable, ongoing access to the internet. Twitter and Remind 101 are two of the most popular free services available to text parents. Cell phones in Education Remind 101 Twitter in Education To engage or not to engage? Schools know that texting is a great way to reach out to families.

Four Reasons I Use Twitter in My Classroom – Guest Post from Christine Boyer


Using Twitter in my classroom has certainly elevated my tech savvy status with parents as well as my instagramming 5th graders who have never known a world without digital devices. I added others to the tweet by inserting their twitter handles, check out their response. Additionally, Twitter chats make it possible for me to participate in professional conversations in my pajamas.

5 Ways for Teachers to get Started on Twitter

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Let’s take Twitter as an example. If you’re unfamiliar with Twitter, it’s a microblogging platform. In the last few years, Twitter has emerged as a powerful platform for educators. In fact, teachers make up a significant amount of the traffic volume on Twitter , and roughly 25% of educators are users of the platform. Get on Twitter. Explore the Interface. Share.

“It is crucial that all children have access to high-quality pre-school and kindergarten programs—the earlier the better.” – Devon Caldwell, Canada

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You can follow her on Twitter and explore her blog at Kindergarten Diva. There is a great deal of disparity between schools and school districts in terms of access to technology and high speed internet. It is crucial that all children have access to high quality pre-school and kindergarten programs—the earlier the better. When we first talked with Devon Caldwell back in 2013, she shared her collaboration with first-grade teacher Leah Obach. Caldwell and Obach’s two classes are “partner classrooms,” Skyping, video Kinecting, and collaborating together regularly. india0309.

Five Ways for Teachers to get Started on Twitter – From Jen Carey


Let’s take Twitter as an example. If you’re unfamiliar with Twitter, it’s a microblogging platform. In the last few years, Twitter has emerged as a powerful platform for educators. In fact, teachers make up a significant amount of the traffic volume on Twitter , and roughly 25% of educators are users of the platform. Get on Twitter. It’s time to get on Twitter!