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Fabulous Blogs to Follow From 2013!


Best Individual Blog 2013 - Edublog Awards View more lists from Edublogs Best Resource Sharing / Ed Tech Blog 2013 - Edublog Awards View more lists from Edublogs Best Individual Tweeter 2013 - Edublog Awards View more lists from Edublogs Best Teacher Blog 2013 - Edublog Awards View more lists from Edublogs. simply scroll down! It was like getting new blogging presents.

The 2013 Highlights from Kleinspiration!


Happy New Year ~ from Kleinspiration This year was filled with many joyous moments. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family and caring friends. I''m lucky to have a job that I adore and hobbies that support what I enjoy doing. Thank you all for being so supportive over the year. I''ve had the pleasure of traveling the country presenting and working with Scholastic. You all are amazing!

Podstock 2013: Game Changing Apps & Recap

Two Guys and Some iPads

Brad and I had a wonderful time at Podstock 2013 and cannot wait to get back for the Super Hero themed Podstock 2014! Brad and I have been waiting months for day 2 of Podstock to arrive! We were very excited to present and share the few apps that have changed the game for us as educators. We shared the apps we call "game changing apps." Check out our Aurasma Studio Tutorials.

Voting for 2013 EduBlog Awards is Now Open

Two Guys and Some iPads

NOW OPEN The 2013 EduBlog Awards voting is now open and we are speechless to learn we have been selected as Shortlist Finalist in 5 different categories!! The one with the most votes will be elected as the winner. We thank everyone who nominated us for this great honor. eddies13 EdReach EduBlog edublog awards the two guys show two guys and some iPads

Podstock 2013: Day 1 of the Revolution

Two Guys and Some iPads

We were very excited to start the revolution that is called Podstock. The opening keynote speaker was Mark Klassen, (@Markklassen) 19 year old cinematographer from Ontario. Mark talked about how he used his PLN, various mentors, and other online-resources to help himself learn. We were amazed at his mature view point on education and philosophy on learning styles. Live out LOUD!!

iPad 35

Announcing the 2013 Global STEMx Education Conference & Call for Proposals

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

We are pleased to announce the Global 2013 STEMx Education Conference , the world’s first massively open online conference for educators which focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and more. The conference will be held online, around the clock, over the course of three days, September 19 - 21, 2013, and will be free to attend! While the final deadline for submissions is

Augmented Reality to Inspire Creative Writing

Two Guys and Some iPads

Using ColAR Mix and augmented reality to bring learning to life! During this first week of school, I wanted to inspire my students to be creative and have fun with their learning. In years past I have always struggled to make my writing lessons fun and engaging, yet productive. This is year I decided to introduce writing with the help of my favorite tech tool: Augmented Reality! Have fun 2.

ISTE 2013 "Unplugged" + Hack Education 2013

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Saturday, June 22rd - HACK EDUCATION 2013 : Audrey Watters of Hack Education co-chairs our all-day flagship event this year, as we yet again rebrand our "unconference" on teaching and learning (originally EduBloggerCon and called SocialEdCon last year). Boy, have we got some fun this year! Hint: look at the "unplugged keynotes" section below.) Saturday, June 22nd Evening - AFTER PARTY!

Tons of Classroom Examples Using Augmented Reality with @Aurasma - A Complete How-To Guide!


How to Use Augmented Reality in Your Classroom this post is read best via a desktop due to the embedded video content Augmented reality allows someone to add another layer to an existing image. Pretty cool, right? The first time it happens, it seems like magic. After watching the video below, I knew I had to figure this augmented reality thing out. neither could my students! They loved it! magical!

My #ISTE13 Reflections from San Antonio!


ISTE 2013 - Sunday Dinner at Mi Tierra (San Antonio) However, after dinner, we sat down with a few of our friends and began discussing what makes our schools so special. Avheuv, @TechMinock, @KleinErin, & @TechBradWaid In effort to keep this post from evolving into a novel, I''d like to share the highlights from my 2013 ISTE experience in a brief slide-show below. my kids.

5 Questions For Every Leader-#LeadershipDay13

The Web20Classroom

This post is part of Scott McLeod''s Leadership Day 2013 , were bloggers write about leadership in education. Watch this video. Did you really watch the video or are you just keeping reading? Come on, watch it. I promise you will like it. This is my favorite You Tube video by the way.) Now ask yourself some questions. 1) Do you have guts? This guy is my hero. The music made him want to move.

Video 129

TONS of Classroom Design Ideas for Setting Up Your Cozy Learning Space!


Thinking About ReDesigning Your Space This Summer? - 3 rich resources for all of your design needs - The layout and design of any space can impact the mood and productivity for the individuals intended to use the area. Prior to becoming a teacher, I studied interior design at Michigan State University for three years. This furniture was chunky. I love the classes she has featured. stay tuned!

Summer Learning Series-Doing More And Learning More With Diigo

The Web20Classroom

This is the sixth post in my Summer Learning Series. These are short posts with tools, tips and resources for you to try something new this summer or something you can take to the classroom in the Fall. First was Collaborative Learning With Edmodo and then we followed up with Learning With Hashtags. Then we looked at TED Talks. We moved on to Twitter chats. But there is a flaw. Enter Diigo.

Going Global-Tips And Resources For Global Collaborations

The Web20Classroom

I had a wonderful conversation this morning on Twitter with a teacher from New Zealand that commented on a tweet about using Skype Classroom to go global. She mentioned how her students were going to Skype and talk to kids in Iowa. How awesome is that! I just love the fact that the world gets so much smaller when we use technology like that. We talked and I suggested we try to Skype someone in.

50+ Free Interactive Games for Elementary


ABCya: The Leader in Education Computer Games for Kids! over 50 games for EACH grade level ~ is My FAVORITE website for elementary learning! There is not a day that goes by in our classroom where we don''t pop on the site for at least five minutes. The children enjoy the games so much. The site is perfect for any elementary grade level. There is truly so much to offer.

5 FREE Tech Tools For This School Year

Two Guys and Some iPads

Our philosophy is to talk about apps and tools that change the game for us as educators, and our students. We do not agree with the "100 great apps" approach because you will never make it to #17 let alone #100. Three Ring Three Ring is an app that completely changed the way I create student portfolios and communicate with parents. Check out our review on Teachers with Apps here and blog post.

So.You Wanna Use Blogs In The Classroom

The Web20Classroom

Blogging is an important part of who I am as a professional. I can use this space to share resources with you, reflect on my own practice and try to figure out how to be a better educator. It is my public reflection on technology, leadership and learning. Think about when you were in school. You write an essay. Who read it? Most likely the teacher and that is where it ended. So you can get started.

GlobalEdCon 2013 - Day Three Schedule

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Today is day three of the 2013 Global Education Conference. A summary of today''s sessions is shown below in US-Eastern Standard Time (GMT/UTC-5). To see the schedule in your own time zone, with the full session descriptions and a link to enter each session, go to [link]. To receive the daily conference schedule, be sure to join the Global Education Conference network. Recordings of all sessions are available here. Our free conference runs all week and is open to anyone to attend--spread the word with Twitter hashtag # globaled13. Special Notes: Thanks to our GREAT volunteer group!

PLE 19

Formative Assessments Are Easier Than You Think!

The Web20Classroom

When I was teaching science one of the best lessons I learned was about formative assessment. In my first year of teaching I taught the way I was told to teach. Deliver content to my students, assess at the end, remediate if necessary. With that cycle, I always had kids who were behind, who never seemed like they could catch up. Put a large piece of paper next to the door. formative assessment

5 Leadership Questions To Finish (And Start) The School Year With

The Web20Classroom

In many places, the end of the school year is upon us. Students are eagerly waiting for that final bell to ring, and teachers are busy making those final preparations to finish things out. And while our thoughts may turn to summer vacation, this time of year is ripe for reflection, especially for the school-technology leader. What should be addressed? Is technology even addressed at all?

TONS of (free) 1-3 minute Engaging Math & Science Videos for Kids via @avheuv!


STEMbite: My favorite YouTube Channel for Learning! click here to subscribe - STEMbite is a YouTube Channel developed by Andrew Vanden Heuvel , one of the original Google Glass Explorers. On this channel, you can find over 60 informative and entertaining brief clips sharing how math and science relate to our everyday life. I kid you not. They''re amazing. Want to see another. behind Glass.

Video 119

My Workflow as CIO - includes heavy use of Evernote

Educational Technology Guy

I am the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for an urban public school district. We have over 21,000 students, 3500 faculty and staff, 40 buildings, 15,000 devices, a full data center and fiber network, and an IT department staff of 15. I have specific workflow that I have developed over the last year to help stay organized and on schedule. I check with with my staff and make notes on their projects.

Summer Learning Series-Starting A Classroom or School Twitter Account

The Web20Classroom

This is the seventh post in my Summer Learning Series. These are short posts with tools, tips and resources for you to try something new this summer or something you can take to the classroom in the Fall. First was Collaborative Learning With Edmodo and then we followed up with Learning With Hashtags. Then we looked at TED Talks. We moved on to Twitter chats. But let''s think about it. Great!

Professional Development On Your Time, Your Way

The Web20Classroom

As someone who helps develop and deliver professional development to teachers, I''ve heard lots of reasons why some of the PD schools offer to teachers might not be a good fit. It''s not relevant to me. It''s a waste of time. Boring. I am sure if you ask, most teachers can recall some PD they''ve suffered through with great detail. PD should be something that we look forward to. In control of.

Course 123

An App to Assess Reading Fluency: @FluencyFinder!


FluencyFinder V. FluencyFinder the popular educational iOS app for determining Reading Fluency has just recently released their long awaited update. What is FluencyFinder? FluencyFinder is a fantastically simple teaching tool for educators wanting to assess student’s Reading Level (Grades 1 st -8 th ). These detailed results will include WPM, word counts, number of mistakes and more.

Turn your iPad into a Clicker for Students!


The Answer Pad. turning your iPad into a Clicker System A friend of mine, David ( @ dkapuler ), just sent me an email about a great new app that can offer teachers immediate feedback so that they can adjust their instruction in real time. You can also click here and read more about it on their website. This is great for any T/F, multiple choice, fill in the blank, etc etc type of test or quiz.

iPad 121

8 Tech Tools We're Thankful For!

Two Guys and Some iPads

In the spirit of Thanksgiving we decided we would share a short list of tech tools we are thankful for. Most who have met us know we like to discuss only a few apps or tools that we know make a difference. ThreeRing ThreeRing is a tech tool we use daily to communicate with our parents and make them feel like they are in our classroom without actually being there.

Tools 105

Interactive Math Practice with @IXLLearning that is Common Core Aligned!


Online Support for Pre-K - 8th Plus Algebra & Geometry - click here to try IXL - I''ve been using IXL for the past several months with my own two children, Jacob (4) and Riley (8). As a parent, I love how organized the site is to use. I do not have time to teach myself how to navigate a site prior to signing up. That is the reason I decided to go with IXL. My sponsors truly are my friends.

5 Creative Apps to Connect with Parents from your Classroom!


My 2nd Scholastic Post Having a positive relationship with the parents of your students can help your year get off to a great start. I''ve found that parents often just want to feel connected and involved. Many potential issues can be resolved when they feel like they understand what is going on inside the classroom. The feedback I''ve received from families has been overwhelmingly positive.

Looking Back on 2013

Philly Teacher

As 2013 comes to a close, it is time to reflect on the past year. 2013 proved to be quite a transformative one. Spring 2013. 2013 began with the honor of being named PAECT ‘s Teacher of the Year in February. In May, I was elated to learn that I had been selected to be in the 2013 class of ASCD’s Emerging Leaders. End of the School Year/Summer 2013.

Come to the Mobile Learning Experience in September 2013

The Mobile Native

Cross Post from @TonyVincent "Learning in Hand" It''s my pleasure to be on the team organizing Mobile Learning Experience 2013. Mobile Learning Experience 2013 will also address other devices like laptops, Chromebooks, and Android tablets. Please consider presenting at Mobile 2013. The Call for Proposals is open and the submission deadline is June 27, 2013.

LiveMinutes - Edit your Evernote notes in real-time with others!

Educational Technology Guy

LiveMinutes is a very cool app that integrates with Evernote (my all time favorite and most used app) and allows you to work on the same Evernote note with others, similar to Google Docs. Evernote is an excellent app, with the ability to share notes with others, but there is not a collaboration piece until this app came along. You see multiple users editing the same note.

My First Post as a @Scholastic Top Teacher is Live ~ Check it Out (so Excited)! #ClassDesign


Joining the Scholastic Top Teaching Team! click here to see the post - Before this summer, I had never been to New York. It had always been on my list, and this summer I was fortunate enough to visit The Big Apple twice (once for Teachers College with Lucy Calkins and the other for orientation and a photo shoot with Scholastic). Pinch me, please! I had not applied. I received an offer letter.

Course 104

3 Ways to Add Student Voice to Anything!


We Love Using LiveScribe Sound Stickers! Adding a Touch of Technology My two children, Riley and Jacob, love playing around with technology. When Jacob came home last year with a project for school, he wanted to use the iPad. He uses the iPad for everything. He even started making tutorial videos to teach others how to make forts. Jacob was 4 years old when the above assignment was given.

eBook 103

The Administrators Toolkit Updated and Refreshed

The Web20Classroom

I originally wrote this post way back in 2009. Lots has changed since then. So let''s dust it off and do some updating. Most schools and districts spend lot of time and effort trying to get their teachers up to speed on technology and its use/place in the classroom. And honestly that is where a majority of effort should be spent; working with those on the frontlines of instruction. administrators

Google 109

Keep Organized w/ Awesome Planners from @ErinCondren Designs! Built w/ Teachers in Mind!


Teacher Lesson Planners : Custom Built Just for You ! with a Give-Away below - By best friend and colleague, Cierra , couldn''t believe when I told her that I had never heard of Erin Condren. She told me I had to go home that night and check out her designs. She even text me that evening to make sure I''d remember. Cierra knows me well - even my obsessive compulsive tendencies. I went all out.

Video 100

Analog Twitter Wall to Build Relationships and Digital Citizenship

Two Guys and Some iPads

My Analog Twitter Wall before the start of school. We live in a time where just "1 Click" can ruin someones life. Students in my 4th grade class are very aware of various social media websites and some even have accounts. Instead of acting like social media does not exist, lets teach them how to use it properly to keep them safe from others, and most importantly safe from themselves. Tweet 3.